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Quick Question...

I don't really get how I can play the hacks here because I was told I need a clean SMW ROM so I got it, but how can I compress the format of the hacks here to work like the SMW ROM?
The FAQ is your friend.
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Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

1. Download Lunar IPS from the Tools section here.
2. Download a hack that you want to play.
3. Open the hack with Lunar IPS, and click "Apply IPS Patch"
4. Find your clean SMW ROM, and apply the patch to that.
5. Open it in an emulator of your choice and play.


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Patch the hack to the rom with [url=]lunar ips.
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Ok I seem to understand now. I have all the tools but was a bit confused where to apply the Lunar LIPS. But one thing I'm still wondering, do I save the hack I download in or in the same catagory as the SMW ROM?
To apply the patch, just first find the folder/directory that you placed the IPS file/hack file in and choose it. Then, find you clean SMW hack and choose it. You should have successfully applied your patch.

And you don't need to save the hack file in the same directory as your clean ROM or Lunar IPS, but it's helpful I suppose.