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background help

yo guys, long time lurker, first time poster here.... i recently started my first hack and i've run into a little bit of trouble. my question is this, how do i change the background of a level to that of a castle or fortress?
To change the background, you have to find a level with the castle background. Remember the level number and return to your level. Now, go to the top of Lunar Magic and click 'level', a drop down list will appear. Choose the very bottom one, 'copy background image'. Enter the level number of the level with the castle background and it's copied.

It will most likely look like garbage, to fix this, click the purple poison mushroom, there, you can change FG/BG or sprites. Choose FG/BG and look for 'Castle 1'. This should fix it.

I have nothing to put here, so I'm putting these filler words in until I can think of something that I can fit here.
wow, thank you. now i just feel a little silly... that was very simple lol.