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The worst taste in the entire world

Not sure if this belongs here but i dont care because jesus hell read the below

Whats the worst taste ever? Vegetabes? No. Other stuff? No. Cigarette ashes in a water bottle.
So the light by my family computer is broken, it doesnt work so i cant see shit.
I was taking dishes down stairs and there was a bunch of water bottles, one had liquid in it, so without thinking i starting to drink it, it turns out my father likes to ash his cigarette into my hardly finished water bottle and put his butts in there. I spat it out all over the place, my ipod smells like shit, my desk smells like shit, my breath smells like shit, and i cant get the stink away. I have used like 2 different mouth washes, brushed my teeth and am downing mountain dew.

The wooorst taaaaste EVVVERRRR

Now is the part where you feel bad for me.
oh and, will i be alright, like i didnt drink it but im sure some of it got down. will i die? D:

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
I tried to eat a cigarette when I was 1. That was the worst thing I've ever tasted.
One time I used a pressurized air can, lighter and a candle to do some crap involving lighting the candle.
The fire shot up from the candle, and smoke went in my nose and mouth, and I had this horrible lavender-ish smoke taste in my throat for 2 weeks.
The worst thing i have ever tasted was a chesses burger. (yeah, i hate them).
Sour milk. The store near where I used to live sold milk which literally curdled within two days. God knows how long they left it out of the fridge though. Either way, I ended up tasting sour milk so many times in my early years that I can't even bring myself to drink it now.

It's just horrendous.
lead(don't ask)

I had a bad experience with it in 5th grade. My teacher was giving out ginger because we were reading a storybook about it, and I decided to have some. The taste soon came to me, and I was gagging the whole class :X
Butter and Bread Pickles. E-YUCK! O.O
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Denatonium, also known as denatonium saccharide. I've never tasted it, but I hope I never have to.


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Originally posted by Ilianya Shaikanemai
Denatonium, also known as denatonium saccharide. I've never tasted it, but I hope I never have to.

Thanks a lot imamelia. Now that I know about that, I'll eventually make myself try it.

Anyways, I'll probably say cauliflower, since I vomit when it touches my tongue.
Mushrooms, they taste horrible. <_>
The inside of a tylenol.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Puke. Had no idea what it was. I know, it's gross.
Worst taste: shit. Go ahead, I bet you any amount of money that you will never taste anything worse.

Of course that may, in fact, be wrong where taste in a relative sense where not everyone can taste the same thing. Much like colors, people's eyes view colors differently. What is one person's red may be another persons green. You view these colors for such a long time that just by the name "blue" you instantly know the color you are talking about. However, it can have any shade, hue or pigment of any color but you, yourself, will always know it as blue. It would be quite interesting if you could actually switch eyes with someone to see how they view things. Sounds on the other hand, I don't think they can be heard differently. The only way I think a person can hear "differently" is if they have a psychotic branch mental disorder. Also, for further information, psychotic refers to psychosis which is a loss of contact with reality. This is different than, say, an anxeity disorder which is a mood disorder.

Originally posted by Mr. Sludgie

I love it :>

Personally, I can't imagine a worse taste than the time i accidentally ate a brown thing on the floor b/c I thought it was chocolate. Turns out what i ate was something that had fallen off my cat's tail ;__:A

As far as actual foods that make me gag, diet coke. I love coke, but I literally can't stand diet sodas :<
<-- this is the dope on dope
I'll agree with Ladida, ginger is the worst taste I have, ginger crystals to be exact. I still have bad memories about that taste. *shudders*
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This hideous hideous concoction of boiled water with garlic, onions, and walnuts... ugh, the thick drink was horrible, and we had to drink it...

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Originally posted by DragonIce6780
The worst thing i have ever tasted was a chesses burger. (yeah, i hate them).

excuse me but what the FUCK is your problem?

at least everyone elses was food and it has a real taste, mine was just fucking, i dont even know

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
The worst thing I tasted was shampoo. I was washing my hair and some shampoo was running down my face. So I licked my lips and I was spitting.
I'm tired.

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One night I had mushroom soup which I drank through one of those straws that go all over the place. The next day I thought it was washed so I drank my liquefied ice cream through it. Little to my knowledge it still has mushroom soup in it. So there I was with mushroom soup flavored ice cream.

I also got paid money one time to eat pickles topped with pudding.

Also this one time I went to a Japanese restaurant and I got some kind of topping. It was green and looked like a chocolate. I took a bit of it and it was spicy as hell. It also tasted like something horrid. Don't get me wrong I like Japanese food (Sushi!) but that was just awful....
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