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When's the last time you played the ORIGINAL SMW world??

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How did you stumble across this game initially?

My cousins house. He still owns it to this day. I owned smw when I was little. I remember now. Tubular was hard for me, but I can beat it with no problem. Currently playing it. ^_^
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
In July, when I did a playthrough with Andrevus.
I've no idea when I last played The original Super Mario World. I think I'll play it now. *goes to play Super Mario World*
I played it about a month ago on an emulator...

How did you stumble across this game intitally?

Well, I got interested in Mario from Cumdahellon from youtube, he had SMB Hack Speedruns, then I got interested in LP's and so-forth.

What where your feelings when you first played?

OMG, A Mac SNES Emulator that Finally Works!

Do you have any fond memories??

I cant beat this game without savestates. :]

I played both, SNES version was around 1998 and GBA version was around 2006.
Last time I played it was about 4 months ago on my GBA, though it doesn't feel like that long. I got it after begging my mother for it quite a lot of Xmases ago. It was actually only the third Mario game that I played; the first two were Super Mario Bros 2 (Not the Lost Levels) and Super Mario 64. My fondest memory was when I beat the special world with the help of some other nerdy kid.
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