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Super Mario's Untold Story - 8/26/12

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yay bout time. : P well good luck with progress and all.
Can't wait for new demo. When i firstly showed SMWCentral this thread was one of the first i have seen.
I apologize for not having any visual updates, but I'm going to be making quite a large change in the structure of the hack, which should be for the better. Themed worlds are boring. They're a good concept, but in general, pretty much only Nintendo can pull them off perfectly, but as we all know here, I'm not Nintendo. Now, Super Mario Galaxy's style with a smaller amount of worlds, with a lot of variety and multiple missions per level is definitely much closer to the style of play that I'm looking for. Since I decided quite a while ago that SMUS would be using Power Stars rather than goals, I definitely think that Galaxy "missions" in levels would fit much better in my hack than a ton of boring levels (which would happen because of my lack of inspiration) and it would also suit the Power Star 'theme' perfectly. I will also be able to integrate special night and day features into this much more easily, so this should be for the better. In part of this, the main overworld will probably end up being scrapped, and replaced by a main hub level, similar to most of the 3D games. I apologize to anyone who liked the map, but even so, the first demo may still include the overworld and you'll get to see some brand new submaps, with a very different design than anything you've probably seen before on here.

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Nice! I like it. If you need a beta tester i can be.
Well I don't think I've been on here long enough to know what this hack is but I skimmed through screenshots and it looks pretty amazing so far. Looking forward to seeing more.
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I like it. But the red coin where if you have to go back is kinda hard. If anyone enter that without you sould know what happen.
A little update on the HUB world, the video doesn't do it much justice, but it's the best I can get.
Click here

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Dude, that is so cool! Great work =D

Too bad the video doesnt help :/
The again I can see it sorta and it looks very good. I also remember those GFX you made for the town. Nicely done! :3
Aw look at those fluffy clouds.

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Neosz, looks cool! I can't wait to play this hack really!
will you be done soon?

Originally posted by sdvc49
will you be done soon?

I can't really give you a straight answer to that, but it's probably along the lines of not really, and that's for a demo. I can't see the completion of the hack even happening this year.

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I Know your not thinking about making luigi playable (p2)
in case you do, look at this

Edit: more:

I'm redoing my title screen font, considering my current one isn't quite Mario themed. Here's what I've done so far.

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I like it!
But the colours
Awesome looking title font you got there! Looks like a pretty similar font to the original, I'd say it matches the Mario theme quite well =D

I like it too. #w{=3}
Fits the Mario theme very well, but it needs colors (yes, I know your not finished when you say "Here's what I've done so far")
-That Other Plumber
It Rocks!
Good Job!


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