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Red ringed xbox?(close please)

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Okey...I am a bit confused...When i turned on my xbox it was ringed. But when i removed the hard drive it worked but it didnt show up on the tv screen. So i put the harddrive in And it wasnt red ringed but it doesnt show up on the screen yet...I dont want to waste money on a new one. So it would be nice. Note:Before the xbox was ringed my xbox acted weird. Since the tv screen was all green and red and so...And it was more of a filter. and the xbox loaded longer a lot of times. Please help me! Dont say anything about getting a wii or a ps3

EDIT: its fixed so mods/admins can close this now
Check any ribbons inside to see if they are out of place.
I'm tired.

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Sounds almost exactly like my first (and only) redring.

Looks like you have to send it to them. They'll fix it free of charge. If your experience is anything like mine, you'll recieve your Xbox in working order, and they'll give you a free gold membership.
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I would say you should send it in, that would be best.
Oh...thanks! I will ask my dad if he can send it to "them". Thanks again and merry christmas!
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