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Our School Is Closed Today! :D

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YES! I was so happy when I realized the school was closed at my school today. Snow has covered the whole village where I live! It is completely covered!

So. Have you ever had a day of school because of snow?
I had college finals canceled last week because of 5 inches of snow. It was awesome.
Nope, never have, never will.
Nope, and I doubt it ever will :|
Not at all

Here in Canada you must go out in a Blizzard :|
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Our school was never closed due to snow. FML
...The positive thing is that yesterday it was snowing, and it was our last schoolday too of this year.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

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My school will only ever close of extreme heat. And that never happens. >_>
ReallY!? Wow. Mainly the reason it's being closed is because Health & Safety has gone mad in England. Over XXX centimetres of snow = School Closed!

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I hate you. I have school today. >_<
I'm tired.

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I have school today. But it's the last day before Winter Vacation.
Originally posted by Yoshi16
I hate you. I have school today. >_<

Same here. Thanks for rubbing that in my face, TOS.

Originally posted by Santa Claus
I have school today. But it's the last day before Winter Vacation.

Same here.

We got let out of school early :DFree counters!
We don't. but is is our last day until next year. 2010. So yeah.
THe first semester ended yesterday, so I'm not in school. It's not even snowing, it's raining. >.>
Good fucking bye.
I'm waiting for it to stop snowing now so I can make a BIG snowman.
It happened to me last week on a Monday, though I didn't know since my mom let me stay home anyway because the snow was deep. I missed Monday-Wednesday last week so that was nice.:)
Originally posted by Troopa
Here in Canada you must go out in a Blizzard :|

Yep. It sucks. We had a day cancelled because it was so icy, kids couldn't walk to school.

I would LOVE for school to be cancelled today, just because it's the last day before Christmas Break.

Oh well. I just have to get through this one day!
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We actually haven't had any snow so far, though we had some ice/freezing rain on a Saturday, cancelling a Speech and Debate competition we would've had.

Last year though, things were pretty crazy. The entire week before our holiday break, we had plenty of slow, and school was closed the entire time. That would've been awesome, but I had left my Wii at school the Friday before (I normally take it home on weekends) so I had the entire break with no Wii, which made me unable to play some of my Christmas presents.
We have s snow storm warning tonight around 12:00 AM, and last's until sunday 6:00 AM. It's blizzard conditions, so i doubt schools will be open (yay). we are supposed to get 6 - 12 inches 0_o
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