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Shiny Pokemon, Ever caught one?

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Yeah, I was skimming through my pokemon sapphire today, when I had found my old save file that had a shiny pidgeotto on it(legit not cheated) that I traded from fire red. That's basically the only shiny that I have, but I want to know if any of you guys have met any shinies or caught some in the 3rd and 4th gen pokemon games. By the way, the red gyarados from HGSS doesn't count since it's always shiny when you battle it.
I have only one.
A Shiny Onix I caught while manslaughtering hundreds of Rock-type Pokeymans.
Once on Sapphire I was roaming around Lilyclove, and I found a shiny shuppet, I freaked out and was about to catch it but I had NO DARN POKEBALLS OR ANYTHING.

Otherwise, I have a Shiny Kingler (Which is now Level 100) a Shiny Wishmur, and a Sandslash.
I have never caught or even found a shiny Pokemon. Though I find Pokemon with Pokerus a lot, so I guess that pretty much pays for me never finding any shinies.
Originally posted by Red Chameleon
I have never caught or even found a shiny Pokemon. Though I find Pokemon with Pokerus a lot, so I guess that pretty much pays for me never finding any shinies.

Yeah, shinies are really rare, so not everyone gets lucky. I believe it's a 1/8192 chance of finding one, or something like that.
I found a shiny gloom in Diamond, and I evolved it using the sun stone. Now I have a shiny... whatever.
I caught a shiny Caterpie once. It was shiny.
Originally posted by Magikristmas25
I found a shiny gloom in Diamond, and I evolved it using the sun stone. Now I have a shiny... whatever.

Oh my gosh, you have a shiny Bellossom? Do want >.<

I have a number of shinies, but that's because I chain for them... among shinies I've gotten randomly, a Weedle and a Remoraid at this point in time. Counting chained shinies, I have gotten a Ralts (Now a Gallade), a Magnemite (Given to Firephoenix as a gift), four skitties, two Farfetch'd, and, um... I can't remember what else. I think I have at least a few more...
I have gotten a Voltorb, Aron, and 3 Eevees by chaining in Pokemon Diamond. Without chaining, I've only gotten one Aron in Emerald. I have also ran into other shinies but unfortunately had no pokeballs.
There's the shiny Gyarados in Gold version,
this Rhydon I killed, and never caught, as I didn't know the value of a shiny Pokemon back then. Gold version also.
In ruby, I swear I recall getting a black Zubat, but the real shiny color is green. I guess it's the GBA's no backlight's fault.
The second Shinx I saw ever was shiny, and I caught it. :><: I've grown used to the color and now disapprove of all blue luxrays. (Pearl version.)

Lastly, was this Roselia that I saw while training in Platinum. at first, I was like: OSH! The first Attack was a critical hit, but THANKFULLY, it was a double-not very effective... attack. So anyways, nowadays I carry around Shiny Roserade in my team :D

(though I do envy T2's Golden Steelix D: )
I remembered a few more that I forgot about. On my diamond I found a shiny geodude, and I still have it. I just looked through gold and found that I still had my shiny parasect or however you spell it.
I've caught like ten different shinies, but I don't really care for them too much. Unless they evolve or are a Pokémon that I plan to have in my team, I just put them into a box and forget about them.
I played Pearl and Platinum for a combined 100 hours or so, and only saw one shiny Pokemon while it was at work. I believe it was a Rhyhorn or Rhydon on Victory Road (though my memory may be serving me wrong). After it sparkled though, I had a major "holy shit" moment.
I caught a few shinies besides Red Gyarados which doesn't count since he too damn easy to find. My most recent shiny that I caught was in my Japanese Heart Gold file where I found a random gold Hoothoot south of Ecruteak. At first, I was pissed off because I was biking through the last patch of grass before the city and had to encounter an annoying Hoothoot until I released it was a gold one!
I had a shiny Tentacruel (or whatever the english name is...) which was green and blue. That was on Sapphire, back when the stupid game still worked, now it's broken or something.
I had a shiny Tentacool. I thought the game (Leafgreen (GBA)) had a gltich. I caught it. But then started a new game. THE next day I realixed it was a shiny pokemon. Grr. If I still had tht shiny Tentacool. I will soon though have a shiny Purugly. Im trading a Giratina for it.

I <3 Shiny Pokemon! <3
Originally posted by Quizler
this Rhydon I killed

Come on, "killed" is such an ugly word. "KO'd", if you please. Respect the lack of violence Pokemon franchise.

Anyways, I once caught a shiny Tentacool during a speed run of a GBA Pokemon game (I think it was Emerald) and transferred it to Diamond via Pal Park. Oh yeah, and in Diamond, I caught a shiny Bidoof, or was it Bibarel, I can't remember... Doesn't matter, it's a shiny Bibarel as of now. I once stupidly fled from a shiny Pokemon, thinking it was not possible, but I guess that's only in Gold/Silver. See, TOS? You're not the only one who makes mistakes.
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I can't tell what shinies I have in gold because it lost it's battery a few years ago. >_<. I just can't wait for shiny gold. :D
I caught Shiny Unown in Gold and a Shiny Golbat in LG.
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In total, I've caught 2. In diamond I caught an ADAMANT shiny Machoke (extremely lucky) and in Platinum I just caught a shiny Onix in Victory road, but now its a golden Steelix so whatever.

Also in Pearl I ran into a shiny Weepinbell, but sadly the weakest pokemon on my team was a level 86 Crobat so there was no way to catch it, plus all I had was about 3 pokeballs.
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