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The weirdest usernames

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Out of every site that you are registered on, have you found any really weird names? Just ones that are funny in a good way. Or think of any funny usernames that you would have instead of the one you have now.
For me I guess it would be... *Thinks* "A bunch of 777'z with Sevens" Eh, I'll think of a better one later on.

Oh and I hope there isn't another thread like this, if there is then close this one, I don't think there is though.
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Haha, wow, it's like he registered but never came back, I've never saw so many "X's" like that before o_o
How simple.
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I saw this guy named Kiseki.
Man, what a weird-ass name. :D

I saw a video on youtube where someone took a screenshot of everyones screen name that looked weird to them. Must have had at least 500 names on there. Do you think I can find it now? No. But a lot of the names were curse words and odd names to call people and stuff like that.
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I dunno, Alcaro's a pretty weird na *shot*

I haven't noticed a lot of odd names, but "A Chair" seems to have snuck it's way onto our memberlist if I read correctly.

I don't know, I was just browsing around in the member list.
Anyone whose initials make the abbreviation 'CP'. How dumb could you be?

... Oh wait...
Phenolatukas... Oh wait....

Eh, I saw someone caled moraylasis. (Aquired by mashing keys together?)

EDIT: Wow that's weird. It appears on the member list as not in Japanese. My computer only sees boxes with numbers in them though.

EDIT 2: Anyone else notice this is thread 27272?

EDIT 3: I found out that that username means Europe in Japanese and Mario in Chinese.

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Come on, i think my names pretty screwed up.

Actually BloodyManger might be worse then btb lol.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
eatdeadbunnies, which was Nameless's YouTube account. Seriously, the fuck?

One day, I was browsing the forums when I noticed the newest member, Lateralusticus. I loved the name so much, it was Latin-esque like my name, so I sent him a PM regarding that. He never answered, he was just yet another useless non-posting member. So out of anger and appreciation, I took his name for my Youtube channel.

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WTF! That is a weird name!
i just lurk sometimes
The weirdest are the "Mash your head on the keyboard and put numbers at the end" usernames.
The strangeness never ends.

EDIT: This username exists. It just wont show up unless you find it yourself. It is this username:

i m hacking this websits

EDIT #2: This one is better.
Originally posted by The Boo of Christmas Past

That username is SO strange, it doesnt even exist.
Also, post 1900. :P
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