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It snowed. *more pics*

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Pics from today. Click for full size and hover for alt text.

About 1:30 PM.

Around 3:00 PM.

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Copied from Jul:
Originally posted by FirePhoenix
So we also had to clean the deck today because, well, it was up to 18 inches on the deck and the weight would be too much to leave overnight. So while out cleaning suddenly I decided to burst into song and sang Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" as my brother and I shoveled. We ended up cleaning more of the deck in those 4 minutes that I sang than we did in the whole rest of the time (~30 minutes) we were out there before. And being silly, when it got to the guitar solo, I flipped up the shovel and began playing the shoveltar. My mom got a laugh out of that watching from the window and called my dad, who proceeded to sneak outside with the camera and record me singing the last few seconds of the song.

I'm a silly. :P

Holy christ! I thought global warming had taken care of the snow this year. I also misread the quote about the 18 inch "deck".

Damn, that's allot of snow. O.O

Like I said on YT... We've had a good three feet of snow up here in BC for about a month now. :|
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Oh man, the last fun we could've had with snow was years ago. You have more snow there than we here in Germany. :<
I'm finding it hilarious how some states which get like, next to no snow, have already gotten more than I have up in Canada.


e: also I expected you to draw vulgar images in the snow on the car FP. You truly let me down.
It looks so fluffy, and I want to jump into it!
accursed California climate, why do you not bring us any snow!? ;-;
My backyard.

Isn't it lovely?

Post 800, by the way.
Yay! Our garden.

Me sitting in the snow.

About two or three years ago was so big snow as now.
I guess it's snowing all over, seeing as it's snowing here right now. We were supposed to get snow on Saturday, but it didn't happen. And now, on Sunday, it's snowing a lot. it's not windy, so the snow isn't whipping around, but it's still coming down really hard.

So yeah, that's me.
I just took my handy and made a photo of what it looks like at the moment. It was (and still is) snowing at the time I took the photo, but you can't really see it, sadly. Anyway...

This is how it looks like right now where I live:

Sorry if the quality is not that good. I think it was because it was snowing at the time I took the photos from my mobile phone.

Pic 3 shows the mills of Kleinbettingen, by the way.
(yeah, I live near a train station, as those three pics show, especially pics 2 and 3)

Needless to mention that we currently have temperatures of under -5°C, and that we even had temperatures of -15°C here.
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pshaw, I got 16 inches. β)

I guess I underestimated the warnings I heard in school.

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;-; wheres my snow.. we get crappy weather ALL year, and the time its supposed to snow.. we get SUN! ;-;

/me cries
I only have 1inch of snow. Damn Lake Erie. I only live two minutes from the lake. No I don't live in Cleveland.

Hope we have a white christmas this year!
I'm tired.

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We had about that much snow on Friday.
Here in North Carolina, snow is a rare sight. Naturally, when I heard that we were going to be hit by a snowstorm, I was excited.

Turns out that Raleigh, which is about an hour away, had about 5 inches. (Which is great for NC.) All I got was freezing rain.

I'm sad now.
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A bit before, it snowed like a few inches, nothing much.

Yesterday it snowed like .01 inches, not even enough to really count. Oh well. They say we are going to get more on Christmas. There may yet be a chance for a white Christmas. Hopefully.

Originally posted by Ixtab
Holy christ! I thought global warming had taken care of the snow this year.

@ FP: Damn that's a lot of snow. I just got done shoveling my end, and it wasn't as high. You'd definitely need a snowblower for that...blizzard aftermath.

Yeah I got a lot here too, about that amount and its still coming.

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