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Dimension Project: The Dimension Destiny Project [version 0.1.9] (Updated with World Maps!)

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Latest: Year 2020
Last update: 6/17/2010 6:09am US Central. Version: 0.1.9
Current size of v0.1.10: 62 pages/46,361 words/ 300-400k bytes.
Current document version: The Dimension of Destiny v0.1.9

Prelude size: 9 pages
Chapter 1 size: 5 pages
Chapter 2 size: 6 pages
Chapter 3 size: 8 pages
Chapter 4 size: 8 pages
Chapter 5 size: 9 pages
Chapter 6 size: 12 pages
Chapter 7 size: 5 pages (A minor update will extend it twice its size very soon.)

Welcome to the Dimension Project story thread. This is my revised version of the thread I had before.
Since it was nothing but a tangled mess, I decided to start clean.
And what better time than a few days before the new year. Anyways, here is a little more about the story. :)

Originally posted by Story Description
The story starts off in the year 2080 and is about a man named Waylen who has been working for a secret company located somewhere in Arizona, USA.
The company's name is VFL- Videogames for Life. The greatness of this company is unknown.
However, its owner and creator, Geovanni Richson, is world renowned for his great project, HFES- Hydrogen Fusion Energy Source. He changed the way the world used power in the year 2025. However, among many of his greatest creations, none compared to what he was about to reveal.

In the year 2026, Max Richson, Geovanni's son, was born. Soon after, Geovanni started working on another project. Its name was the Master Destiny Project.
Not much was known at that time. About twenty two years later, Max was married to someone named Rebekah. Two years after, Mazon Richson was born.
Almost two and a half years later, Dave Richson was born. Around when Mazon was 5 years of age and Dave 3 years, Max and Rebekah one day never returned from work. No one ever heard from them again ever since the year 2060. Geovanni then started to raise them as a father would. As the years passed, Geovanni was closer to completing his big project. He was around the age of 65 when he completed the Master Destiny Project in the year 2063.

It was then revealed what the project could do. It was then revealed that the project worked in conjunction with his earlier project HFES. The project needed the amount of energy HFES produced. Geovanni finally created the M.C.O.D (Master Computer of Destiny). MCOD was a computer that used the large amounts of energy to open a gate to an unknown dimension. The MCOD then used its power to create worlds by manipulating an unknown element inside the dimension. That unknown element broke the law of the conservation of mass; it could create and destroy or ‘delete’ mass. MCOD was then the world's first "Life Reality Game System".

As you can see, Geovanni's true goal was to create the ultimate virtual video game! Geovanni wanted to create a game world that was more than just occupying their mind. He wanted something that anyone could enjoy. Video games were blamed for a lot of unhealthy people. However, this would be a totally different way to play. The MCOD opened a gate to the unknown dimension soon to be called the Dimension of Destiny (DOD).

Not much was known at this time but this was more than a virtual was another reality.
As the years passed, the Master Destiny Project was closer to perfection. It would soon be beta tested. However, by the year 2074 Geovanni vanished without a trace. It is not known what happened, but some say his grandson may have something to do with it. When VFL was about to make its beta release for the Life Reality System, things were looking good.
However, Mazon soon took over the project. He re-engineered MCOD to do his evil bidding. You see, Mazon wasn't a very good grandson at all. He plans on using MCOD to create his new Kingdom.
However, Waylen heard of the rumors but he was caught snooping around. Mazon seems to have plans for Waylen.

Some of this introduction was taken from the current Prelude of the story. To say the least, the Master Destiny Project could be considered an editor of another dimension.

The current version of the story is: 0.1.9
Click here to see the current updates being made on my site. However, I'll often update you here on anything upcoming.

Feel free to discuss and comment here. If you have any questions, please post them here as well. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful day. :D

What a good use of my 1000th post.

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Latest: Year 2020
Well, it certainly has been awhile since I've updated. Well, if you were following along, you'd know that I was reworking the Prelude and adding the new chapter as well as fixing several other mistakes and typos. At this point since the story is getting over 60 pages long, it may take awhile to double check things.

Anyway, here is the link to the new document download: The Dimension of Destiny v0.1.9
If you want to see the old version of the story then you can just change the file ID to 2 and you may compare the two to see the changes in the two Preludes.

I hope you enjoy it as I have writing it. Expect some minor updates reflecting the 7th chapter and perhaps some artwork if I can get to it.

I have been following the progress of this story for part of it, and I'm impressed. There is a lot of creativity going on here, a lot of good ideas. As a sci-fi/fantasy fan, I can honestly say that this story/novel would stand out even if it were not written by someone I know. It's the kind of story I could really enjoy. But whoever reads this, even if you aren't interested in science fiction, you should still give this a read.

To Superderek personally:

Keep up the good work. I like the story, and I like your ideas and thought processes. The Dimension Destiny Project, in my opinion, is quite an original, unique piece of literature. I wish I could write like that...actually, I think I probably do have the ability to write like that, but maybe not the internal drive. I'm hoping that hanging around you enough will change that. (Being less busy with other stuff wouldn't hurt either.) I like the characters you've created; they seem like rather interesting people, and I'm curious to see how you will develop them as the story progresses. The places and things, on the other hand...well, those are very interesting as well. Again, I'm curious to see how you will expand on these ideas, come up with more properties of Golagoo and describe the Dimension of Destiny in more detail, etc. I look forward to future installments (hehe, and since I'm a VIP, I get extra information about the story)!


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I've read part of the first page, and this story, is actually one of the best I've ever read! Although Microsoft word's spell and grammar check screws up a little, it was correct so far with one grammatical error.

Originally posted by Story
"The research has began"

should be "The research has begun"

The story is awesome.
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Latest: Year 2020
Originally posted by mockingod
I've read part of the first page, and this story, is actually one of the best I've ever read! Although Microsoft word's spell and grammar check screws up a little, it was correct so far with one grammatical error.

Originally posted by Story
"The research has began"

should be "The research has begun"

The story is awesome.

Yes, I admit there are a few typos I correct every once in awhile but sometimes I miss one. Thanks for pointing it out.

Expect an update to the latest chapter soon as well as any typo fixes I find. Please PM me if you find more.

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Latest: Year 2020
Goodness, who gets the reward for the slowest update?

Anyways, I have created a document of some character bios. I shall update the full list tomorrow but until then...this little peak of it will do:

Dimension Project: The Dimension of Destiny

By Derek Weiter aka Superderek

Characters of the Dimension Destiny Project

Note: Ages are based on the year 2080.

Waylen Mandread – Waylen is a fairly tall man with green eyes, dark brown hair. He prefers to wear very comfortable cloths and doesn’t really like dress-like suites. He is has a relaxed personality and is always ready to pull any joke out of his sleeves even during the most trying of times. However, he is very serious when it comes to what is right and what is wrong or evil. He sees Mazon as a misguided man who is taking his plans to purge the world of its evil too far.
Still Waylen sees the world in need of a hero and he is willing to risk his life for that cause. He is close to being engaged with Leasha who doesn’t really know it yet and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Leasha often gives him advice and he usually takes it. Waylen started to work for VFL sometime in 2072. However, following the sudden disappearance of Geovanni in 2074, he has come under the suspicion that Geovanni’s grandson, Mazon, may have something to do with it.
Age: 24    Height: 6’1”    Eye color: Green    Hair color: Dark Brown    Gender: Male

Leasha Brightgaze – Leasha is of average height for a woman. She has green eyes, black hair, and likes to wear anything that is either white or red. She is one of the most intelligent women but yet beautiful most people had ever seen- or at least in Waylen’s opinion but without a doubt special. Leasha has met with Waylen near 2071 in August 21. Ever since they have become great friends and quickly became even closer than that. They love to hang out together and learn new things like Leasha teaching Waylen things computer-wise while Waylen teaches her things about science in general.
Age: 23    Height: 5’7”    Eye color: Green    Hair color: Black    Gender: Female

Geovanni Richson – Geovanni is currently around 80 years old, has partly long hair, dark brown eyes, and prefers to wear his lab coat over a business suit. He started the company and organization Videogames for Life or VFL for short in 2020. He is the one responsible for the Hydrogen Fusion Energy Project which became a huge success in 2025. He has worked on many great feats and projects but his greatest yet was the one that was inspired from his strange dream. It is still unknown who the figure in his dream was but it lead to the discovery of the Dimension of Destiny. To this day, no one knows what happened to him on March 31, 2072 but he has disappeared without a trace.
Age: ~80    Height: 6’0”    Eye color: Hazel    Hair color: White    Gender: Male

Mazon Richson – Mazon is a fairly tall man with Hazel eyes, black hair, and a man with a presence of command. Ever since he was a kid, his view of the world around him was twisted by his experience of what happened to his parents and soon his grandfather whom some people claim it was him who made Geovanni disappear. Unknowing to most, he was in no way involved but because he has inherited Project Destiny, the motive for it appears to be very strong. Mazon is now what most sane people would call a twisted evil man. However, he’d call those people the same for looking at his judgment in such a way!
Mazon has secretly been using the project for other uses that Geovanni has never even thought of. Mazon is also the head of Raiders of Destiny or ROD for short. ROD was basically a gang of thieves until Mazon taken over and gave a new goal for them in mind. To this day Mazon makes plans to rid the world of its evil and if a innocent is harmed then he goes to say, “It is only for the good of science.” Some fear is he completely evil but other think there may still be hope for Mazon.
Age: 25    Height: 6’4”    Eye color: Hazel    Hair color: Black    Gender: Male

Also note that there is ALSO a wiki I am working on but I haven't done much yet due to school work but I should be able to do stuff and things soon since I graduated recently. Yep.

One last thing, I have this really interesting idea to set this story up as a "game" if you will. It is really just a discussion but it is about what it would be like if I made this into a game. Well, I shall update this soon.

Well I must say, even though I only read the prelude the story is interesting so far. I'll read it more when I have time so other than that nice job so far!
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Latest: Year 2020
Thanks for your comment, reghrhre. I should be updating pretty soon with the bios and perhaps the rest of that other chapter as well as maybe another one.

And it would seem that people who I personally don't speak to often doesn't not even know of the existence of this thread until I ask them if they know of it. Well then, I am going to now propose that I setup userbars or something.
If you are a supporter for this story, feel free to put the upcoming userbar in your layout. I will update the first post with it.
(Also, this may get even more attention once I post artwork because people comment more on artwork than stories because obviously they want something "easy" to judge rather than reading the prelude of a story. Then again...who knows?)

Oh yeah, I am not going to release any artwork of this story until I find a good art set which may be soon. Eventually I should try to do beta artwork of Waylen, Leasha, and Mazon. Mazon is especially going to be fun doing since I have just the perfect look for him. His look may even surprise you.
Stay tuned!

Edit: Incoming update! (Waits for others to post.)

Nice bios. I like the character descriptions...and the characters. They all, even Mazon, sound like people that one could relate to in real life. But yeah, I think you did a pretty decent job of making the descriptions short, yet to the point. Maybe it would be a good idea to update their DimensionWiki pages with those. (And isn't Leasha's last name Brightdaze?)


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Thanks for the comment imamelia.

Well, I got some more updates that I have been saving and whatnot. Here's some maps of the world I've been doing:

Please note that those are very alpha-ish maps.

More details are still being done on better maps but those kind of give an idea.
Those maps have good stories to them that I am happy to share.

First of all, you will probably notice how Planet Destiny is way way big and then go to think, "But that would mean the planet has 50 times more gravity or something.", and the answer to that is almost simple but yet complicated. The world is in another dimension where laws are slightly different as you know. After all, the Albu de Folraise has the power to create and destroy all into nothing which already breaks one important one already. So perhaps that may explain why the gravity is relatively the same as Earth.

But there is also several other factors involving the gravity, air, and everything else- keeping it all in balance. The Albu de Folraise seems to be a power keeping the world and dimension in check and balanced. The world is spinning just fast enough for there to be just around the same gravity as Earth and doing other things like keeping hours of light around the same as Earth.

Planet Destiny has a sun very much like our own. How much their size is compared to each other is unknown but the distance is guessed to be the same since the world isn't frying up or freezing. The world is still quite unknown to most humans- even to Geovanni who traveled with a few explorers who also named some of the continents after themselves.

Two key explorers went with Geovanni. Their names were Don Teller and Vincent Teller, who are also brothers. Vincent Teller named the continent known as Ventara after his name and his wife's first name. Although, it was named while he went by the nickname Vent Teller because he was known to get angry easy; which ironically is the name for some of the mountains in Ventara due to the way they are unpredictably unstable at times and sometimes cause landslides and avalanches. Although he gets angry easily, his wife Tara always was there to give him the peace of mind needed.

Don Teller was much different. He was quiet and to himself often due to his nature of being slightly shy but he was an artistic person who enjoyed mountains such as this. So when he first seen the beauty within Donatella he was more than overjoyed to undertake exploring this wondrous land. The northern part of Donatella is packed with mountains of extreme beauty and danger. Though, there is one big thing to now note Donatella on.

That is, the fact that now Donatella has a huge gash almost splitting it into two. When they first discovered the land around them, Donatella had no such gash. This in fact happened right around after Geovanni's disappearance and when Mazon went to explore the land his grandfather explored. He wanted to test the power of the Albu de Folraise and what better place than Planet Destiny? 'Code: Gash' was the name of the experiment that went on that almost nearly destroyed Planet Destiny- for if it was not for its mass and size, it would of been destroyed if it had been Earth.

What you now see is the remains of that experiment. The power of the Albu de Folraise went deep into Planet Destiny; the power released went hundreds of thousands of miles deep almost ripping the world in two. When it almost cleaved Donatella in two, it also pushed some of the land upward, creating many new mountain ranges previously not around. Some of those mountains are as high as around ten thousand miles high. That is much MUCH bigger than Mount Everest (Only about 5 and a half miles above sea level) although many mountains of the deep sea are much bigger. Of course, that also left the part of the ocean, where most of the energy went, very deep. There is no telling what could possibly be down there to explore but it is known that another continent previously unknown to the explorers of the past was also effected.

It is believed that the land around what is known as The Twin Islands of the Void used to actually be a part of what was also previously unknown which is now known as Masteria. But Mazon's experiment he ordered Lab 37 to do almost destroyed the whole area leaving nothing but two islands (Which compared to the rest of the world is nothing but islands but to Earth would be good sized continents.) and a very dangerous area as the Grand Eye. The Grand Eye is believed to contain the remains of the power created in the experiment, continually sucking the whole world towards it as if it was some sort of black hole.

The Grand Eye is more unnatural than most would think. It is more than just some vortex in the ocean, it is actually swallowing land into the unknown. Thus, that is why the two islands around the Grand Eye are named the way they are. It is predicted that those islands may not be there someday very soon due to the nature of the Grand Eye. The Grand Eye's size is currently unknown because no one ever dares to get near it for the fear they may be sucked into some void. But it is guessed to be around the size of half of Australia.

Masteria is what Mazon would call his capital of that world. Much of it is still very unknown because the original explorers never discovered it. Mazon discovered it long before the experiment and named it Masteria, because from there he would master his new found power of the Albu de Folraise. Masteria is also connected to land unknown which is also called The Great Unknown.

Most of the planet is unknown due to the very nature of the planet itself and the fact they seem to have trouble trying to get a satellite to navigate around the world and take images. They were either reported destroyed by something unknown or reported missing somehow. However, they guess the location of the discovered land is like you see on the map because of where the sun is positioned and everything. Now, the rest of the world is also unknown for other reasons.

There appears to be some sort of strange fog bordering the Great Unknown that somehow ends up making people that travel into it appear out of it at the location they entered facing the opposite direction. Many don't know the cause but most just shrug it off but some believe something mysterious is at work...

There's much, much more to tell but you will have to wait until next update. The more posts, the sooner I may respond with the better maps and details. #w{=D}

Edit: Disabled Layout.
Ahahaha, you used the icy mountain picture I showed you. :P That stuff is all really awesome. I knew most of it already, but those extra details are always interesting.

Just one inquiry, though. You said the mountains on Donatella were...10,000 miles high? I don't know if those funky laws of physics are different on Planet Destiny, but that's bigger than the diameter of the entire Earth, and would surely be big even in comparison to this planet, too!

Let's do the math. Based on your "Earth compared to Planet Destiny" map, Donatella, lengthwise, is 65% as wide as Earth. That equates to around 5,150 miles. The mountains would be almost twice as high as the continent itself is wide! Based on the map as well, Destiny's diameter is almost exactly 4.5 times that of Earth, making it about 35,670 miles wide(it's labeled on the map as being "50 times bigger", but since Destiny appears to be only 4.5 times wider, I assume that's referring to volume). 10,000 miles is 28% of Destiny's entire diameter. If those mountains are really that high, they'd be blatantly visible from space as giant spike-like extensions of the planet's surface (not to mention they'd extend beyond the planet's main atmosphere). I know the Albu de Folraise is powerful, but is it that powerful?

Just an observation. Everything else looks amazing.
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Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I made a slight typo there. It isn't actually that high but more like 10, not 10,000. I was calculating out something else and accidentally put that is the height when I typed that I guess. :P (But actually it may be more like 15 now that I think of it. Although, a lot of that area was pushed up, I probably got to figure out some things to make it look right.)

But yeah, sometimes I can miscalculate certain things like that so if you see something like that, feel free to point that out.

One last thing: Don't try to really scale the map so much as it is very alpha-ish and you may get random calculating errors as the picture was really hard to size against the globe of the Earth and it is off slightly. I guess I'll have to do some figuring out of the sizes and actually put a little [0--scale--1] chart or something to make it easier. #w{=D}

Thanks for the comment again Reading.

So you expanded on the character bio’s, that’s good. Those are good maps too.

I propose an exploration of The Great Unknown, who knows what we could find.
My software never has just develops random features.
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Originally posted by super nintendo man
I propose an exploration of The Great Unknown, who knows what we could find.

Well, who says that won't happen towards the end of the first book or so? ;) There's so much to do and show that it is just crazy! This is going to be a huge series and there's so many planned characters that your head will just spin thinking of it. This is some pretty hard core reading material here- well, not in the sense some of you may be thinking when I said that. XD

If one of you actually reads this book and wishes to update the wiki bios of characters then be my guest. :D Or even better, send me what you perceive of the objects in the story and I may update it better from my knowledge base.

Also, I may do some more short stories later like the one I did with Geovanni and perhaps tell a bit about the life of Mazon and his past. I am sure some of you are interested to know what got him the way he is now.

Also I am going to show some artwork in the near future when I get my tools to start drawing so that is another thing to look forward to.

And if anyone you wish to submit fan artwork of how you view the characters and the world of Destiny then feel free to PM me or message me elsewhere.

Well, as I said on IRC, this is pretty cool. I like your maps, and I like the story behind the places. I'm curious to see how you will work the geological features of Planet Destiny into the story...things like that usually interest me.


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Well, I've been meaning to update on this for awhile now. Most of the reason is because not being unable to post but because of college related activity. However, I will now post a short part of the upcoming chapter in the story to give you all something to look at while I continue to write the story and do some art. The art isn't quite ready yet but with the new forums, the art may be posted in the art forum while this remains the story thread. (or maybe it can still all be contained here)

"Mazon waited for the portal to open up but it didn’t occur. It seems like Sidney has failed me. No matter, I have other ways on doing things. Most of them should be infected with the Green Golagoo. I will have Valen in my grasp soon enough.
Mazon looked around his room for signs of Roseadria then he remembered. She was still training with his brother whom does not know of his link to Mazon but suspects that there is a link of some sort. He would learn of it soon when the time was right. Not now of all times though. He would need Dave to do some missions with Roseadria first and that was after he learned the ways of Kingrayons. How fortunate that Roseadria already knew many of the abilities already.
With Dave and Roseadria, his power and influence would only grow. When his army grows over 10 billion strong, the time would be right and that time is soon. Regardless of the number, he could use a small portion and take out the world leaders without much effort but things had to be planned. No one successfully conquered the world before without faults and falls. However, where all have failed, he would succeed. He had something that all of mankind could never dream of possessing.
He would make a world where everything is perfect and without flaws. There would be none of that nonsense that politics and media cause on a daily basis. No, he would be the source for everything, including power. Yes, ever since fuel went extinct, everyone relied on Powernite. Hydrogen Fusion Energy was their only reliable source of energy since most of the other methods were out of the question in today’s society. Normally a monopoly this huge would be bad…but in today’s times, there were exceptions and with them, Mazon had them all where he wanted..."

Here's some information about Ventara, one of the many continents of the Planet Destiny. Here's the map of some areas:

There's much to still show and I am working out many things as of this post. However, here's a little bit of conversation/background.

<Derek> I have plans for where certain rivers will be.
<Derek> Also some of the names are temporarily but some of them I actually like.
<imamelia> Nice.
<imamelia> You switched Upper and Lower Hunfador...
<Derek> Actually, the higher and lower is named after how high up they are.
<imamelia> Oh.
<imamelia> So Upper Hunfador simply has a higher altitude?
<Derek> A much higher altitude, yes.
<Derek> It is like going up a hill or mountain.
<Derek> Mount Longar is the pass into the Lower and Upper Hunfador.
<imamelia> I see.
<Derek> It is like a valley within a mountain. (Mount Longar territory)
<imamelia> Interesting.
<Derek> When you come to The Dimension of Destiny, you enter from the Grand Portal in Volda Forgen Meadow. The name comes from the language of Kingrayons.
<Derek> I am still working things like that out. Like its meaning.
<Derek> Volda Forgen Meadow is almost completely surrounded by Mountains.
<Derek> Shadow Bark Forest is one of the few areas to go to from there.
<Derek> I will soon put in where Mountains are so it is easier to tell.
<Derek> Another interesting place I'd like to talk about is Glynn. It is like a country made and controlled by Lord Mazon. It is one of his experimental countries to see how well it can prosper under his influence.
<Derek> One big thing I should mention is that throughout Planet Destiny Mazon has banned the use of higher tech like computers and stuff.
<Derek> So throughout the world places in some way look 'medieval' or like knights and stuff.
<imamelia> Huh. Why did he do that?
<imamelia> So they wouldn't be able to revolt as easily?
<Derek> Through many experiments, most have forgotten higher tech or didn't even care about it anymore.
<Derek> His main reason is because people would keep abusing it and it would lead to "swift spread of evil".
<Derek> With things "more grounded", he could keep things under control easier.
<Derek> Ventara alone is very huge.
<Derek> With certain people spread out, he hopes to discover behaviors that he could rid that causes crime and revolts.
<Derek> However, his methods at times are very cruel.
<Derek> He sends some of his experiments to attack some of the cities.
<Derek> Then again, most of his actions are because he has truly lost his mind and now has a twisted sense of what is right and wrong.
<Derek> Some of his actions he believes is right because he does it and thinks that he saves more lives in the long run.
<Derek> One such place that is a breeding ground of his experiments is Shadow Bark Forest.
<Derek> When I get to releasing more details, it will become a very memorable place.
<Derek> And you probably remember from some time ago that some of Lord Mazon's experiments are live creations of creatures of fantasy like dragons and other even more feared creatures.
<imamelia> Yeah.
<imamelia> I know you mentioned dragons, at least.
<Derek> You can probably tell where some of those dragons would hang out. ;)
<Derek> Care to throw a guess?
<imamelia> Burning Mountain, maybe?
<imamelia> Or even in the forest.
<Derek> Yep.
<Derek> Burning Mountain will be one of their main homes.
<Derek> Among other fire-like creations that help keep most of the mountain on fire. Not all of it burns but a good portion is on fire. The creatures there have adapted to the land and have abilities to keep it that way.
<imamelia> Cool.
<Derek> Not many humans dare go in. After all, who wants to live near a big hot rock?
<Derek> Kingrayons are a different story. After all, they aren't quite human anymore. Though most of their humanity remains.

<Derek> I think Shadow Bark is one of my favorite names so far as well as the area.
<Derek> In my own descriptions of the land:
<Derek> "It is a forest darkened by the many trees that make all the bark look like shadows. Many creatures here take advantage of the shadows and the shadow-like bark and can almost disappear in the shadows at will."
<Derek> Yet strangely there appears to be enough light for lots of plants to grow.
<Derek> Though they must have adapted to survive the very little light or learned a trick to gain energy otherwise.

Now there's many other things to discuss. One of the things to discuss is how some of the wild life is like. There's many normal creatures and animals from Earth but there's many experiments Mazon made Chester do. From dragons, to fierce wolves that have more than meets the eye, to even elementals controlled by tortured humans that absorbed an insane amount of energy from the Albu de Folraise.

The world is a huge area of not only beauty, but war. There's many factions of experiments and even that of humans. From the rebellion against Lord Mazon, to Lord Mazon's Army, there's many sides to take. One of the people leading the rebellion against Lord Mazon is Waylen, Leasha, and Sidney. There's also many more indirect forces at play and many more that join in later.

Mazon isn't the only threat against both worlds. Kingrayons, although many don't want to fight, are seen as just weapons of war. Mazon's greatest weapon against everyone involves controlling Kingrayons and eventually turning all of humanity into them. There's some Kingrayons that have self-brainwashed themselves into believing that all of humanity is evil regardless of their alignment and has made all out war against any human they see. And then there's Kingrayons who have strong disagreement over this and thus have wars among themselves.

Then there's the dragons Mazon has made. Using Dark Diamond for their scales and after some alterations here and there, several dragon types have been created. Dragons were created as creatures of peace and to balance their specific 'aspect' or element. They have absorbed a superior amount of energy of the Albu de Folraise compared to even Kingrayons. There were around ten main aspects. Many of the aspects have either been forgotten or lost further in Planet Destiny (Meaning that they are somewhere in the Great Unknown.)

Currently there's now only 3 known aspects. One of fire, one of earth, and one of water. Each of the aspects have a name that has great power attached to it but it has been long forgotten. The dragons were said to be so powerful, not even Mazon with his current power could control them with his own twistedness.

I'll post more later if I get to it. For more updates, feel free to visit my site's wiki and also /dimensionproject/maps/ for some up to date maps. I plan on doing lots of work and details of the immense world of Destiny. I am still working out artwork so nothing can be revealed yet because I am picky of first impressions. :P

Edit: And please, feel free to ask questions about the world or a specific area! Questions about things fuel me. Just sayin'.
I always love to read the work of fellow authors! I will be sure to read this when I next have free time!

I'm moving this to Writing, as it would make more sense there.
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Here's another fun conversation. One fun fact and some background of Glynn, Mazon's puppet Empire.

Jan 04 20:34:06 <Derek> The fun fact here is dragons are actually one of the ONLY creatures he has purposely made to be 100% positive.
Jan 04 20:34:59 <Derek> Meaning instead of war or something twisted, this was actually meant to aid both worlds.
Jan 04 21:03:24 <imamelia> Huh.
Jan 04 21:03:48 <Derek> What do you wish to know?
Jan 04 21:05:43 <imamelia> Well, actually, I'm about to eat dinner, but I will probably have a few questions about the various societal groups...and the time progression of some things.
Jan 04 21:05:57 <Derek> Alright.
Jan 04 21:06:08 <Derek> I am happy to answer anything. ;)
Jan 04 21:49:25 <imamelia> I'm back.
Jan 04 21:50:03 <Derek> Welcome back.
Jan 04 21:54:19 <imamelia> Well, for starters, if this is what Mazon's little world is like, does this only show up later on in the story? In the part I read, Waylen and Leasha are still pretending to work for Mazon and seem to be in pretty normal locations.
Jan 04 21:56:59 <Derek> Yes, currently they are in the real world or Earth and they are trying to protect Valen Stranglehold from Mazon.
Jan 04 21:58:05 <imamelia> I see.
Jan 04 21:59:22 <Derek> And later they will find themselves in this world and must travel and stop Mazon from having complete control over the Albu de Folraise.
Jan 04 21:59:31 <imamelia> Interesting.
Jan 04 21:59:44 <Derek> It will be a long journey.
Jan 04 21:59:54 <Derek> As you can see as you compare the maps.
Jan 04 22:25:21 <Derek> So, do you have any more questions? I'd love to answer some more.
Jan 04 22:26:18 <imamelia> Hm...
Jan 04 22:26:58 <Derek> Also I am going to see about updating the wiki with some things and possibly with ideas so I don't forget them later.
Jan 04 22:27:09 <imamelia> I would be curious to know more about the people and cultures living in Ventara, although I can't think of anything specific.
Jan 04 22:27:44 <Derek> Alright. I'll be happy to talk about the people and cultures of Ventara.
Jan 04 22:28:39 <Derek> Well, to start off, I'll talk about Glynn.
Jan 04 22:30:00 <Derek> As I mentioned, Glynn is a country in its own right. In fact, it is starting to become more of an empire under the guidance of Mazon.
Jan 04 22:30:35 <Derek> Mazon isn't really leading it at all but does guide it slightly.
Jan 04 22:31:28 <Derek> Other parts of Ventara aren't as strongly controlled but a good 30% of it is controlled by the Glynn Empire.
Jan 04 22:32:44 <Derek> The Capital of Glynn is Glynn City. It is said to be a beautiful city of great wealth.
Jan 04 22:34:15 <Derek> Any enemy of Mazon should not try to wonder around the city for too long. One of the Glynn guards are bound to find out who you really are. Some of Glynn's guards are actually ROD Elite Troops.
Jan 04 22:36:33 <Derek> Anyways, the laws of Glynn are fairly simple. In fact they are similar to the US except punishment is a bit more sever than most countries.
Jan 04 22:37:43 <Derek> In the case of theft, for example, you'd lose all your possessions and you could not be hired for X amount of days.
Jan 04 22:38:11 <Derek> And any current jobs would be lost.
Jan 04 22:38:15 <imamelia> Yikes.
Jan 04 22:39:34 <Derek> And if you murdered, you would be sent to a ring to fight for your life. Hundreds would be gathered but only few survive.
Jan 04 22:40:35 <Derek> So it has its basic rules but the punishment is by far what makes it so much different.
Jan 04 22:41:09 <Derek> And the punishment is usually related to the actual crime.
Jan 04 22:42:03 <Derek> There was no 'jail'. Although there are a few exceptions. Though mostly it is just to store said people until Mazon can have his way with them.
Jan 04 22:42:29 <Derek> That, was by far, considered the worse punishment.
Jan 04 22:43:20 <Derek> He could do whatever he wanted to those suspected with disorderly conduct against his name.
Jan 04 22:44:13 <Derek> Now let's go over the basic homes and families.
Jan 04 22:45:16 <Derek> Everyone living in the Glynn Empire are payed well for what they do. Depending on how many people your said job effects, the more it will pay.
Jan 04 22:45:16 <imamelia> [21:41] <Derek> And the punishment is usually related to the actual crime. <-- Interestingly, that is the case for some societies in one of my stories as well, although it would be significantly less severe than what Mazon would dish out.
Jan 04 22:46:50 <Derek> Being a guard or a cook was considered a very good job because of how many people it effects.
Jan 04 22:47:57 <imamelia> Interesting.
Jan 04 22:48:26 <Derek> A cook's job was to serve meals that feed whole towns and everything. One weird thing you may notice is that families don't cook for themselves. They relied on the town's cook.
Jan 04 22:49:08 <Derek> Only a cook was allowed to cook food.
Jan 04 22:49:25 <Derek> You could re-warm meals but never cook.
Jan 04 22:49:45 <Derek> Meals had plenty to choose from.
Jan 04 22:49:59 <Derek> So there was never really a disappointed person.
Jan 04 22:50:16 <Derek> They came to enjoy not worrying about meals.
Jan 04 22:51:22 <Derek> Could you imagine living like that?
Jan 04 22:52:15 <imamelia> That would certainly be interesting.
Jan 04 22:52:51 <imamelia> (Especially since I have trouble finding something to eat almost every day, ha.)
Jan 04 22:53:34 <Derek> Heh
Jan 04 22:53:40 <Derek> Yeah, same here.
Jan 04 22:54:22 <Derek> So, before I continue, is there a specific profession you want to ask about?
Jan 04 22:56:53 <imamelia> Hmm..
Jan 04 22:57:15 <imamelia> How about the knowledge-mongering types, like scientists and writers?
Jan 04 22:57:19 <imamelia> Anthropologists?
Jan 04 22:57:27 <Derek> I see.
Jan 04 22:58:18 <Derek> Well, Scientists and Teachers have a very important role as well since they also effect many people.
Jan 04 23:00:13 <Derek> First of all, if someone had a deep understanding for science and love of it, scientists would work directly for the Glynn Empire. They would study the uses Powernite could have for humans.
Jan 04 23:02:00 <Derek> Once one found something new, he was sent to Lord Mazon for investigation. They would then work directly for ROD at that point.
Jan 04 23:02:22 <imamelia> Even if they didn't want to...
Jan 04 23:03:05 <Derek> There was no choice. If you were wanted, you came or you would be held for being a 'rebel'.
Jan 04 23:03:28 <imamelia> I figured.
Jan 04 23:03:52 <imamelia> What's Valen's role in this whole thing?
Jan 04 23:04:00 <imamelia> (Especially with a name like "Stranglehold"...)
Jan 04 23:04:14 <Derek> Teachers also have important roles.
Jan 04 23:04:26 <Derek> I'll get to that in a bit. Good question.
Jan 04 23:05:29 <Derek> They taught everyone in the Glynn Empire the glorious kindness of Lord Mazon and everything they need to know in order to survive.
Jan 04 23:06:26 <Derek> A good portion of those teachers were 'taught' by ROD mercenaries.
Jan 04 23:07:12 <Derek> So, I'll now get to your question.
Jan 04 23:07:38 <imamelia> So, they were brainwashed and now must brainwash others or face prosecution as a rebel.
Jan 04 23:08:22 <Derek> Valen Stranglehold's role boils down to having a portion of the MCOD's knowledge and how to access certain things.
Jan 04 23:08:52 <Derek> Without him, Mazon will never have full control over the Master Computer of Destiny nor the Albu de Folraise.
Jan 04 23:09:38 <Derek> Mazon may have power but there's still certain things he can't control nor has access to.
Jan 04 23:10:16 <Derek> And yes to your other statement.
Jan 04 23:12:02 <Derek> So, let's once again go over the Albu de Folraise. A bit of review.
Jan 04 23:13:18 <Derek> A Kingrayon has a link to the Albu de Folraise.
Jan 04 23:13:31 <Derek> Quite a few other experiments including dragons do.
Jan 04 23:14:48 <Derek> Now, depending on how much energy, depending on the experiment, and depending on the actual target, they could have more access and could do a bigger range of things.
Jan 04 23:15:18 <Derek> The Albu de Folraise has the power to modify matter, to add or absorb something.
Jan 04 23:16:18 <Derek> In a sense, the Ablu de Folraise is energy that can be converted into enough matter to make millions of Universes. (Something Chester used to describe it.)
Jan 04 23:17:29 <Derek> Perhaps not that extreme but it is far too infite to actually be compared to anything of their comprehension.
Jan 04 23:18:25 <Derek> However, it seemed to need a balance.
Jan 04 23:18:58 <Derek> Regardless of how infinite it was, it needed something in return.
Jan 04 23:19:54 <Derek> Maybe not now or even years into the future but it needed something to fill the void where its energy used to be. This is, of course, a very confusing matter.
Jan 04 23:20:24 <Derek> Many argue that it doesn't need no balance and that is just made up to confuse people.
Jan 04 23:26:51 <Derek> The Albu de Folraise gave many strange abilities to those linked with it.
Jan 04 23:27:10 <Derek> For instance, it gives dragons the ability to breath fire.
Jan 04 23:28:18 <Derek> For some Kingrayons, they could change the very land around them by adding dirt, rock, even metal and as well as removing it. As well as giving themselves the ability to manipulate their DNA to turn into any creature they wanted (or know how to, anyways.).
Jan 04 23:29:38 <Derek> But depending on how much knowledge they have, the range and how big the effect like how much area it'd effect, it could be very limited to somewhat unlimited.
Jan 04 23:30:00 <Derek> Mazon's access is unrivaled.
Jan 04 23:30:12 <Derek> However, even his is limited.
Jan 04 23:33:00 <Derek> Perhaps not as much but he couldn't just simply make Planet Destiny disappear or create one.
Jan 04 23:36:01 <Derek> However, it is estimated that his range of effects can be around one continent. He can't change something on the other side of the world while he is too far away.
Jan 04 23:36:47 <Derek> That is why he often has other 'special' Kingrayons with somewhat close power to do some of the work he can't because of his location.
Jan 04 23:37:36 <Derek> The effects of his power is evident when you see the now Shattered Isles of the Void.
Jan 04 23:39:00 <Derek> And some of that power ripped through and tore Donatella into almost two continents.
Jan 04 23:39:35 <Derek> It was an experiment that went wrong but it proved how strong he currently is.
Jan 04 23:40:39 <Derek> However, his main problem is that the links are currently strongest only in Planet Destiny. Earth has a fairly weaker link. But it is still enough to grant amazing power.
Jan 04 23:41:47 <Derek> His hopes is to learn more to make his link unlimited regardless of where he is and to reach anything he can set his mind to.
Jan 04 23:45:38 <Derek> So hopefully that gave a good idea of his current power limitation and why he needs Valen.
Jan 04 23:46:15 <Derek> There's still much to talk of the Albu de Folraise but if you have any questions then feel free to say so.
Jan 04 23:55:02 <imamelia> I can't think of anything.
Jan 04 23:55:49 <Derek> Anyways, I can talk more about Glynn. Any other profession you wish to talk of?
Jan 04 23:56:38 <Derek> Or something else related to the Empire you wish to know? I may not think of talking about certain things unless asked. :) That's why I love questions.
Jan 04 23:56:43 <imamelia> I'd be interested in hearing more about the rebels and their powers, I think. And are there very many experiments that turn against Mazon?
Jan 04 23:58:47 <Derek> Well, there's not much that really 'turns' against Mazon other than dragons. But it really isn't turning as far as what they do but that they are 100% free to do whatever they want.
Jan 04 23:59:46 <Derek> In some shape or form, most of everything is what Mazon wanted it to be although a few things didn't turn out the way Mazon planned originally for Kingrayons.
Jan 05 00:11:49 <Derek> Sorry, just getting tied up in something else.
Jan 05 00:13:08 <imamelia> That's okay. I'll be going to bed shortly anyway.
Jan 05 00:13:26 <Derek> Alright. I guess I'll do the same since I am getting tired.
Jan 05 00:16:17 <Derek> Well, good night and make a list of questions too. ;)
Jan 05 00:16:25 <imamelia> Good night.
Jan 05 00:16:31 <Derek> It is always nice to answer questions.

Well, I'll say what I was going to say to imamelia last night.
As for the rebels, most of them are not (as of yet) out in the open for fear of Mazon's power. For the moment most of them fear it is infinite and that he can destroy them wherever they are. However, Valen knows otherwise and will be a key aspect in gaining some of the members of the rebel group against Mazon. Even with that said, Mazon is still not to be underestimated because of his many tricks and those who work for him. The problem is that he has a firm grip on almost everyone that is attached to something. Whether that be family, money, or otherwise. More on the topic later.

More updates as I get to them. And please, ask any questions. There are only few questions I won't answer that may spoil something important but they are few.

There’s one job that I’m interested in. what dose Mazon do with Archeologists or people who roam around looking for something interesting? And what if they find something that Mazon doesn’t want anyone to know about?
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