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What was the greatest thing you got for Christmas?

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What was the greatest thing you got for Christmas? Mine was the videogame World of Zoo for Wii. I got attacked by tigers. XD
Bowser is furious with me :3
The best thing i ever got was 2 years ago, It was a giant flatscreen TV.
My new computer, Its cool.
Also my flying screamin monkey what I have being throwning at peopel all day :D
Last year I got my laptop - Probably my favorite Christmas Present.

Either that, or two years ago, when I got my Wii.
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Originally posted by Kristmas
Last year I got my laptop - Probably my favorite Christmas Present.

Either that, or two years ago, when I got my Wii.

This, and this year when I got a PSP go, a camera, an MP3 player, and an XBOX 360.

I can't decide, but I'd probably go with last year's laptop.
Black Wii.
It's a hard pick between the dsi and pokemon heart gold. I'd say the DSi
My DS, I was 11, I wanted it becase of Pokemon Diamond.
This year, the ONLY thing I got was the greatest. It was some speakers that will fit my amp better because of the higher wattage. I sure can shake the ground now!

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The greatest thing i got was:
i just lurk sometimes
I got a cactus!!
You wouldn't believe how painful it is to remove needles from bare flesh.
This year? A coat.
Previously? A Wii.

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Going to go with a laptop as my favorite gift as well. It's pretty much the only gift I've ever used for more than a week after Christmas (not counting gift cards).
This year, the best thing I got was probably Starfox Assault. It's super fun.

I also got The Orange Box for Xbox 360. I'll probably learn to love that more once I can actually play Team Fortress 2. I've already beaten Portal, which is amazing, though. 8> Except for that I still have to beat 3 of the advanced levels. Eh.

The worst thing I got for Christmas, no doubt, is this raging cold that's killing me right now. |-O
fuck yeah meowingtons
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My Wii was the best thing I ever got for X-mas.
I remember the day when I got my N64.

Ah, that was quite the year.

EDIT: Atomik Bo0 stole my username idea!
My trampoline was definitely the best present I've ever gotten.
The greatest gift is my Nintendo Wii I got a few years ago.
I'm tired.

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I'd have to say the Wii, but I have no games (of my own) >:C And this makes Jeuda very very angry! but I still love the Wii ... not as much as the 360, but it's still pretty freaking sweet, especially since there's new games for it coming out that actually look promising for once.
Mine was Super Mario Galaxy. I didn't even have a Wii at the time, but what this gave me.. was... Assurance that one day I WOULD have a Wii!
(which I ended up getting in April or something shortly after Brawl came out.)
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