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The Baddest Thing You Did When You Were Young
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So, what was the baddest thing you did as a young child.

For me, I wanted cereal in the middle of the day for no reason, so I climbed up onto the counter and knocked over my mother's exquisite glass, which really infuriated her.

EDIT: When I was in third grade this other boy stuck his "finger" at me and the teacher caught him doing it to me. The class tattletale was the boy's best friend, so he defended him by saying that I formed his fingers into that formation. After that I lost my GameCube, PS2 and Nintendo 64 for a week.:(

I smashed a few windows with a shovel and got arrested.


I kicked my grandpa in the balls when I was 4 because he wouldn't buy me a toy.
I stole $20. Of course, i gave them back to my sister.

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When I was 3 and my family went to the Middle East to see family in Syria, I got angry at my uncle so I climbed up to their only water supply and screwed the tap off so they wouldn't be able to turn it and get fresh running water. By now he saw me and started chasing me, so I ran into the bathroom and threw it into the toilet (if you call a hole in the ground a toilet) and flushed it down.

They got it back, though. Unfortunetly what I didn't think about was that the tap would block the toilet's plumbing, so we couldn't use the toilet for a few days. It was kind of awkward taking a crap at 3 years old in a completely different place you're used to.
I filed a police report on a kid I absolutely hated once. I purposefully tripped down a flight of stairs at school, and placed the blame on the kid. I filed a police report soon after.

They never found out.



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I broke some glasses with a plastic gold club, I think that's the worst of it? I feel I'm missing something, I'll edit it in if I remember.

EDIT: Stole lots of money from people and such.


In third grade I punched a guy a year older than me in the face so hard he got a bloody nose.

Or maybe it was when I threw a pillow and accidentally broke a glass ceiling light...

I can't decide. :D
I lost in a game of chess and lost my temper, sending the pieces flying everywhere.

Edit: Or was it the time I snapped on my sister for not letting me play Super Mario Sunshine...

Good fucking bye.
I destroyed my mom's kitchen, COMPLETLY! I...was very bad back then. Thank god I am not like that today. :o
Hmm...probably stealing that small red building toy from some place when I was 5. It was little and red, two things that I liked, so...I just took it. :P
On MSN, I was swearing at some random girl on my cousins MSN when he was AFK. Turns out, she was related to us in someway from Syria, and she rang up from Syria to my cousins house (where I was) and started yelling at my mother. After that, everything was confiscated from me. :<
I used to be filled with total anger until I was about 8 when I started to calm down. I used to attack my brothers for losing on games and the likes.

There was an incident that was much worse than when that happened, but I'd rather not elaborate on it since it was a... terrible situation and I try to avoid thinking about it at all times.
I was always raised by women who never had much exposure to men.
As a result, I was never taught anything and I ended up "touching" myself during kindergarten class in school.

I laugh at myself to this day. God, I wish I knew better. It took a long time for my teacher to "explain" things when I asked why not.
However, on the bright side, at least I never took off any clothes.

Oh, and for the most part, I'm not bullshitting. That actually did happen to me.

Funny story, eh?

Your layout has been removed.
I used to mess about with the school's power. I found the power box, and started flicking the switches on and off. I can't remember anything else that happened that day, but it was funny as fuck :P
I pushed a kid at my school down some stairs on a field trip, breaking his leg, I forget why I did it.

Nobody found out who it was who pushed him, he didn't even see me.

I feel guilty about it to this day...
When I was 7, I opened one of my xmas presents 2 days early. my mom got scared, She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'. Needless to say, my christmas wasn't very merry that year

Also, here's a story I heard from a thread exactly like this on 4chan (though it could just be BS): When he was about 12 years old, he was out at night with some of his friends, and they found a broken bike on the sidewalk (keep in mind it's dark out). one friend dared him to put it in the road, so he did, and a car was driving and didn't see the bike and hit it and skid into a ditch and flipped. The kids ran away but saw on the news the next day that the driver died :<>:

<-- this is the dope on dope
Once, I threw a lock at a teacher after she (accidentally, I'm sure) pinched my fingers in my locker. Admittedly, I actually intended to throw it at the wall behind her out of anger\frustration, but I misfired.
Me and a couple friends got together and kidnapped the president.

fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by The Hidden Missingno
So, what was the baddest thing you did as a young child.

And... What was the baddest thing one did on SMWC's forum ?
... That awful mistake !! It's "The worst", not "The baddest" ! ...
I'm joking, of course. :P

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I don't exactly remember, my teacher had punished me because I didn't stop speaking during the lessons.
So, I had to go out.
But, when she came outside to tell me I could go back to the class...
I WAS NAKED !!! I had naked myself in the corridor ! :O

Everyone made fun of me and I was very embarrassed.

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