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Luigi's Awesome Adventure [Super Crazy Update That No One's Gonna Look At!]


Well, I think I've put off the details of this hack long enough. Time to showcase some screenshots. Fifty-seven, to be precise.

Level 1

Level 2

Levels Made Earlier In Production

And by the way, this is my 1000th post!
(cue confetti rain)

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I'm a little concerned about the use of wooden blocks, but the palettes and hdma look amazing!

Looks nice but I don't tend to like YI GFX with SMAS GFX all that much.
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Based on what I'm seeing.. awesome! I love YI and SMB3 GFX!
I think the palletes blend the two BG and FG styles quite nicely.
also that cave HDMA is looking good!
The first level looks like a generic World 1-Level 1 type of level. A small palette change can go a long way.

^^^ I like this level's mood, but do something about the slabs of wood blocks..
I actully like the use of wooden blocks.
And overall this hack looks VERY nice.
Originally posted by ChaoticFox

This. I really like the use of HDMA, and the style mixtures, while keeping it standing out. Im'a gonna update my hacks to play list.
That is brilliant!!
The hack looks really good! The level design looks great and the graphic mixes definitely match the SMB3 feel. Keep up the good work!
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Showed this level off in the Screenshot + Video Thread. At least I think I did. Not too sure to be honest...
I haven't seen Super Mario bros 3 gfx in a while. Well, there was smb3 dx.
Anyway; nice
This looks pretty good so far. Looking forward to seeing more.
Well, I was just gonna' pass on by, but I tend to favor hacks in which Luigi gets a chance to play the leading role and I also noticed that there's no extensive critique in this thread yet, so here we go:

Level 1 looks pretty flat, honestly. As a SMB3 hacker, I understand it is the nature of that game's plains graphics to be level and flat, but that's all the more reason to try to find ways to go wild with them. Screen #8 in particular jumps out at me the most in regards to this observation: that one screw block just seems way too large to the point of being uninteresting and possibly even coming off as a cheap filler. There are also several places where the ground tiles seem too high; I know that telling you differently is contradictory to my initial point, but those particular blocks look extremely odd when they take up more than two tiles vertically.

Level 2 is great. The passageways are very busy in each screen, and the difficulty seems to be a noticeable bump up from the first level along with a dash of exploration. The Yoshi's Island cave background meshes very well with those SMB3 cave foreground graphics, as well, and I'm happy to see two very different graphical styles working great with each other. My only complaint is the HDMA gradient: while it does look neat and it does add to the feel of the level, it seems kinda' shabby to let it cover the status bar. If this can be addressed, I believe it would be for the best if it went under instead.

I don't really have much else to say about the other screenshots, since you've admitted that they were made earlier in production (which is usually indicative that they'll be tweaked or scrapped), but do try to keep the graphical style consistent in your hack. The impression established from the first two levels' screens is quickly shattered when seeing the lighter, washed-looking graphics and palettes of the grassy stage with a mountainous background. If you keep those graphic sets, might I suggest adding a black outline to increase stylistic consistency?
This shows some real promise! I do however agree with what Mineyl says

Looking through the video;

0:09 - I assume those are munchers? Is there any reason we have gold and green ones? And aren't they a bit much for a World 1-5? Or is your hack supposed to be on the difficult side?

1:06 - What is the point of the star? The next area doesn't have enough enemies for 1ups... it seems a bit pointless really. Ironically, I think its one of the best parts of the level (without a a star of course)

1:33 onwards - The blue breakable blocks seem like they have nothing to do with the level. Putting them there just slows you down, they don't go with the rest of level (unless they can be used elsewhere that the video doesn't show) and clash with the rest of the (frankly brilliant) pallette

I really really like the level design though. I like how the first half was relatively flat and the second half mixed things up, and OK I moaned about the munchers, but they're not what this level is about.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Obviously, you can't comment on the level design, but comment on whatever else you see.

The clouds are on Layer 3.
Nice level design.
Looks alot like SMB3.
I don't know what I like more between the layer 3 clouds and the gold-plated pipes. They are both awesome in their own way. I'll probably pick the gold-plated pipes because I am a sucker for those. :P
Wow, I really like how this hack is coming along! The YI+SMAS+SMW Graphics style is one of my favorites, especially in a SMAS-based hack. The layer 3 is pretty sweet (but the clouds look weird without animations, I know layer 3 is ass to animate) but they're still pretty good. The palettes look awesome, even though they are slight golden ones of originals, but they are still <3. The whole thing is totally awesome, keep it up!
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Sorry, but the scores of wooden blocks (not to mention the cutoff they cause on the pipes) and the throw block walls (lazy level design IMO) spoil it for me. Your level design and stuff is good, but it feels betrayed by (mainly) the wooden block legion.
SMAS SMB3 had the same cutoff that you're mentioning. I could easily fix it, but I left it in for that feel. And yeah, I'll get rid of the throw blocks.