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Luigi's Awesome Adventure [Super Crazy Update That No One's Gonna Look At!]


Liking the new palette in the screenies.
Also, what are the samples from? I mean, they sound like YI, but Jimmy made those, not Neosz.
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Neosz did use Jimmy's slap bass, but he also used some samples that he made.
I like the level, but the best parts were actually the BG and SFX.

You win for using ExAnimated BG
Neosz wins for making the SFX.

Also thumbs up for the water-effect. This will be great to play!

You hear dice being thrown...
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Haha awesome job Chaotic, I love the way everything looks and feels here, perfect for the beginning of the game :D.


Spud, Jimmy didnt MAKE them, he ripped them from YI's SPC's, which is what I did, I'm not using anything of Jimmy's here, EXCEPT his tuned marimba ;D.

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bumping this awesome thread.

Really neat level, albiet a bit short. There also seemed to be big spurts of enemies where I suggest just removing one or two.

I like where this hack is going. It gives me a "Luigi" feel.

If you don't mind asking, did you make the music in your last video, but if it is on the site, what is the name? Will be grateful.

EDIT: Level up!
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