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Winter 2009 - Mosts Results!
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - Winter 2009 - Mosts Results!
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That dastardly Absent Ministrator. I tried to get ahold of him so he could send me the votes, but he never replied! I don't know what's up with him... he must've been gone all the time. I ended up having to root through his PM inbox for them.

Anyhow, here are all the results. Because the votes were sent in private beforehand, there'll be two TXT's to look through. The votes TXT has a rundown of all 54 users who submitted their votes, showing who each one voted for. The tallies TXT displays the number of votes each user got in each category.


There were a few ties between several people. Trophies are NOT awarded for any ties that contain more than 5 users.

Switching to the private voting system had its upsides and downsides. While it did make each vote more genuine and less of a ripoff of earlier votes, there was a smaller turnout and the fun of viewing the Mosts thread was missing. What's more, users weren't able to simply edit their posts like they could in the public ones. It was an interesting experiment, but SNN and I have agreed to go back to the old system next time.

Lastly, trophies will be sent out fairly soon, but there's no guarantee on when they'll show up in your profile. Considering there are over 120 trophies to distribute this time, it'll take a while.

And with that... here are each of the winners for each of the categories, along with my personal comments.

1. Best regular member
Ultimaximus - 16
Kristian - 10
Azure - 5
Superderek - 5
Iceguy - 5

ST's comments: Kind of expected, but we've got a lot of decent users here which is nice to see. If you won here, be proud.

2. Best staff member
Supertails - 16
SNN - 13
Blumiere - 12
Ersanio - 12

ST's comments: Well... this was a surprise. Thanks, though SNN and I have decided to not include admins in "best staff member" next time. After all, it's like giving out Worker of the Month to a store manager.

3. Best SMW hacker
SNN - 16
FPI - 15
Supertails - 12
ST's comments: Considering how many great quality hacks are on the site, it was interesting to see the results. Things ended up getting especially close between FPI and SNN.

4. Best ROM hacker
spel werdz rite - 14
Ersanio - 11
Roy - 10
ST's comments: I concur. MushROMs is shaping up to be quite awesome, and our other two winners have proven themselves to be very competent with hacking ROM's outside SMW.

5. Best pixel artist
Broozer - 27
PercentN - 11
LunarDrake - 10
Hach - 10

ST's comments: One of the things I like the most about pixel artists is that each has a very unique style. Each winner here has very unique tilesets and styles, and they're overall great to see.

6. Best graphics artist
Raibys - 22
Broozer- 19
Yoshi Master - 7
ST's comments: Some voters had a tendency to mix this up with best pixel artist, so we'll likely be merging the two again. Still, these three have shown off some real artistic talent that goes beyond SMW.

7. Best musician
SNN - 36
Jimmy52905 - 17
MidiGuy - 12
ST's comments: The issue with this category has been the difference between porting and composing. We've been considering changing this category to "best porter" but some of the winners here have displayed excellence in not only recreating tracks, but making some of their own. Kudos.

8. Most likely to ROR at TAY Zonday with their ASM skills
Ersanio - 25
Roy - 15
smkdan - 12
ST's comments: Looks like Ersanio's keeping his chocolate reign in this category!

9. Smartest
Smallhacker - 32
smkdan - 11
Roy - 7
ST's comments: Smallhacker's abnormally large nose must be a part of his brain or something. That's the only explanation.

10. Funniest
SNN - 22
Spade - 15
Ersanio - 8
Oh yes. All three of them offer a unique sense of humor that brings a lot of fun to SMWC. You guys rock.

11. Most serious
imamelia - 10
Smallhacker - 7
Red Chameleon - 6
ST's comments: Not that there's anything wrong with being serious, but in a place where munchers and reggieshrugs run rampant, it helps to lighten up a bit.

12. Most optimistic
Azure - 9
Raibys - 5
Superderek - 3
PercentN - 3
pikaguy900 - 3

ST's comments: Having a positive attitude is always a good thing. Keep doing what you're doing, guys.

13. Most pessimistic
Red Chameleon - 10
imamelia - 8
Smallhacker - 4
ST's comments: Oh come on guys, it's not that bad! You could be on a website dedicated to SMW ha-oh wait.

14. Most likely couple
Raibys and Azure - 24
Amos and Mue - 3
Blumiere and Megafonzie - 3
Chikane and Dadiro - 3
Roy and Ersanio - 3
Hach and smkdan - 3

ST's comments: This has always been a fun one, so I'm glad it returned. We got some humorous combos this time, but the furry/scaly duo pulled ahead by a landslide.

15. Most unlikely couple
Blumiere and Captain Pissweak - 9
Red Chameleon and Jumpluff_999 - 3
ST's comments: Yeah... all the other ones ended up being tied for a small amount of votes. Guess you two are stuck with each other then. D:
edit: Not anymore! Made a small error in counting, and it looks like those two get second.

16. Most likely to drive the Desert Bus
smkdan - 27
SNN - 5
Roy - 4
ST's comments: I could just picture the crash. smkdan falls asleep at the wheel after driving the bus for so long, SNN would be too busy composing to pay attention, and Roy wouldn't be able to grab the wheel since fuzzies don't have hands.

17. Most likely to get a lump of coal for Christmas
Smallhacker - 27
SNN - 6
Captain Pissweak - 4
Kieran - 4

ST's comments: Don't worry. Since Smallhacker won Smartest, he could come up with a clever use for the coal, like power some train he created with it.

18. Most likely to become staff
Ultimaximus - 18
yoshicookiezeus - 13
Iceguy - 11
Ladida - 11

ST's comments: Considering 3/4 of the people who won here are already hack moderators, I'd say this was a pretty good prediction.

19. Most unnoticed member with hidden talents
Atma - 6
Ixtab - 4
soldier - 4
Sonikku - 4

PercentN - 3
ST's comments: There were a lot of different people voted for in this category. If you didn't win, don't feel bad: you were likely noticed by a few people.

20. Most modest
Broozer - 7
Maxx - 7

Raibys - 5
andy_k_250 - 4
ST's comments: I know you guys are modest, but please, just accept these trophies!

21. Most addicted to SMWC
Ultimaximus - 16
SNN - 14
Spade - 5
ST's comments: Oh yes, these three love their SMWCrack. (or for the younger users out here, SMWCappuccino)

22. Most reclusive
Absent Ministrator - 8
Techokami - 7
Pac - 6
ST's comments: You bet Absent is. He never returned my PM's! It's interesting though that all three winners are either former or current admins.

23. Most changed for the best
GoldenSonic15 - 10
Kyoseron - 9
Yoshiro - 5
ST's comments: These days, seeing users make a serious improvement is becoming rarer and rarer. Still, these are some shining examples of some solid improvement as users.

24. Most changed for the worst
Internoob - 6
SNN - 4
imamelia - 3
ST's comments: How did SNN place here? I mean, how can he get any worse?

25. Most informative posts
Ultimaximus - 18
Reading - 7
smkdan - 6
ST's comments: A few of the votes here seemed to be based on post amount rather than content, but still, even those with quite a few votes have had several shining ones that offer quite a bit of insight.

26. Best newcomer
K3fka - 8
Adam - 3
ST's comments: It would've rocked if That of Tophats and Muskets won here. Ah well, these two have proven themselves to be quick studies in the world of SMW hacking.

27. Most secretive
1024 - 6
Absent Ministrator - 4
Azure - 4

SNN - 3
Romi - 3
Techokami - 3

ST's comments: At first, I wasn't sure how SNN got on here, but then I remembered he keeps his secret fe-*shot*

28. Most fun to talk to
Ersanio - 8
ST's comments: Another category with a ton of ties. It must be interesting talking to munchers though, since they tend to OM NOM NOM back.

29. Best reviewer
Supertails - 12
Foursword4 - 8
Kernigh - 6
ST's comments: Did these three really win? I'll have to REVIEW the tallies.

30. Best post layout
Supertails - 7
Kieran - 6
Megafonzie - 6
Orbis - 6

Azure - 5
SNN - 5

ST's comments: Considering Pester designed my layout, he deserves this award instead. Gotta love the La-Mulana and Cleru layouts especially though.

31. Most creative
Ladida - 11
Raibys - 8
WhiteYoshiEgg - 5
ST's comments: Yes. All three of you have really let your creativity shine through, be it in art, hacks, or just plain ideas. Creative and unique ideas really breathe fresh air into SMW and enrich our community.

32. Most mature
Foursword4 - 8
Maxx - 7
LunarDrake - 5
Supertails - 5
Ultimaximus - 5

ST's comments: The sad part is that only one person on here actually deserves the award.

33. Most immature
Spade - 10
SNN - 3
zero - 3

ST's comments: ...must.....resist....snn.....insult...

34. Biggest pervert
KilloZapit - 19
SNN - 11
TheMonkeyBob - 5
ST's comments: If KilloZapit hasn't already solidified your vote, just check out some of his LP's.

35. Needs to get off of the IRC
Spade - 11
Amos - 6
Blumiere - 5
Megafonzie - 5

ST's comments: Spade no longer visits #smwc anyhow, and the other three are all halfops or ops there, so I sure hope they don't get off.

36. Least likely to win an award in the mosts
Absent Ministrator - 5
SNN - 5
Forty2 - 3
xman044 - 3

ST's comments: But the first and second place winners already have!

37. Most laid back
Supertails - 6
SNN - 4
Hach - 3
Mue - 3
Spade - 3

ST's comments: How can SNN be laid back when he's never getting laid?

38. Most likely to marry Kieran
Smallhacker - 12
SNN - 12

Lucas - 8
Kieran - 5
ST's comments: Epic win. Well, if you two are fighting over Kieran, the loser can still be Best Man. And Lucas can be the ringbearer. Then again, if SNN and Smallhacker end up killing each other, Kieran could just marry himself.

39. Most likely to not even know who Kieran is
Kieran - 5
mariocool1999 - 4
SNN - 3
ST's comments: The TXT for this one's pretty bizarre, mainly because some voters just took the users who just registered. Still, get to know yourself, Kieran, take yourself out on dates, maybe even marry yourself!

40. Most likely to still be here after 10 years
SNN - 26
Kieran - 14
Ultimaximus - 7
ST's comments: I sure hope they stick around, considering how much they overall contribute to the site. (especially in Kieran/SNN's case)

If you ended up winning a trophy or two, congratulations. If you didn't or got one you're not proud of, I hope you get better luck next time. Please don't respond by complaining about your lack of votes or that you received trophies you didn't want: remember that this is just a fun, silly event on an internet forum and that these trophies really mean nothing.

Yay, me and Raibys won by 21 votes! That's also my first non-silver trophy! I'm second-best in everything, except my love for you~


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
Oh darn you Ultimaximus.

Also, this was fun, and it's awesome to see how it all turned out.
Congrats everyone.
Time to read through those txts.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns

I hate the mosts even though it's my fault that I'm not active enough for people to even know who I am or what I do.


Hack Status: Cat Adventure Deluxe
-100% Undone
Since 2006

Well. Looks like I won a 2nd-place trophy. IIRC, I said on IRC when the thing started that someone would die if I won a trophy.

So who's the victim gonna be?! :D

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Originally posted by Azure
Yay, me and Raibys won by 21 votes! That's also my first non-silver trophy! I'm second-best in everything, except my love for you~

Ah yes...the one category that meant the most to me...I love you so much, Azure!

*Raibys hugs Azure
Glad to see I'm continuing my fine tradition of not winning anything.

Congrats to all you winners!
Oh awesome! I won some trophies this time.

Because Amos and I are like the most likely couple. Amirite Amos?
Originally posted by Mue
Oh awesome! I won some trophies this time.

Because Amos and I are like the most likely couple. Amirite Amos?


Holy-3 ninjas. Go away!

Anyway, I expected most of those people to win what they won even though I didn't vote for them myself.

EDIT: I got some votes. Someone voted me most likely to marry Kieran. :O Not me..... Otherwise, I'm happy with what I got. I think I got a vote for funniest and two for best post layout...

*high fives Megafonzie*
First off, thanks a ton to Supertails who was able to count these in my absence. I had every intention too, but I can't control tragedies. I wish I could, though.

Second of all, it seems quite a few people prefer the old method rather than this one. When the next Mosts roll around, they'll likely be done in the old thread format rather than the PM format. It just seems to be better like that.

Other than that, thanks. It was a fun time, as always.
Well then. 64 votes in total. That's a new record.

Hmm ... I won 4 trophies then. Excellent.

Anyway, thanks for the votes everyone. Also, thanks Troopa for the best SMW hacker vote. {B)
HOLY CRAP! I actually won second place for Best Musician! :D
I actually expected to either get third or not win a trophy at all. This has been a pleasant surprise for me. Thanks guys! ^_^

I'm still disappointed though that Atma & Kyo didn't win Most Likely Couple. D:
We need the perverted category back again so people can once again acknowledge my vast, vast knowledge of delishus hentai~

Your layout has been removed.
Oh, yeah, I forgot to say thanks a lot Supertails, for counting these all up. It was probably a really tedious job.

Also, thanks for everyone who voted for me. A lot of staff seemed to vote me on Best Regular User.
I love you guys.

IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
man, I've been waiting to see these. Anyways, congrats to those who won a trophy, and thanks for all of the people who helped me win best newcomer again, and those who had voted for me. This means I have to work even harder next time. ;)
They're finally up! Congratulations to everyone that won!
Originally posted by Troopa
We need the perverted category back again so people can once again acknowledge my vast, vast knowledge of delishus hentai~

The category "Most perverted" is still here.
Congrats to all the winners! I didn't decide to vote, simply because I felt *insert synonym for lazy that doesn't really mean lazy*

But I gots mah bronze and gold!
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Like I hoped, the votes were surprising and really interesting. I am surprised that I won a few. One was almost predictable and one was the surprise. I'll keep up the good work of having my positive attitude and my greeting job as well. Plus, I still have yet to show my...more creative side.

Congratulations to all those who won. Thanks to all those who voted. You all are what makes these interesting votes, well...interesting.

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