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sprite tweak

When yoshi eats a red koopa and spits it out it becomes fireballs how do I get it to be spit out like a green shell? this way I can use the fireball GFX.
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Use Tweaker, it can be found in the tools section.
IIRC, this can be set using Tweaker. Since this is in advanced I'll elaborate : In the ROM map I submitted $F360. Messing around with some of the ASM there can also change the outcome of what Yoshi eats.

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In the tweaker how do I change the red koopa's effect?
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I think that is hard coded in asm.
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Well, ROM address 0F470 controls which shell type gives Yoshi fire breath. You can use that to make a different shell turn into fire when spit, or, I'm guessing you might even be able to just make this byte, like, 05 or something invalid like that and none of the shell types will turn into fire.