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AddmusicM V0.92

Fakescaper: Yes. Audio Overload is good, but it can't play some SPCs. I personally like KuroNeko and spcplay2141 best out of the SPC players I've used. The former is in SMWC's tools section, and I don't know where to find the latter.

Well, I have a couple of questions about this that I just thought of:

1) I think this might have been asked already, but what are the downsides of using this program? Maxx couldn't get it to work...are there any noticeable bugs or incompatibilities we should know about?
2) Are ports that use the new N-SPC commands allowed to be submitted? (Not that I will do that, but just in case.)
3) Has anything more been discovered about the $XX for $F5 and the $XX and $YY for $F6?
4) How exactly do I get a .brr file out of a .bnk file (or SPC, or whatever)? I hope I didn't just miss something here, but...
5) Wait, hold the phone. $F3...we're talking custom samples that don't replace the old ones? Like, instruments 30+ (since the originals went up to 29)? Or did I misunderstand?

I am curious to know more about this, but I want to know more about it so that I know whether I should switch over ASAP or just stay with Romi's Addmusic.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
I fixed bugs about Noises.
AddmusicM became V0.93.

Noise command format changed, so take care if you have already used in your mml.