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Your Life Story
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Okay, basically make a day in your life into a story-like format.

1. Do not do anything short or irrelevant.
Ex: "Once upon a time, the end."
2. It should at least be a paragraph.
3. This is optional, but update your stories daily based on what happened each day, like a journal.

One day, as normal as usual, turned out for the worse. I packed my bags and headed off to school. I was very unaware that we had mid-term testing. When I sat down in class, the teacher gave us our little lecture on what to do with the exam, where to write the answers, etc. She passed out the papers at a slow and steady rate, killing lots of time that I could have had doing the exam. A paper finally reached into my grasp, and I took it. I wrote down answers as fast as a car on a highway, I really wanted to finish it. At the end, I sighed with relief, and headed home to do the cycle ll over again for the whole week, what fun.

Hi! I'm dead!
I'm getting up at 4AM, going upstairs to wake up my brother to prepare for school. My mother's suddenly whispering to me: "What the hell are you doing here at 4AM? Get back to bed!". I woke up at 4AM, two and a half hours too early. So I head back to bed, getting the rest out of my available bedtime.

I wake up again. This time looking at the clock, it is 6AM. Still not 6:30. Oh well, I'm falling asleep again, getting woken up by that annoying alarm clock, this time at the correct time. Pissed off -as usual in the morning-, I turn it off, go upstairs to wake up my brother and prepare breakfast.

I turn on the DVD player, put in some Simpsons while eating, drinking some tea, packing my school stuff, brushing my teeth, taking a piss, get dressed and tell my brother to hurry up because I don't have much time left to get to school in time.

A short stop at the bakery, buying a cheese pretzel for my brother and continuing the way to school. We arrive at my little brothers school, he's going in, I'm making my way up towards to my school. A short glimpse at my cell phones clock: 15 minutes left. Better hurry up!

I arrive just in time, actually five minutes earlier. The first two hours we've got: ethics. We are writing an exam, a very easy one to be exact so I'm sure to get a '1' on it. Spending the rest of these two hours with fumbling around with my fingernails.

Finally, ethic's over and the 15 minute break starts. I'm getting a roll with cutlet and a bit of ketchup. Eating it at my own pace, time goes by and the next two hours are introduced: English.

Expecting to write a vocabulary test, we're doing what I hate most: Preparing for the speaking test. Everyone gets assigned to a partner and prepares a speech with him/her where you have to pretend to meet him/her the first time and actually becoming friends. We are the third and last group to recite the speech in front of the whole class and eventually make it with a good appraisal. We are better than we think.

The rest of the two hours consists of doing boring exercises taken out of our english book. Correcting all exercises, having most of them right, we get to enjoy our second 15 minutes break.

This time, not eating or drinking anything, I feel the need to take a piss again. The toilets are all closed, no one near to open it. The last two hours up to 13:15 will be tough, but I have to make it. The break ends with the harrowing jingle of the school bell.

Biology, the last subject for today. Some people are getting interrogated, I'm almost wetting my pants, the teacher has no key for the toilet. Seriously, what's up with all toilets closed and no one having the key for it? Anyways, we get to watch a boring film about genetics and cloning for the rest of the day. Finally, the bell highlighting the end of the school, I'm making my way home, along the way picking up my brother from his school.

It's cold outside, so I'm putting up my beanie and my pair of gloves. My mother's calling me over my cell phone, asking if I hadn't forgotten about picking up my brother. "No mom. Yes mom. It's alright, I didn't forget. Yes. Bye". Eventually I arrive at his school, he's dressing and I'm finally getting the chance to go to the toilet. A sigh of relief.

On the way home, my brother is constantly bugging me with various things about what happened in his school today, how heavy his schoolbag is and that his feet hurt. The usual stuff. We make a short stop at a turkish shop, get a kebap, chips and a half of a chicken.

We arrive at home, I get off my clothes, now wearing the stuff I usually wear at home, get my meal along with my brother and watch our series in TV. It's 4PM, I'm cleaning out the cage of our hamster, then get down and make it comfortable in front of my laptop. And now, I'm sitting here ever since then, doing all of my daily duties. Check my mails, check a few websites on news and sign on IRC...

Get up on 7 AM(!) all wired. going downstairs half-dead. eating bread, drinking tea. Packing my bread and drink in for school, going to school, which is 8 kilometres away.

Driving through snow, which is already 4 weeks there :(

Arrive exactly on time. being cold, tired, then i have to go to the first hour. Awesome teacher :)

Second hour begins. bored as hell. Doing absolutely nothing.

Break. 20 minutes. Eating with my friend, we both being two of the few that may sit on the balcony. yay!

next hour: free hour( :D and :( ), playing mario and stepmania.
hour 4: english lessons. being the first being done with the exercises and grammar sh*t.

other break: 30 minutes. same as first break

hour 5: German lessons. Very old teacher, 64 years old.
Hour 6: Biology. Awesome teacher. Having an exam. betting to get a '7'(in german a '3', in english i think a 'C')

Next break. 15 minutes, same as b4, now without my friend. he was done at school today.

last hour(hour 7): Watching video jesus christ superstar :P sending him a mail which i had to send and you saw it on screen. everybody laughed out loud. teacher didn't notice.


Spending rest of the time hacking mario, eating and drinking(no alcohol)

Then writing the story of today.
Thats pretty much it.

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
The deadly sound of my alarm at 7:00AM, to tired to get up, and eventually fall out of bed (note that it's a bunk bed). Emerging from the floor, i get up and hed downstairs to my breakfast that awaits. Boring old Toast in the same place every moring, but with any luck, it will have butter.

With my bag packed, i set of to the bus stop, waiting in the small patches of snow (Snow in england!?!, the world has finally gone insane). bus finally turns up at 8:05AM and onto a 2 mile trip, which takes about 20 minutes.

Once again the Secondary School bell rings again at 8:30AM, normally im not very excited, but today was friday and i had double technology, which was always good.
10:30PM - Break, not much to say here...
12:30PM - Lunch, well same every day, hanging around friends, eating... well... lunch and the a good laugh. The end of lunch bell sounds again, with only 2 lessons to go, weekend should be getting closer.

FINALLY, back home were i can relax and not care what time i go to bed. Spending my spare time putting the finishing touches on my upcoming hack, Yoshi's Emergency. chating on MSN and eating, Just another normal weekend start.

Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|
6:00 AM, picked up my alarm clock & threw it.
Ate breakfast and layed down til 6:30 AM.
Got dressed and left the house at 7:06AM.
Got at school at 7:20 (as usual)
Talked with my friends and went to class.
1st period, damn poems. I got bored in 5 minutes.
2nd period, had to work on the poems
3rd period, slept through study hall
4th period, (Biology) talking about sexual reproduction. (Yay, health class all over again D: )
5th period, (American Government) did my work and almost fell asleep
6th period, LUNCH. YAY
7th period, done with gym
8th period, (Math) took a test and wanted to go home.
Got home & played mario forever.
My day sucked

Ya know, I love being a girl.

Sonic 1 Beta Remake patch coming soon™

I woke up and got out of bed. I got ready for school, nothing exciting happened. I seemed to be hungrier today than usual. I never eat breakfast, but I'm not usually as hungry as I was today. I was pretty much starving today. Anyway, my mom drove my brother and us to the school, where she teaches. I waited in my her classroom until 7:30 or so, as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, so I can't really remember specific details.

First period.

We discussed answers to the last 3 lessons we did. Thank goodness exams are over. Only the German and US history exams were ones I was really worried about, but a couple were harder than I expected. Anyway, we had no homework because our teacher is so nice that she didn't want to give us homework over our long weekend. Aww.

When the period ended, I walked to the stairs and down them. Yesterday, at a school club meeting, we got pins and cards, for no real reason but to show off, apparently. However, when my friend Haley noticed me wearing it (I wore it all day as an experiment, to see who would notice.) she said she wanted one. Luckily, my friend Justin, who is also in the club, didn't want his, so I got his pin. Nice. Anyway, I see Haley in the hall after first period, so I gave the pin to her. She was super happy. So we talked for a few minutes, then I went down to the basement for art. I was a couple seconds late for the second day in a row. Aww man.

Second period.

Today was the last day of my drawing 1 class, so we spent the whole period cleaning out our lockers and such. I had already emptied most of the supplies from my box, so it was a pretty easy period. While waiting for the teacher to call us up to turn in our boxes, I noticed how dirty my paint palette was. Yuck. I decided to try to clean it. The teacher told us how to clean the palettes, and so I tried it. I thought it wouldn't work, since it was so dirty, ever since I got it. It was AMAZING how awesome it worked. Anyway, I turned in the box later. So then I had nothing to do, because I had no homework because our math teacher, as I mentioned, was nice enough not to give us homework. The teacher asked us to clean out some lockers of absent students. I volunteered to do so, just so that I wasn't just sitting and being bored. Then later, the teacher asked us to cut up some foam board. Having nothing to do still, I did that too. We played around with the shapes of the scraps of foam board, and it was all quite silly. That lasted until the end of the period.

Third period.

We watched a movie about evolution, all period. I didn't really pay that much attention to it, because as usual, the group that sits at our table was having a conversation through writing on a piece of paper. We discussed things such as favorite video games and plant sex. (We were learning about plant sex.)

Fourth period.

I had lunch this period. I don't talk a whole lot at our table, but today I learned that a person I thought was a sophomore is actually a junior. Whoa. Also, my friend, who actually introduced me to the table, continued to try to solve his 7x7x7 Rubik's Cube. That thing is ridiculous.

Fifth and sixth period.

This was our last day of health class, which makes me sad because our teacher is amazing. We finished watching a movie we started watching on Wednesday, about a 14 year old girl who has problems with sex and STDs or something. Pretty much everyone in her grade (9th grade) is a whore, apparently. One girl said to the school nurse that she had sex with about 20 guys. Anyway, the main character apparently caught syphilis through oral sex. When she was arguing about it with her mom, she said something like "I BLEW IT MOM". I immediately thought that was hilarious, but decided not to say anything. Seconds later, the teacher commented "nice choice of words". Much laughter ensued. I was jealous because I thought of it first :(

Seventh and eighth period.

We watched a movie about travelling in Germany. I almost fell asleep. Then we read a dialogue from our book, and I was picked as one of the characters to read. I almost pronounced "schieße" (shoot) as "scheiße" (shit). Man, that would have been awkward. But still, I made it to the part of the word where it would have been wrong. The class laughed a little, and I laughed a bit too. Then after that was done, we had about 15 minutes of free time. This was where I started to sort of wish I actually had some homework.

Ninth period.

We finished a group assignment about New Deal programs. I did pretty much all of the work, while my partner gazed out the window. This annoyed me slightly.

Oh, and have a story that doesn't involve me. One of the girls in our class was apparently doing something with her phone. She said she was checking the time. Our teacher proceeded to point to the clock that was on the wall right in front of her. This was hilarious.

Tenth period.

We had a reading check quiz over the first chapter of a book. It was harder than most reading check quizzes. Then some announcements came on over the PA system, and one kid was talking during them. Our teacher is a nice guy, and he's a fun teacher. But this guy really pisses him off, so they had a bit of a dramafest. Also, he bitches back when he gets yelled at, which makes the whole thing a lot worse. Then we watched a video about careers, since career day is coming up. The period ended before the video was finished.

Then I went to the dentist and learned that I have two cavities, which are there because my wisdom teeth are in the way so I can't brush them well enough. So I need to get them out, which we'll probably do sometime during spring break.

I'm too lazy to describe the rest of my day.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
Nice day story, Spade. :P
This was yesterday,

7:20 Alarm goes off, I go back to sleep
8:00 Dad shouts its 8:00
8:05 It was actully 8:05 when he told me it was 8:00
8:25 Walk to school and go to the shop to get some change
8:30 Go get friend an walk to school,but agian I have to tell him why I was a tiny bit late
9:00 Get into registration
9:05-3:20 School, Found out I have to do extra maths after school cause I got a E... ¬¬
Walked home and had an interesting discuusing about Milf's...yeah...
4:00 Got in hosue and took the dog out
4:15 Back in the house, on the computer
5:00 Eat some pizza :p
6:00-9:00 Computer
9:00 go downstairs for abit
10:00 go upsatirs and play SMG.
2:15, Stop playing SMG and I go to bed.

9AM. My phone starts vibrating and plays my alarm tone, bringing me out of my slumber. I can't find the button that shuts it off so I take out the battery and throw it on the floor. Usually when my alarm sounds, I'd somehow manage to shut it up and go back to sleep until 11AM, but today was different. I felt like getting up, so I did. The second I did, I crept down the corridor and entered my parent's bedroom. They're both fast asleep, but they're light sleepers. I reach in and press the button on my modem that turns on the wireless signal so I can access the internet on my laptop. Success.

I go back to my room and clamber back into my bed with my laptop as I bring it out of sleep mode. I really dislike shutting it down or putting it on hibernate. I'm an impatient man and if I like taking the quickest routes to my goals. I open XChat, start talking to friends on the IRC and I check over my forums. Not much today. Just some spam thread in Announcements and a giant quote pyramid. I move onto my other forums. Once again, nothing major. I sigh with relief and open Internet Explorer to watch Gurren Lagann, the anime I'm currently watching. I'd watch it in Firefox, but opening too many tabs hogs my RAM and slows my computer down. I load Blazinanime, and start watching Gurren Lagann. I get through to episode 24, and load the last 3 episodes before noon. My internet is faster at night and early in the morning. I decide to take this time to get out of bed and eat breafast. I have cocopops. I wear my clothes, and continue watching Gurren Lagann. I finish the last episode and sigh with relief. Another anime down.

Shortly after finishing, I report to Amos about how I liked the ending. We converse, and decide to watch Clannad together. I open up Higurashi, and read some lines of the visual novel, until I hear that SMWC Radio is back up. With antisipation, I join the channel #radio and connect to it straight away, greeted by joyous music from games such as La Mulana, RPG3 and Touhou. I listen to these while conversing with the users in #radio, completely forgetting about Higurashi.

Taking a quick look at SMWCentral, I notice two users posting with low content and decide to do an IP check on them. They match. I bring it up and inform other staff members, and PM the active user. He doesn't PM back, but instead continues posting. I notice that him and the other account are logged in at the same time. I establish they're related. I tell SNN, directing him to a thread they made, and he hijacks it to ask why they share the same IP. After a quick explanation about them being in the same room, we go about our normal routine.

Later in the night, something strange happens on SMWC Radio. One of the songs are on an infinite loop. 30 minutes later, I give up and go get some chips. My mum complains about me not showering yet. I tell her I'll shower later at night. I come back and see CaptainPissweak complaining he's losing his mind. I snicker at his dispair. Bored of the IRC, I load my Facebook and check out my friend's activities, only to quickly grow tiresome of the task itself. I logout and check over my forums again, and spot a thread in World of Insanity ...
I wake up at 11AM. I immediately head straight for the computer. I sit there for at least two hours, talking on the IRC. I then get the radio going. I enjoy it. I spend the next eight and a half hours listening to the radio and insulting Blumiere when given the chance. I am informed that another channel on another IRC network calls Mue by 'muemuemue'. I immediately go to it and tell them how little I think of them. I am later banned, with Mue warned by owner. I then turn the radio back on to hear a song called 'Taste of Fairydew'. I lose my sanity. I spend the next two hours moaning to it. Then I come across this thread and see how Blumiere did not mention all of the soul-crushing insults I threw at him. I mutter to myself about how petty he is to not mention me more than once and proceed to reply...
woke up day at whatever time (could'nt really care, it was a weekend) and strangley found my Wii was gone. Before i headed downstairs, i leap over to the other room to boot up the computer.
Scanning over the fourms, i start to get hungry. heading downstairs, i find my wii and my Bro playing Fire Emblem. Anyway, i head over to the kitchen, and cook a nice pot noodle (since it was already lunch).

I head back to the computer with the pot noodle in my hand, almost droped it because it was bloody hot.
getting back to the fourms, i tune into the SMWC radio with windows media player.
next, i get a message from my friend on MSN, chat for a bit.
but then, my friend invited his neighboor into the convosation, after 10 minutes, we both find out the we actully know eachother as old firiends.
we start chating and find out we both edit SMW, what a coincidence.
4:00PM still on MSN talking about SMW, but then he had to go :(
scanning over the fourms once again, i find this fourm and post this message...

Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|
Today, i woked up like every normal day. I played with my little sister, talked with my family and such. At 6:00, i logged in the PC and started my virtual life on SMWC. After some posting, I decided to go on youtube when, accidentally i clicked on a link and without noticing, it was Kikia. I did'n know it was a screamer and i watched it til the end. When the boy finished walking on the street, that horribly blue face with glowy yellow eyes and sharpe theeth aaccompanied by a ear raping woman scream appeared and ended. I was tramautized and i almost fainted. From now, i will aways pay attention on any links i click.

Super random world progress: cancelled
One time, I like went to this place at school and I saw this guy get his ass kicked by a lamp. (It was on a TV) I remeber laughing because that normally wouldn't make sense but apparently it is.
On Topic:
Go to school. Remember how much I hate school. Feel angry. Calm down. Make friends laugh until they squeal. Go home. Procrastinate procrastinating procrastinations. Go on SMWC. Check stuff. Go on YouTube. Check stuff. Shout at dog for being a dog, then get him to attack me (that's actually really fun). Watch my cat be retarded when we put socks on his feet. Go in room. (Watch movies. Not on school nights!) Pass out.

I will become alive again sometime soon.
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