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Food Fight!

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(This is only meant for fun).
We are going to have a food fight. The rules are simple. You can throw whatever kind of food you want to throw at the next poster and you can defend yourself with whatever you would find in a normal lunchroom.

Those are the rules. Let us begin with...

*Throws cream pie at next poster*
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
*Unable to find anything to defend myself with, the pie goes straight in the face. Mmmm....cream...*

*Throws a boiled crab-claw aiming at the nose on the next post*
Blocks with a razor sharp wit, throws a comeback.

This is just another variation of the same old fourm game. It wont last long. (About until a mod decides to trash it, and that has a 90% chance of happening.)
Yeah, this is exactly what Forum Games was for. We got rid of that forum for a reason so don't bring back games here in the World of Insanity.
Link Thread Closed