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Has anyone ever met a forum member?

Just out of curiousity, who has actually met with a member of this forum, specifically better known ones like FPI, Kieran, SNN, etc. Not too long ago I saw a thread that talked about if anyone ever met FuSoYa which inspired me to ask this.

Just these two: Nerdtopia Master and Unholy
Members of my school whom joined for different reasons. No one else, though I'd love to travel to meet someone...

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I see Mue every week or two on Saturdays at my cousin's house, otherwise, no. I might have seen other members that live around my state, like The Kins, but I don't know what he looks like, or anyone else at that.

It WOULD be nice to actually meet some though ... that I'm not related to.
No, i'm pretty lonely because i live in the brutal Venezuela.
i just lurk sometimes
Sadly, no, I haven't, although it would be cool to meet some people on here.
Originally posted by Neutron
No, i'm pretty lonely because i live in the brutal Venezuela.

Sorry, but your country sucks. Defect to america.

yr layooot haz bin rmovd
No, though I would like to meet a few certain people here.
No. But there are plenty of people on this site I would like to meet.
I'm sure Everyone knows that I know Tormentor and Tormentor2 in real life by now. Though inactive on the site, sae1piru is also one of my IRL friends.
Strangely though, xzanabarx's "From:" caught my eye, and I sent him a PM. He turned out to be a reeeeeaaal old childhood friend of mine.
I see Zildjian at school everyday. I think that counts.
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My sister was a member here. I forget her username. Something with the words "Neon" and something else.
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I actually know 4 different users on this site and see them every single day because... well, they're my brothers. Although all 4 of them are terribly inactive on this site (varying from 0-6 posts), and another one being one of my brother's friends who joined, sent me a few PMs and never returned.

Eh. I could've had the chance of meeting SNN when he came camping in this city like half a year ago, and it's quite possible I could actually be meeting another user on this site very soon.
Originally posted by Lunar Rico
My sister was a member here.

Yeah, my sister also registered here at some point for no reason whatsoever, but she has been inactive for a long time already.

Other than her, there's nobody here I know from real-life, really. Pretty much like plenty of people who posted here, though, I would love to meet some centralians I made friends with, like Foursword4, Superderek, Electron, Kristian, Ersanio, Neosz, Jimmy, etc, but I doubt it I will ever have a chance of crossing paths with any of them someday.
CoinBandit, KaiBlaze, and relatives count? X3

Nope, unfortunately. There are a number of people I'd love to hang out with. SNN and FirePhoenix in the same room can't help but lead to craziness.
Unfortunately no. I'm the only active Hungarian user on the site at the moment (as I know), I know two other Hungarina guys, who are registered there, but they live far from me. Though I've been in Austria, Germany and Slovakia too, but that was before I found the site. Like the others said, it'd be so good to meet with some members. The only problem, that they're far.
Sadly I haven't met anyone yet. But I'd like to meet SNN and smkdan once. They're pretty lulz.

I am sure smkdan will walk the other direction the moment he sees me
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

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No. But I have thought about it often enough. I figured I should make a thread about this on our German Board and see who is willing to meet up with me. I hope WYE does. Anyways I think I might look for an opportunity to meet others when I have finished with school that summer.
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No, although I do know Sagittaire lives relatively close to me. I know there are other members in NJ, but none I'd like to meet...except maybe Big Al. He seems pretty cool.

And to save you a post Raibys, we know who you'd like to meet.