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Sprite Tool
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I'm trying to use the sprite tool but when it says for me to insert my rom name, it gives an error... any suggestions?

put your ROM in the same folder of SpriteTool, open it and type ONLY the ROM name then the txt file.


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Oh... ok, so now it says i need a sprite.txt to insert the sprites i want but i didn't get one when i downloaded the sprite tool, do i download it elsewear?


Not made by me.
Spritetool's readme explains how to make a sprites.txt:

Originally posted by Spritetool
The sprite list is a text file. It specifies what you want to put into your ROM. Each line consists of a sprite number followed by a sprite cfg file. An example is shown below:

11 birdo.cfg
1A venus.cfg
1B boomerang_bro.cfg
1C boomerang.cfg
20 para_beetle.cfg
C4 diag_bill.cfg
D2 generic.cfg

How do you pick a sprite number for a custom sprite? Well, it depends on the kind of sprite it is:

00-BF Standard Sprites (sprites included in the 'sprites' subdirectory)
C0-CF Shooters (sprites included in the 'shooters' subdirectory)
D0-DF Generators (sprites included in the 'generators' subdirectory)
E0-FF Invalid

So, if you just want to insert a single sprite, make a new .txt file, and type "00 nameofyoursprite.cfg". Make sure the .asm and .cfg files are in the 'sprites' subdirectory, though.
All right thanks but one more thing i think i must be doing wrong, When I first insert my rom name it says it cant read it. but when i put it in side the Trasm file it reads it perfectly. The problem is then that once i put in sprite.txt, it says i need to expand my ROM. So i expanded it to 1.5 megabytes but then it wont read it again.... ITS FRUSTERATING!!!!
Did you save the ROM in Lunar Magic first? You shouldn't need to expand it manually, although if you are inserting a whole bunch of sprites and don't have much freespace left in the ROM, I'm not sure about that.
Yes! I got it! Thanks for the help!
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