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New "Super Forever World" hack!


I actually think that's pretty clever, remaking Super Mario Frustration.
Could be a bit more eye-appealing, though.
Your layout has been removed.
This hack, its barely close to SMF, in smf, you jump at the beginning of the level, you can make a custom sprite or something for that. Also, you should replace the koopa gfx with a blooper's if you are going to do that. And I doubt this will be accepted, because SMF is a "Kaizo" SMB hack. But I like this idea, if you could acctually change the GFX, disable spin jump, and add custom music, sprites, that would make it actually seem like you are playing SMB.
I know.
I see,

off-topic: glad to see that the spamming from DeviantFreak Clone #5 and #4 is over.
...I can say I was honestly expecting a youtube spammer when I saw the post count and the youtube video.

Anyway, this is interesting. (I think I saw a super mario flash remake once) There is a kaizo hack submission thread though, so I'd recommend submitting it there.

EDIT: It's a rom. Sorry, we use IPS patches.
I would get rid of the ROM link if I were you as we cant post roms here, if you make it an IPS patch then your good to go.
Also yoshi's house looked like it was made of lego, I would try to get the correct tileset for it.
Yes, this site is picky of things, like kaizo, cutoff, OW cutoff, glitched graphics, etc.
Although this looks really fun, I doubt it will get accepted. =/
I will become alive again sometime soon.
Originally posted by dingo931
ok did i post any rom links on this site? no. its a youtube link. and my rom link is on the youtube site. so you guys can't tell me i can't post rom links on here cuz i never did. and like i said before i didn't make this to be a "fancy" hack. i was shooting for just a fun and simple hack. a lot of hacks i watched have glitches and problems on them but people play them anyway.

i'm sorry but i just didn't realize this site was so "picky" about little things. i thought this would be just a simple thing to post but i guess not =(

Oh, so it's ok to link to romsites!

Thanks for letting me know!

Is it so hard to make IPS patches?
Actully you still ar elinking to a ROM links seeing how your video says click the description to get the ROM but your video is a link to youtube where people can get that link so....:/

And the site is not picky, it just wants the best of what people can do to show on the site.
If you what to submit a hack thats kaizo-y and has glitches tyr the kaizo submisiions thread but the hack itself still must be an IPS...

Hope this helps.
I suggest highly that you create an ips patch of that hack.
It takes ten seconds the most, and it's less ILLEGAL to distribute through SMWC.
And yes, there are people in the past that have been held responsible (not too sure about being banned, but I know the link to the youtube was removed) for rom links that were posted on other sites.