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How did you find the site?
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I was looking for some good hacks (shortly after I learned about Lunar Magic) and one site I went on gave me a link here. I've been using the site ever since.

I found this site when I was looking for Assembly Hack Language for SMW Hack. And there is a link to SMW Hack community that brought me to this site.

'SMW Central - Your Primary SMW Hacking Resource'

Sorry, about my bad english. Because I'm Indonesian.

Well from what I can remember, I was watching a video of Brutal Mario, and I'm like "WOAH WHAT IS THIS?!" And I start searching "Smw Hacks" Then I found a video's description linking to this site.Nothing to put here at the time being.
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How I found this site?
Well ever since I was a little kid I've been drawing Mario games (Although their really wasn't any graphics), Then one day I realized That their are a lot of SMB1 hacks online and wondered how they did it.

So I searched google for information hacking SMB1 and discovered programs were made to do this (I didn't know such programs existed till this), I was like woah it's this easy to make your own levels in SMB1.

After awhile with that program (about a week or 2) I wanted more, So I looked for any program you can used to hack with. I then found one to hack SMB3 but couldn't get the program to run.

While looking for a way to get it to work I stumbled upon LUNAR MAGIC.
This is were my memory gets a little vague, I think upon seeing how much the program could do I wanted to learn more about how to use it.
Luckily the site were I got lunar magic also had a link in the description of lunar magic to the creators website.

At Fusoya's site I found more tools to use and was amazed, But I believe soon after that His site was down (End of my hacking days?) But it wasn't all bad I believe a single link was put up while the site was down, saying to go here while his site was down to get any help I needed. That Site Was (Drum roll please)

But that is only the begining of my hacking story.
To be continued.

Sorry I couldn't enter C3 this time, I've just had some much other stuff to do, And I'm also re going over the basics of level design again.
Years ago I had been, after learning of vanilla SMW hacking from Youtube videos and downloading Lunar Magic from FuSoYa's site, Googling to find out why my submap would flash colors upon an event, to this day still a valid question considering the help file doesn't mention it.

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I was watching you tube vids when the things i learned on those failed me and i was on the brink of flipping out i said "ok instead of freaking out ill google smw hacking" and poof i find this website

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by searching to SMW tilesheets. (yea, this site has none lol)

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
The Second Reality Project 2 videos on YT + Downloading Lunar Magic + making a crappy vanilla hack + coming on here for feedback -the square root of 9 = My membership today

I forget.
I was watching some youtube videos on hacking because my friend told me about Lunar Magic back in like 2007 and I wanted a few pointers.

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
Originally posted by NextGenPie
I forget.

How wonderful!

Good fucking bye.
blame metalkirby4
I was watching a MetalKirby4 video about Brutal Mario bosses. In the comments, he said "SMWCentral", and i found it. I found it in October 2007, but i registered in July 2008.

i just lurk sometimes
I was playing the original SWM and I couldn't find the secret exit on chocolate island 2, so I searched it in youtube. While I was looking for it I found some videos about hacked levels and I thought it would be fun to try it, so I looked for some more info about it and I found the site.
Well, its about time I posted in this thread.

I got into watching Angry German Kid videos when I was in third grade, then I like messed around on the computer, then in 4th grade, I got back to watching AGK videos. I found Cumdahellon's channel on youtube, and started watching some of his funny AGK videos. Then I started going backwards on his videos, to find that he had some SMB hack speedrun videos. I got intrested, and searched up more. Soon I found out about Kaizo hacks, SMW, protonjon, azureblade49, then eventually I wanted to hack myself. So I downloaded LM from here, and I started lurking. Then, eventually I made an account. I don't think I will ever quit hacking, as I go on kuribo (Soon to take over SMWC!), mibbit (the IRC), and yeah. My school is a private school, and we have to rent a mac from them. I downloaded Zsnes for my mac recently, then I made some .smc files from my other computer and moved them over to my mac. So now, when I am bored in class, I can just play ROM hacks. :]

And that is how I found the website, and can cope with boredom in school. (Thank god for Safari's private browsing feature!)

Oh yeah! And I'm 11 :]
I was looking for cool Mario World Hacks.
60% of the time, works every time.

I was seeing videos on Youtube,
then I found Brutal Mario, whcich lead me to download LM via link on youtube,
which lead me to Several Blatant Edits,
Which lead me again to youtube to look tutorials,
and finally, I found SMWC...

The first time I see SMWC, was when the Tetrias attack Tournament was startin (I Want to participate in that torunament)

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I followed Goron50's advice and found SMW Central.

Originally posted by 2technogeeks
I followed Goron50's advice and found SMW Central.

Fuck yeah Goron50!

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
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