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What are you going to do for valentines day

i was wondering what other people are doing for valentines day but i forgot when it was
Firstly, I think it's February 14th.


The special someone I like is dating something else. I'll either A, complain about life at home, B get her a present anyway, or C, Play pokemon.
Good things for my beloved... X3 I won't spoil things, but all I can say is the sex after a wonderful Valentines Day will be worth it.

Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away, y'know.

I'll be either A: Watching raocow, B: Playing SMW hacks, C: Playing Rune Factory Frontier, D: Reading forum posts, or E: Doing homework. Basically what I do every Sunday. I'm not in love with anyone. Yeah, I'm lame.
Good fucking bye.
Probably nothing, maybe wake up and start breathing more.

On a more serious note, I might introduce her to netplay... Not too sure how the connection will be.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
I don't observe Valentine's Day. Instead, I observe Single Awareness Day. I will do nothing special for that day.
Go to Florida :P
Valentine's Day was named after a saint beaten with clubs and sticks, for trying to convert Emperor Claudius Gothicus to Christianity.


Clubbing ----> Hearts and Chocolates.

I'll probably be watching some death note if I'm not finished with it by then. If not, then I'll be working with PHP, Javascript, or HTML. Basically, a normal day.
1. Eating food
2. Watching TV
3. Watching Raocow
4. Playing Hacks
5. Watching Chuggaaconroy
6. Eating more food
7. going to sleep
8. *snores*

I love how everybody says "watching raocow" lol.

Anyway, for me it all depends on this situation im in at school. Either doing something on valentines day with someone, or sitting on my couch, eating potato chips, watcing world's dumbest...; afv; and other things. I wonder what id rather do... (heres a hint, ive seen all the shows about 3 times each episode, and theyre boring now)
I've learned the collective intelligence of the human race amounts to roughly that of a bar of soap.
In other news, why am I here.
Trying to sneak a trip to my girlfriend.
Not like my parents would let me... .-.
It'll be a beautiful day for bar-hopping. Let's hope I find a chick who ends up just as drunk as I do.
Originally posted by RedToonLink
Trying to sneak a trip to my girlfriend.
Not like my parents would let me... .-.

FIGHT THE POWAH... It sucks to be in your situation, I was in it once.

I'll probably watch raocow as my girlfriend get dressed up to go to a restaurant.
Wake up. Alone. Cry.
I'll do nothing, mainly because there is no one for me to celebrate it with, and because it's like the most unimportant holiday anyway.
[07:18:36|01/30/2010] <Red_Chameleon> slice my wrists
[07:18:39|01/30/2010] <Red_Chameleon> ;_:A

Considering that all the girls I know in real life that are close to me are total assholes aside from a couple I really don't want a girlfriend at the moment in real life.

As usual, I'll be wasting my time on you people again that day.
Just about every girl in my area is an idiot. So I suppose I'll be alone, probably on here.

I just suddenly realised how alone I will be for most of my life. And I didn't really care.
Probably sit on my computer doing stuff, same as usual.