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Add a Patch? How?

How do you add a patch to your rom? I downloaded SMW 2+3 Essence Star (Which is really cool by the way). Do you get to play Essence star! HELP!!!!!! :O
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You have to use Lunar IPS found in the tools section of the site or another IPS patching program (LIPS is the highest recommended one), and you can simply apply the IPS patch using that.

Although if you leave the patch in the same folder as the ROM and they both have the same name, certain emulators will "auto-patch" it, which lets you play the ROM without having to do the above.

Check out my Youtube page
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ThereAreSevenLevels that was borderline spammy and also rude.

Someguy, that is backseating and also rude. Both of you please do not do this again; it's not your place to say.

Erstwhile, Crystal Clear, yes, it is. The FAQ has the exact answer to your question. Moved.
Download Lunar IPS, then a CLEAN ROM


then get the IPS of the Hack. Then open LIPS, click on both then open in ZSNES or SNES9X, and play!

If you are on a mac, I suggest doing the same thing, except using "Applescript IPS"
SImple guide:

Download Lunar IPS
Open app
Select Apply IPS Patch
Click on your CLEAN ROM
And your done.
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Originally posted by ThereAreSevenLevels

Originally posted by Yakov

Why are you so cocky, he just wants to know.

Download Lunar IPS, then open the program, get your IPS file then apply it to a clean rom.

Sorry but we can't provite you a Rom because it is illegal. You will have to find it yourself.