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Bowser's Return by MSTR448

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Changed Title Screen

Changed Overworld

Grassy Plains Changed

And finally, now working on second castle.
UPDATES!! I might upload Bowser's Return 4 Beta 1 :)
Isn't there a hack called Bowser's Return already?


I guess, change the title?
Updating, need help construction the level with the Green Hill Zone ExGFX.
1) You used two Addmusics on the same ROM? Port. Now. Using more than one screws things up.

2) Sometimes, when shooting fireballs, the left side of the screen glitches.

3) Your music choices aren't very fitting.

4) Your overworld is very similar to the original. (not major)

5) Looks like you can carry the Buzzy Beetles through the pipe. Go do it. Sometimes, the Buzzy Beetle will glitch, depending on the levels.
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