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Four Swords +

Four Swords Plus is the first Manga I've ever read, and personally, I enjoyed it. Here is where to find the english version online
It's based off the Four Swords Zelda games.
The four Links each have differing personality traits, despite them being the same person. (Red being my favorite, I find him lovable and cute.)
I actually loved reading this the first time through, and I liked the art style, but reading through another time made me have second thoughts.Why didn't the translators translate every occurance of the name Gufuu? (Vaati) That's a bit lazy.
At this point I can tell I'm jumping all over the place, but to sum it all up, I must say, I think it's a good read, and I'd love to hear some opinions about it.
Another Zelda manga drawn by Akira Himegawa? My brother has the other Zelda mangas (OoT, MM and OoS - on german of course) and I've yet to read those.

Interesting that there are more Zelda related mangas.

e: It seems that there also exists a Zelda Phantom Hourglass manga. Hehe.
e2: I'll add links to the scanned and translated PH and MC mangas:
Originally posted by Buu

e2: I'll add links to the scanned and translated PH and MC mangas:

Um isn't that site illegal, It's basicly the same as distributing roms,
but for manga.

Sorry I couldn't enter C3 this time, I've just had some much other stuff to do, And I'm also re going over the basics of level design again.
/me shrugs

I have no idea, I'll remove them then.
Why do I so see Red as the innocent virgin? O.O

And why do I want to start another Naruto x Legend of Zelda story using the Four Swords as main concept?