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What do you do in your down time?

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Yoinked from Neritic

Anyway, the title says it. List everything you do when you're not working.

For me:
-Watch Anime
-Listen to music
-Check forums
-Watch Raocow or other youtube videos
-Talk to people on some messenger
-Work with PHP,HTML, or Javascript
-Go here
-Watch Raocow
-Watch TASes
-Go on "video to mp3" and convert youtube videos to mp3's in which I can bluetooth to my phone, (Its game music!!)

-Play "waiting to be moderated" hacks
-Trying various crossovers for my mac, as my PC has a virus on it
-Eating Ice cream
-Ummmmmm...... I cant think of any more
- Listen to music (usually Depeche Mode or La.MuLANA stuffs)
- Port
- Talk on the IRC



Come to think of it I don't ever do anything else with my life.
I'm most likely gonna be watching raocow, watching TASes, playing hacks, visiting here or raocow's forums, playing on my DS or the Wii, or reading something.
Good fucking bye.
  • Go on IRC/SMWC
  • Hang out with friends and go around the neighborhood
  • Work out/dance to music (usually DM as RC said)
  • Blast music loudly in busy stores/shopping malls and somehow not get yelled at
  • Watch TV, usually with family
  • Work on my ROM hack/port music
  • Draw
  • Make plushies
  • Write stories
  • Stuff with HTML+CSS
  • Walk to the library (summer only)
  • Play video games (rare now)
  • Photograph random things in nature with my phone

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I don't go to work too often but I mainly just

-listen to music
-watch tv
-work out
-hang out with friends
-sit in the park
-port music
-talk on AIM/Skype/IRC
-play Wii
-eat and

nothing else much really =P
I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
I usually

Work out
Come here
Listen to music on youtube
play the wii
Hang out with people in real life (rarely)
- Check forums, write posts
- listen to music
- watch videos
- play on my keyboard
- read newspaper, or book
- chat on MSN, sometimes IRC
- play games, usually emulated games
- make SMW levels and stuff
- go and hang out with my friends
- eat, sleep, etc.

Go on SMWC and IRC via Wii


Beat myself up with depression, wishing there was something I could do to make things better...


World Community Grid: Thread | Team

-Hang out with friends sometimes
-SMWC, visit old threads sometimes too
-Play video games
-Find something to eat/drink
-Do something hack-related
-Do more C#
-Watch YouTube videos of games

Might be some more stuff, but that's all I can think of right now.
-SMWC (though I hardly consider that "down time" .. it's more like work)
-Anything music related (composing, porting, which takes up 75% of my free time).
-Oh, I suppose I hack here and there too.
Hang out here
Listen to music
Watch videos
Make fun of noobs on Youtube
Talk to friends
Make levels for my ROM hack
Play baseball
Download a crap load of torrents
Play Hacks waiting to be moderated

That seems to be it.
Originally posted by Tom Servo
Yoinked from Neritic

Anyway, the title says it. List everything you do when you're not working.

For me:
-Watch Anime
-Listen to music
-Check forums
-Watch Raocow or other youtube videos
-Talk to people on some messenger
-Work with PHP,HTML, or Javascript

When I first looked I thought it said,
-Watch anime porn.....

Anyway I just relax either by doing nothing or playing video games.
Play halo 3.
Originally posted by NextGenPie
Play halo 3.

Please put down more than one thing. This makes it sound like you play that 24/7 and you wouldn't want people to think that. :O
Go on SMWC
See my friends on IRC
Listen to music
Play some Touhou game or another

At any given moment in my freetime I can be doing up to 3 of these at once.

Originally posted by Tom Servo
List everything you do when you're not working.

Do drugs
Sell Drugs
Make Drugs
Grow Drugs
Eat Drugs
Smell Drugs
And I like the throw the discus from time to time.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
Originally posted by BloodyToothBrush

You forgot, "watch raocow" on that list. I am dissapoint.
-Go on here
-Go on irc
-Play video games
-Watch Anime
Thats all I could think of.
I'm tired.

Sonic 3 Restored patch coming soon
I do what I'm doing right now. Being a cool person on a cool website with cool people on a cool web browser on a cool computer in a cool home in a cool town in a cool state in a cool country in a cool continent in a cool world in a cool universe... Whoa, got carried away there.
60% of the time, works every time.

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