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Editing .BIN files? (SOLVED)

I have a custom block that I want to edit to make it not hurt mario. Notepad does not work so what do I edit this .bin file with?
The BIN file is to be inserted in Map16, I believe. To change the block's coding, go to the ASM file, which can be opened in Notepad.
This block is a .bin block it has no asm file.
I believe you can open .bin files with notepad...
Yeah but it comes up as a bunch of garbage.

.bin files are compressed files. You have to uncompress it first.

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Do I need a program to do so?
What block is this, anyhow?
Its the block that clears the midway point so you can have as many as you want through-out a level including ones in different rooms.
Actually, I think it should uncompress itself.
You can edit .bin files through a hex editor. Of course, you'll have to know which numbers are the operands and which are values or addresses, which is a bit complicated. Running the .bin through a disassembler like Tracer also works, but it will generate lolcode if there's a table.

Your choice :>
Jesus mother fucking christ, misinformation left and right
  • .bin blocks are not to be inserted as MAP16
  • If the .bin block came with an .asm file, that'd be redundant, and he wouldn't be having problems anyways
  • You cannot open .bin blocks with Notepad
  • .bin files are not always necessarily compressed, and .bin blocks are most definately not "compressed", and there is no need to "uncompress" them

Ladida, thank you, thank you so very much

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Hey guys. Im not sure where to post this but... I downloaded a title screen font and it comes with 3 .bin files. and it says in order to use them I have to combine them into one .bin file. I do not know how to do that so when I used the 3 files on the title screen level, it ended up glitching out the file select and player select fonts. Any way of fixing that? any way of combining those .bin files into one file? any help will be appricated.
It would probably have been cleaner to make a new thread instead of digging up one from 13 and a half years ago, but while we're here:

To edit .bin files, use YY-CHR (tutorial here) or Graphic Editor (not sure how to use it). By "combining tiles into one .bin file", the author probably meant "pick the letters you need and copy&paste them to assemble them by hand".

Either edit one of the original game's GFX files that have the title screen letters, or make an ExGFX file to use for only that one level (more info on how ExGFX work here). It probably doesn't make a difference whether you use ExGFX or overwrite the original graphics, because the title screen graphics are only used once anyway. For layer 3 graphics, make sure the file is 2KB in size.

Inserting the graphics file means you have the tiles available, but you still need to arrange them by hand on the title screen using Lunar Magic's title screen editor.

If your GFX or ExGFX file changes any tiles outside of the title screen letters, those won't look right - in your attempt, you used all three files at once and ended up using the grahics space used by the file select font.