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Vanilla Level Design 2010: Submissions

Link Thread Closed
2/26: All submissions and updates must be submitted before the deadline. Once the judging period begins, no more submissions and/or updates will be accepted. This is to make the judges' jobs easier. The only exception to this rule is if your hack has a critical problem and the judges contact you about it, asking for a working patch for instance.

2/12: If you are submitting an update for your patch please make a new post with the new patch in it. It's the easiest way to make sure your link gets updated correctly.

2/9: Added Fastrom patch to list of exclusions.

2/7, 12:30 EST: Added No Sprite Tile Limits patch and MORE.asm to list of exclusions.


Welcome to the 3rd annual SMWC Level Design Challenge! (SMWCLDC:2010) For the third year running, I'm your host, FirePhoenix! If you're interested in competing for the shiny golden trophy that is "Best Vanilla Level Designer (SMWCLDC:2010)" then look below to see the rules of the contest!

You have until February 28 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time to make one level that you believe is a showcase of your best efforts. However, as in previous years, this contest is a vanilla one meaning that these levels must be completely made using original SMW resources (with one small exception). Check further below for exceptions to the vanilla rules.

You are not allowed to include:

-ExGFX that was not a part of the original SMW
-Custom Sprites/Blocks
-HDMA effects
-ASM hacks
-Importing music/sfx samples

Inclusion of any of these in your level will result in immediate disqualification of your level. If you feel that we unjustly or accidentally disqualified your level, let us know with your reasoning and we'll review your level to see if we should allow it back into the running or not.

EXCEPTIONS: These are exceptions to the rules. (These may be outdated patches, I'm simply carryig these over from the previous year.
Classic Piranha Plant Fix Patch
Fade Fix Patch
"Time Up!" Fix Patch
Lightning Generator Custom Sprite (version 1 or 2)
SMW Fix Patch
No Sprite Tile Limits patch
Fastrom patch.
(More to potentially come on a case-by-case basis)

New this year is that I have decided to allow participants to include custom music in their levels. However, the music will have no bearing on the level's score and will simply be for hearing pleasure only. Again, you will receive zero points for having custom music.
However, I'm not allowing importing music samples. I feel that I'm already bending the "vanilla" rules quite a bit.

Another alteration from last year is that we are disallowing multiple exits (this means 3 or more). Last year we had a number of participants pad artifically increase the lengths of their levels by placing extra exits randomly, often causing judges to have to search in Lunar Magic to find them. This year we will avoid this by disallowing it. If you use a Switch Palace as one of your exits, it counts towards the total of two exits.


Judging remains the same as in previous years, using our tried and true 50 point scale. Each category is worth up to 10 points:

Creativity: Did you take the original SMW and bend it to form new, creative puzzles, clever areas, and tricky obstacles
Difficulty: Is the difficulty just right? Is it not insanely tough, but at the same time, not insanely easy?
Appeal: Does the level look nice? Are there any graphical glitches?
Functionality: Does the level work properly? Are there any retarded places that are unfair/can kill the player too easily?
FUN: Is your level FUN OVERALL?

The following list is a list of things that you can change that will not affect your overall score:

-Editing the "Nintendo Presents" logo
-Editing the Overworld
-Editing the Title Screen
-Editing the Intro and its message
-Adding and editing a Credits sequence if applicable
-Adding custom music (see above explanation)

After the submission period closes, judging will begin. Judging will last the entire month of March and winners will hopefully be announced the first week of April. Yes, we had problems sticking to our dates last year, but hopefully we will be able to keep our promises this time. If extenuating circumstances occur once more, please bear with us. We don't need a repeat of last year with users getting angry about judges not being finished.

There will be four judges this year, however, they will remain anonymous until the winners have been announced.


Here are some tips from last year's contest to help get you started or perhaps give you an idea or two for your level:

-Use Custom palettes: Custom palettes can really make a level look pretty. Having nicely done palettes will definitely gain you a higher score in Appeal. By the same token, they can also hurt you if you have clashing palettes so be careful.
-Combining ORIGINAL SMW tilesets: Have you ever wanted a cave level with a line guide challenge? Have you ever done one with an ExGFX set? Well since you can't use external ExGFX this contest, you'll have to make do by combining the original tilesets. This means that you are only allowed to use an external graphics program to combine tileset, nothing more.
-Map16 manipulation:The 16x16 editor is a really powerful tool in creating tiles to use. Feel free to use it as much as you want to make your level look better or to avoid tiling errors.
-Unique ideas: Again, feel free to make any type of level that you wish. But know that having a really cool idea or gimmick in a level can definitely raise your creativity score.
-Fake HDMA: HDMA isn't allowed but who says you can't make fake HDMA? As long as it uses SMW graphics (i.e., the squares of color located in gfx17), go for it!

How to submit your level

When you believe that you have the perfect level, make an .ips patch from your level and upload it to your personal File Bin and then post a link to it in this thread. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR LEVEL TO THE HACKS SECTION. If you post your level and then find out that you made a small mistake, or want to change something, you have until the deadline for the contest to resubmit your updated version. ANY LEVELS OR UPDATED LEVELS SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Additionally, DO NOT PM ME YOUR SUBMISSIONS. They must be posted somewhere in this thread or they will not be accepted.


LASTLY, this thread is to be only for Submissions. Do not use this thread for discussion purposes, only submitting your work. This means DO NOT POST HERE UNLESS YOU ARE SUBMITTING YOUR LEVEL OR AN UPDATE FOR IT. Use the SMWCLDC:2010 Discussion Thread for all contest-related discussion.

Also, there was a rule about not discussing submissions other than your own. I'm doing away with it because honestly I cannot remember why it was instigated in the first place.

I hope that you have fun with this contest, and I hope to see lots of awesome submissions from you guys! If you have any more questions about the contest, feel free to ask here. Good luck!
Reserved for Submissions listing.

(Note to other hack mods that help update this list: Check the list to make sure that you aren't duplicating entries when people submit an updated patch.)

  1. Mario's travels through a previously addressed land which hack players have known for a long time preview (V2) - mariofan1000
  2. Star Cave - 10204307
  3. Contest Entry - SomeGuy
  4. Shine Forest (V2) - Brad172
  5. Water Island - super pokemon world
  6. The Grassy Hills (V4) - Master S
  7. Subaqua Adventure - Tails_155
  8. Travel to the Bottom - jur132
  9. Chalk Road Quarry (V6) - RedToonLink
  10. Pirate Ship Dip - sky_blue_wiggler
  11. Late Evening Stroll (V2) - Z. Raffle tikt
  12. Sunset Fortress (V2.5) - Neutron
  13. Elemental Adventure (V3) - Senjan
  14. Splash Castle - Luigi Pikachu
  15. Entry - DragonManGuyDude
  16. Bianco Hills (V2) - BBkaizo
  17. Some Random Level - jailerman
  18. NO EXIT - hebesphenomegacorona
  19. Super Marathon Mario - Lunar Rico
  20. Dust World (V2) - DemXiX
  21. Vanilla Contest Entry - joeblevins123
  22. Opticallity (V3) - Fakescaper
  23. Luna Bridge - Darkdata
  24. Multi-Colored Castle - Miguel20
  25. Pika Plains! - Doownayr89
  26. Colorful Castle - cyphermur9t
  27. Mystery Mine - Chikane
  28. Cherry Blossom Ruins - Immortality
  29. Up or Down - Toad8642 (Requested removal from contest)
  30. Crumbling Defeat - TiersWTF
  31. Overgrown - dottedboy
  32. The Lost Land - TOS
  33. Mystery of the Green Switch Palace (V4) - TRS
  34. Foresty Forest (V2) - LunarYoshi
  35. Scaling the Icy Mountain - ZMann
  36. Beetletarian - booblock
  37. Mountain Fortress - superwiidude
  38. Super Mario World 2 (V3) - Playnoweverybody
  39. The Invisicave - Best Video Gamer
  40. Mario's Adventure - Wizard the Wizzisential
  41. Misted Mountain - DarthYoshi492
  42. Mario's Endless Adventure - Ddoomm10
  43. Temple of Time (V3) - Time Traveler
  44. I R Maek Levl 1337 (v3) - HuFlungDu
  45. Whatever the Weather! - boredman
  46. The One Level Challenge - Diddy Kong
  47. Midnight Canopy - Desert-Fox
  48. Exploring the marsh - CCF9Unite
  49. A Normal Day for Mario (V2) - Dotsarecool
  50. Topsail Havoc - vindew332
  51. Strange House (V2) - Randoguy101
  52. Mario Takes a Stroll (V3) - Zildjian
  53. A boy and his boo - kurosaga
  54. Super Happy Fun Time - Mariowings77
  55. Tundra - GoldRogerPirateking
  56. Acacia Valley 2 - Snowshoe
  57. Cave Escape (V2) - MarioFan22
  58. Muncher Sphere - Darky
  59. Isle of Confusion (V3) - Pikerchu13
  60. Vile Volcano - E-Man
  61. Shoot the Bullet (V2) - neosaver
  62. Element Castle - GanonTEK
  63. Blocks of Chaos - Smallhacker
  64. Yoshi's Back Yard (V2) - mootbooxle
  65. Isle of the Damned - HighVoltageGamer
  66. The Castle Raid - K3fka
  67. The Haunted Church - Elite Goomba Hacker
  68. Cerulean Cove - Snifit
  69. Volcanic Grassland - xman0444
  70. The Swamp Demon's Lair (V2) - Hadron
  71. Jungle Labyrinth - ---smwExpert--
  73. Mouldy Mansion - RealLink
  74. Get Out of my Face Mario - Posiedien3
  75. Mystical Orb Search - reghrhre
  76. Ghost Ship - losoall
  77. Vanilla dome level - masterdud
  78. The Great Dimensional Rift - Akhenderson
  79. Climb To The Clouds - Kristian
  80. Azure skyland - Creatorofchaos
  81. Cleft Cliff - swamp cecil
  82. CASTLE OF DOOM - LaularuKyrumo
  83. SS Castle - arnpoly
  84. Cookie's Fortress - Dashie
  85. Volcano Fortress - ToasterTank
  86. Lava Rush - everest700
  87. Volcanic Valley - MoogleEmperor
  88. Magic Forest - DaxterSpeed
  89. Castle Ruins - Hach
  90. Iron Grotto - Lu-kaz
  91. Re-Embodiement of the Scarlet Devil (V2) - PwndGames
  92. Tech Support vs WWSPA - MalcolmBellman38
  93. Death Mountain (V2) - mrwannabe
  94. Oasis Isle (V2) - PowerStrike
  95. Chrominus Castle - Riolu180
  96. Forever Factory (V2) - Lynnes
  97. Larry's Volcano - GN
  98. Underground Castle - Patgangster
  99. A Normal Day for Mario - x-treme
  100. Randomness - PercentN
  101. Mossy Castle - kirbyeatsbomberman
  102. Teleporter Room - yogui
  103. Mario/Yoshi Visit Adventure Island - mariocool1999
  104. Castle of Illusions - BlackEagle766
  105. Magma Cave - Rocket Sparkster
  106. Purple Mario at the Red Cliffs - Triple Q
  107. Lunar Island Exploration - Aqualakitu
  108. The Secret in Mario's Pad - BloodyToothBrush
  109. (Requested removal from contest)
  110. The Maze of Puzzles - FUGGNUTZ
  111. Koopa Kaves Part 1 - Rayman Man
  112. Watch Tower Duke-Out - Agent Q
  113. Parallel Dimensions - VideoGuy
  114. Checker-Filled Mountain - Marioman
  115. Mario: Lost Color - Whoamme
  116. Vanilla Rain (V2) - TheGamer
  117. Twilit Hills - Argumentable
  118. The Hills Seek Vengeance - keckcellent
  119. Black Day? - Counterfeit
  120. Cinnamon Coast - Bowser's Level Designer
  121. Stop the Pollution - MAGUSANDMETROIDFTW
  122. Bowser is a Jerk - tatanga
  123. A Magical Mystery: The Saga - imamelia
  124. Mountain Path - jesus
  125. SMWorldbound 2: Bowser's Rage (V2) - TLMB
Updated link. Looked down on about page 4

I also made it take place in the OW and spew randoms tiles everywhere for kicks.

I'm using it in my romhack as the first level, so it's really easy.
Well, I'll just give you the level I entered in the switch contest.
Star Cave
I don't really feel like making a vannila level, but there's no rules against using a level you entered in a unofficial contest.
(Im glad you allow custom music. The piano theme wouldn't fit.)
EDIT: New patch update!
Hey you!
Check out my SMW Blog!

Ok, maybe a bit dead

Also, Visit my Youtube Page!

Depth in Detail:

WLC Entry:

This is where you would read the first line of text of my signature, but it is currently pointless.

- Serious thing kinda happening.
- on hold for some time :|
Added the No Sprite Tiles Limits patch to the list of rule exclusions.

Also, I'm going to clean up the non-submission posts so if your post is deleted, that's why.
Edit: Whoops... just spotted a couple of errors, here is the updated version: Patch. Sorry 'bout that.

Edit 2: This patch is now null.
Subaqua Adventure - My level.

A renaming to go with a more general situation.Super Mario World Hacks 101
This is my entry.
"Chalkroad Quarry"
URL removed; new patch available
Here's mine!

It's called Late Evening Stroll.

And sky_blue_wiggler, you have to type after what you already have and then type [/url ] (without a space)

Sunset Fortress
I don't even know a good name for this.
i just lurk sometimes
My level:

Luigi Pikachu's Splash Castle

Its the one named splash castle (Only one there right now)
i couldn't think of a good name :/
(also my first contest :D)
Slowly regaining interest in hacking

Originally posted by LuigiPikachu
My level:

Its the one named splash castle (Only one there right now)
i couldn't think of a good name :/

I'll fix the link *sigh*

Luigi Pikachu's Splash Castle

There we go!
Here is my hack.

WYEdit: Link removed due to being a ROM file with a .ips extension. Sorry, but this is still a ROM, and I'll have to give you a 72-hour ban for that. Please read the FAQ to learn how to make a real IPS patch.
60% of the time, works every time.

Bianco Hills

URL removed; new patch available
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GPX Plus eggs and Pokemons

PokeFarm Eggs and Pokemons

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