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Vanilla Level Design 2010: Submissions
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OKAY I hope everyone is ready for the SUPER FINAL VERSION 1.2 of the Temple of Time!!!! Hold on to your seats!!!!

Finally I finished my level, after many minor edits made when I noticed things that could be improved after the .ips was made }B(

Castle Ruins
I think this level is good enough to compete:

Iron Grotto

It's a level in the hack I'm currently working on, which is why half of everything else is modified. You can only access the level meant to be played, and Yoshi's House, so I think that's okay. Please ignore everything else.

New URL address in my post below I accidently set the level to start on a diffrent level then intended...


Hi all! I'm sort of new here but I do have experience using lunar magic!

This is my level I made for the contest called Tech Support vs WWSPA. This is my first level where I tried to make some kind of story I think it turned out OK. XD It's about a hero named Starman who is on a Tech Support team and they fight crimes on the internet, and one day an evil group of people invade the internet and it's up to Starman to stop them!

The music got somewhat glitched up after I was almost finished with the level but I really liked the effect so I kept it XP

I hope you guys like it! It's not my best work but I know it won't be last place XD (cough dragonmanguydude cough)
Yes, another version.

Mystery of the Green Switch Palace (v4)

Originally posted by MalcolmBellman38
It's not my best work but I know it won't be last place XD (cough dragonmanguydude cough)

Here. is mine,it is called "Death mountain"



Just in time...
Should have worked on it more but heh this is really good for what I have doen in the past. (except for maybe one other level)
The LevelHope you all like it!
Finally, my level is finished. I finished it this morning, but it took all day for it to be tested. Yes, that's right, a Riolu180 first: I actually had my contest level TESTED before I submitted it! :D I figure, if my level is going to be the best it can be, I HAVE to get it betatested. Anyways, here we go: Chrominus Castle

There are 2 exits to this level. One Reznor, one key and keyhole. I would like to state, though, that getting the key and keyhole will be long and frustrating. This is very intentional, as I see such secret exits as being hard and requiring a good bit of thinking to acquire. So, read those message boxes, they can only help! ...but the first one doesn't give you enough information. Improvise!

NOTE: The entire theme of this level is an homage to Castle Bleck from Super Paper Mario. This is why not all sprites are black-and-white in this level: only ONE group of enemies (there were only 3 in it) in Castle Bleck was actually black-and-white with the level. The rest were either full-color or grayscale...

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Updated patch,apparently the last one was bad.

Azure skyland
This new patch better work.


Here it is for (hopefully) the last time.

Sorry for whoever has to keep downloading mine. Re-Embodiement of the Scarlet Devil


After a lot of hard work, I can finally release my level... You'll notice it's not as great as everyone says it is, it's pretty overrated actually. Oh well, here's Forever Factory, my contest entry, have fun, and PM me any problems.
Larry's volcano

Here is my level for the contest. Have fun playing it, and if you find any errors, PM me.

aran - Graces of Heaven
Yeah, here's my level. Hope you guys like it!


Only one exit, so raocow doesn't have to find 2. ;)

(and if it doesn't work, PM me ASAP)
Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin

Underground Castle
My contest entry. Didn't bother writing a serious story, but meh.
Mario finds about about an underground castle, and tries to find the treasure within.

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Chalkroad Quarry V6
Includes a revamped level, more use of SMW's original graphics, and relocating the 3Up moon.
Boy am I glad I got this last update in.


A normal day for Mario.

V1.1 fixes:

  • Some slowdown errors.

  • Final boss is a bit harder
  • Background image by Tzadkiel & Anomalin
    Here is an updated version of Oasis Isle.
    Updated Oasis Isle
    phew, finally done editing.
    Anyway heres an update Patch Shine Forest

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