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"Luigi the Avenger" (Need help!) Intro and Yoshi's House 3/4/10
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - "Luigi the Avenger" (Need help!) Intro and Yoshi's House 3/4/10
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So I've been thinking about this hack for awhile, and decided that Luigi should be the star of the show, and that not every hack has to be the bros. defeating Bowser and rescuing Peach, so I came up with this.

Story: One day Mario got sick, and nobody knew why, and later that day, he was found... dead. Gallant Goldshroom (Mushroom kingdom God and protector) descended to the Mushroom Kingdom to uplift Mario's soul to Sky World (Mushroom Kingdom's Heaven). As Goldshroom flew away, he said: "Luigi, you are to take Mario's place in this world. Prove your worth as the new hero. "Good luck, be careful" Why was Goldshroom worried? Why is he testing luigi? And why did Mario die? It is up to Luigi to answer these questions.


This hack will have the levels themselves constructed from vanilla resources, but will be classified as chocolate because I'll be incorporating certain blocks and sprites such as 'pass with X Yoshi coins,' 'end level when no sprites are onscreen,' etc. I may also put it some custom music to make it more flavorful, and potentially the cutscene tool.

The hack will be a free progress, in which you must find a certain number of exits and or switches to reach new worlds, and eventually the final level. Some levels will have two exits. Most of the time, reaching the goal is the normal exit, and finding all Yoshi coins and heading through the Yoshi coin block is the secret. (There are exceptions.) Message blocks will be placed at each level's start to identify the goal, level name, certain gimmicks or restrictions, etc.

There will be 7 worlds total, 3 on the main map (Grassland, Water, Sky). The worlds are, in order of accessibility, and how to access:

Grassland world (from start)
Desert World (Beat Big Boo at Ghost house secret exit, and get 4 other exits [5 exits total])
Forest World (Find yellow switch in Desert World)
Water World (Find Green switch in Forest world)
Cave World (Find Blue switch in Water World)
Sky World (Find Red switch in Cave World)
(level) Final Level (Find X exits, and beat all regular Sky World levels the normal way)
Bonus World* (From start. Unlock levels in this world by finding X exits.)

*Bonus levels have side exits, and do not count toward total exits when beaten.

Enough of my babbling, here are some screenshots of my hack so far:

Intro message/story (Big image)
One of my levels: Desert Dunes.

A little bonus area.

Proof of conquered level.

Most recent update of desert/beach palette. (Big image)
Another level: Koopa Crossing

Proof of conquered level + all Yoshi coins collected.

Comments would be greatly appreciated, especially about my level design, palettes, and story. :)

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
Name has been taken by youtube hack. Not accusing you of ripping off though. PLEASE CHANGE THE TITLE ANYWAY. WEEGEE IS UNFUNNYGEE.

Anyway, interesting level design, I must say.
I have to agree WeeGee has been overused way to much, but you feel that you have to rename you hack just pointing it out.

Anyways I fine your first level (the desert looking one) looking pretty good for a beginning level but may I suggest you add more obstacles? Even with the hills the level seems very straight forward and not to hard at all. With your second level it looks good for either a late world 1 level or a world 2 level. I also might take out the koopa jumping if it is an early game level as it's not hard but a gimmick that is usually used in the later game.
I suggest you change the name to something else, Goron50 already has the hack name Super Weegee world I think. Also, I suggest you change the "Mario" in the status bar to say Weegee. But, it looks like a pretty good hack. I also hope you make the game 1 player only. Because 2 weegees seems kind of weird.
Luigi should be the star of the show

Then wouldn't it make more sense to make the name of the hack have Luigi's name in it, rather than the abomination of a meme that is Weegee?
Concerning the desert-ish palette, I would darken some colors so that it looks shaded, rather than a solid color.

Alright, thanks for the comments and criticisms.

@ninja boy is that when you unlock new worlds, you can choose levels, so the difficulty is variable. Perhaps I should put in more stuff in the desert world, but the koopa stomping wasn't really that hard for me. I won't include long enemy hopping levels until maybe the bonus world.

@mockingod: I will change the status bar and level mode selection later, this is just level + palette showcasing, glad you like it.

@mariofan1000: I'm glad you like the level design.

@Redtoonlink: I do see now that in the most updated desert palette I made the colors a bit lighter by accident, expecially the dark sand, silly me.

Anyway, this hack is untitled for now, so name suggestions are appreciated, and if I use your suggestion I'll credit you, all I can draw are blanks. :/

I will be working on levels vigorously, so expect to see a water world level next. Also, updated first post info.

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
Please edit Mario out of the status bar using Smallhacker's Status Bar Editor. It's simple don't worry. And if you press "S" a couple of times it has saved, whether it says it has or not.

I will become alive again sometime soon.
You may also want to use the Luigi GFX and Gameplay patch.
Luigi's Test.

I think I forgot to ask, but did you do the thing to remove the Mario Start from the beginning of each level?
Not yet, I haven't applied any patches or custom stuff yet, I'm focusing on the level designs/palettes so I can have beta's for people to test as I go along. Once I finish the levels I'll start fine-tuning the gameplay, but I won't upload it in the hacks section until it's done, only the file bin so levels can be tested. I will be sure to Fix the 'Mario' stuff once I'm done with levels.

I also want to focus on levels and palettes so I can keep this thread updated and make sure that the neatness, visual appeal, and the most important aspect, level design, are top notch and acceptable.

Thanks for pointing out the stuff that needs to be changed though, I'll start making a checklist so the thread doesn't get clogged with "you gotta change this!" and "This is supposed to be Luigi!" kind of posts.

Unless there's a custom fix that needs to be done that hasn't been mentioned, I want more comments on my levels and palettes.

Don't forget about the story added to the first post either. ;)

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
When you apply a patch, make sure to make a backup of your ROM. Oh, and make sure to make your hack into an IPS patch before you upload it to to the file bin. I would suggest putting it in a password protected file, so non-testers would not be able to play. But its your call.
Mario's death.

Original name for Forever Gone. (My SMW hack)

Nice suggestions, but I may have found one. Either "Luigi the Avenger", "Luigi's Adventure for Vengeance", or simply "Luigi's Vengeance" . Which sounds better do you think? I'm going to keep tally, so please PM or post here with your vote for which one. You can only vote once, and the one with the most votes by the time I log on on Saturday will be the title for the hack.

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
Originally posted by Artsy3...
"Luigi the Avenger"


Good fucking bye.
Um... I choose Luigi the Avenger. It seems like the better title.

"Luigi the Avenger" because it seems like a popular vote. Also, I zoomed into Luigi, and is he supposed to have a mahogany color outline?
Alright, thanks for voting!

"Luigi the Avenger" got 3 votes, and was the only one to get any. I probably would have voted that too. I shall update the thread name now.

Also, I'm working on a water world battleship armada kind of level right now. I should be done and ready to showcase it today.

Edit: Oh %[email protected]! I just went to test my newest level, and my ROM AND it's copy that was just fine when it was created are corrupted! Now, I might have to start ALL OVER!

However, this is NOT canceled, just put on major major major hold. :(

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
Originally posted by Artsy3...

Edit: Oh %[email protected]! I just went to test my newest level, and my ROM AND it's copy that was just fine when it was created are corrupted! Now, I might have to start ALL OVER!

However, this is NOT canceled, just put on major major major hold. :(

You can export the levels and graphics, and hopefully then you'll just have to reapply any patches. Unless LM can't open the ROM anymore.
It could open, and I could transfer, but the weird thing is the copy was made while the original was still functional. When I transferred the levels over, that ROM got the same problem.

The problem by the way is wacky water, (some tiles in water are solid) and random ledges and water surfaces appearing partway through levels. It totally puzzles me, AND I can't transfer levels, so no updates for awhile.

(No current projects, lost them all.....)

DeviantArt Account:
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - "Luigi the Avenger" (Need help!) Intro and Yoshi's House 3/4/10

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