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Tip: Bad things to do in the title demo: Enter a door or a pipe, activate a P-switch or a star, complete the level, hit a message block, or die. These will either glitch the music, or force the player into an endlessly looping title level until they reset the game.Not logged in.
RttC [10/17/09- Message Box Script]
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I can't wait to try this when I get home from school tomorrow. I hope you don't mind if I upload some videos ^_^

You just made my xmas :P

<-- this is the dope on dope
This is the first time ive actually seen vine tile ends that were custom drawn. Submitting them gfx might help a lot of people! But, im not one of them xD. Just a suggestion.
I remember watching some of your videos when I first started hacking. I am quite anxious to try this out...seeing as it's one of the reasons I got into hacking:)
Awesome! :D
I was impressed with the demo, so I'm definitly trying this out when I can get on my computer
(and do you mind if I make videos of some of the levels? ^^)

I has posted again, horray ^_^

Meh, I'll work as a bug tester for you.

So far, I've only found two bugs (from what I can remember.).

In Teal Tide Trek (I think that's the name), get the Midway Point and die. Go back in the level, and voila, the water stays in place.

In Monty Mole Hall, you can go through the stairs and the walls multiple times.

I'll probably find more when I get home from school.
an00bis, Qhj: Yes, I'd be happy to see videos ^^. Just be aware that, should the hack be rejected for any reason, there might be minor changes to some of the levels. Then again, those changes would probably hardly be noticeable in videos, so go ahead! Seeing other people play the hack is the best indicator of difficulty (for me, anyway).

Foursword: What, really? XD That means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy it, then.

Geno_4_Ever: That's a good point, I'll probably do that when I upload the custom music I made for the game.

Mother 3- Snowman: And so it begins :p

Actually, thanks a lot for reminding me about halfway points and layer 2 sprites- I had completely forgotten about that situation. As for the conveyor end tiles, I'm pretty sure that if you make them tile 130 (cement block), then you can't walk onto the end tiles from the conveyors, which would be a pain gameplay-wise. So, I'll probably keep that as-is. I don't mind players using that to their advantage, as it doesn't seem like it would completely break the level in any case.

Hmm, it looks like I'll have to be a little more patient. If you've tried it already, then thanks, and I hope you're enjoying it ^^. Otherwise, hopefully it's almost done going through the process.

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Ok ^^
I'm enjoying this hack so far, and getting frustrated at the same time XD
I'm on Stone fall Walls and I gotta say, that is a very fun and unique level ^^

I has posted again, horray ^_^

Well, that's a relief: RttC has been accepted. Thanks for all the support and feedback so far, everyone ^^

So, in case you haven't already, try it out and let me know what you think.

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I had never known that hacks could be at such a high difficulty level and be possible without savestates... (I only know this since the hack was accepted)

...oh yeah...The Second Reality Project series.

Anyways, I made it to the first castle, and is this ever challenging! I was stuck for about one hour at the first level, gave in, and went with savestates, yet, it is still very hard.

The level design is overall well put together. And same with the overworld. The lack of graphics, sprites, and blocks really makes this a little more near a vanilla hack, but it looks like you tweaked the goomba so that it swims in water.

About the hand-made music, I was very interested in it. It is one of the few things that are really shown in hacking, since most people usually just use music from other games and use ASM implents to make it look fancy.

Back on topic, this hack is overall amazing (and difficult), and I am in agreement for having this featured!
Originally posted by Red Chameleon
Back on topic, this hack is overall amazing (and difficult), and I am in agreement for having this featured!

Yeah,me too.I hope this hack is becoming featured.


F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
This hack is beautifully done, the levels were fun, the secrets were impossibly hard to find, even to the point where I still cant find one, and the story was pretty interesting, I was actually looking out for message boxes for once :P

Hopefully this wont be the last hack we see out of you.

Also, I have a request, extend every song in this hack to around the 2-3 minute mark and upload them as mp3s, I love every piece of music in this hack, but im too incompetent to get any mp3s of it.
dear, i believe that this hack was tested by FPI: this hack has a great level design, and original music...

this deserves to be a featured hack!
but i want to give other feedback:

for example:

IMO, this is unfair: i would add some coins that put in evidence that pipe :\ (at least, i can look a pixel)

from the bottom.


sound cutoff (left-bottom)

at least, i just found them.
2 things:

First off, the midpoint of Cold Cloud Climb is not working for me. You might want to check that out.

The other thing is, could someone give me a hint on the secret exit of Rising Tide Ride?

Otherwise, this is a great hack. And don't get discouraged by people saying your hack is too hard. It's certainly not easy, but it's very fair.
Okay, a small update:

I'm submitting a new patch (Version 1.01) to fix the issues that have come up since release:

-Cold Cloud Climb's midway point
-Layer 2 Sprite for Teal Tide Trek's midway point
-A couple of playability tweaks in Hoarfrost Hike and Rising Tide Ride
-Also, the title screen star denoting 100% completion should now appear

It should be up reasonably soon. I'm especially sorry about Cold Cloud Climb; the midway point was working fine up until release, which is strange.

Also, is there any interest in the hack's music? I'm considering uploading them here and/or making mp3s out of them if people are interested.

*Checks comments* Oh, maybe there is XD. Even so, if you'd like to see the songs uploaded in some way or form, let me know.

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don't relase MP3s:
i dunno, but someone can make you plagiarism :\

also, i hope that you fixed the cutoff slope and the "i'm under the munchers >_>"

btw cutoff:

why did you it? nof for this i hate your hack(in fact, check the my profile), but just for curiosity, why did you it? O_o
Phew, took a while to find this thread again.

It took me long enough, but I'm releasing the soundtrack for Rise to the Challenge. I'm no expert at file conversion, but I'm pretty sure I did everything right. I uploaded the .zip file here:

I hope there are no issues, and that you enjoy it!

On a side note, I'm also uploading another replacement patch so that the star on the title screen showing 100% completion says 53 like it's supposed to. Hopefully that will be up soon (version 1.2, I think).

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Thanks for the soundtrack link, I was really looking forward to it. Kind of surprised me that there are only 15 tracks in the game, while playing it really seemed that there are much more (but I would say that's a good thing). I for one definitely love the soundtrack.


Due to an unexpected request, I've compiled all of the message box text in RttC into a MSWord document. For anyone who's interested, the upload link is:

I'm surprised I left so many typos in there; I should update the patch to v1.3 at some point. In the meantime, does anybody have suggestions for 'informational' message boxes that would make any given level easier?

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Awesome! The soundtrack is great!

Well, for the message boxes, the only ones I could think of is maybe a tiny hint or a 'study your surroundings' kind of thing for some of the more, 'unfair' secret exits.

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