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The Two Hundred Reasons why SMWCentral is awesome

(194) Because SMWCentral bans all the idiots and spammers away.
(195) Because SMWCentral has some professional hacks and insane Kaizos.
(196) Because they made me mod.
(197) Because of C3.
(198) Because of the several different hacks and new ideas being thought up.
(199) Because we're about to get to 200 reasons.
(199.5) Because I didn't let it get to 200 reasons.

(200) Because SMWCentral Bans the people who reply to spam threads for 6 hours. #w{:<}
AND NOW THE SUPER DUPER COMPILATION (made some slight formatting changes)

1) This forum exists on it.
2) The various forum events that occur from time to time.
3) The wide variety of forumites that come here.
4) Kieran messes with name colors.
5) Most people here have a good sense of humor.
6) The hacks made here.
7) The making of hacks here.
8) The vast resources for hacks.
9) The general rule that sarcasm is indicated by putting a line through whatever you say.
10) The different ranking systems, YI included!
11) The contests.
12) Because there are secret forums.
13) The perverts. <3
14) Mindtrap.
15) There are often more than 40 users on.
16) We can make fun of Blumiere.
17) We can ninja other users.
18) We can upload files free of charge.
19) It has music ports and custom music.
20) It has custom sprites.
21) Custom graphic are here to download.
22) It has much superior hacks here than on youtube.
23) The forums.
24) The site schemes.
25) The postcount system.
26) There's no other place where you can see a better Canadian-Australian standoff.
27) There are rewards for donating.
28) The tons of different forums for discussing anything you could imagine.
29) The Bar and Grill.
30) Puns.
31) All the spin-offs of #smwc like #lolmusic <3
32) All the cool people.
33) There is always some shenanigan going on.
34) It kills some free time.
35) It gives us something to do.
36) It has allowed lots of people to learn more about programming, music, etc.
37) There are noobs here. <3
38) Iceguy made a sprite programming tutorial people can understand.
39) WoI.
40) There are intelligent mods. And Blumiere.
41) The small size doesn't make it as impersonal as most other boards.
42) It is the answer to life.
43) The Fortress of Solitude <---- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
44) It's just amazing
45) There are decent users.
46) The site is very well coded.
47) SNN loves us.
48) We love him.
49) Everybody could put in his custom title. :3
50) People use "everybody" or "everyone" as plural and no one would care.
51) Munchers get respect here.
52) The for-the-most-part friendly atmosphere.
53) Some of the users here...I've met some pretty cool people so far. <-- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
54) The learning experience. (I got to learn about ROM hacking and about programming in general.)
55) Some of the things that came from it, like Team Haunted and #serioushax.
56) It is here that many people discover IRC and Skype for the first time.
57) The INSPIRATION! Certain aspects of SMW Central (and certain people) really inspire people in various ways, from getting people interested in computer programming to giving people ideas for stories.
58) Because of the cultural/ethnic diversity.
59) It wastes your life so that you don't have to do anything overly important, such as finding the cure for cancer or creating an immortality elixir.
60) You have fun. ;)
61) Everybody loves SMW and SMW2 hacks!!
62) The huge variety of different people.
63) The just awesome meme's that come and die.
64) The site always being up so people have something to waste their life on.
65) It's Gaming, hacking, SMW, everything you could ask for!
68) Users like to make list threads.
69) 69. >.<
70) The endless memes.
71) Because of me! <---- THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
72) Users can mock users for the lulz.
73) Users can sue other users.
74) Sarcasm tags and other types.
75) Pictures that can describe users' actions.
76) Overused jokes.
77) Confusing threads made by mods.
78) It's filled with love.
79) It is.
80) It is a nice community full of friendly and helpful people. <-- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
81) It is your primary SMW hacking resource.
82) There is a link to SMWiki (a wikipedia for SMW) in the sidebar.
83) Users can have layouts.
84) There is a google custom search.
85) There are different layouts for the site. <-- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
86) Because grishnax is listing to many reasons. <---- THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
87) There is an IRC channel.
88) Im a music.
89) i no shut up, shut up you.
90) SMWC invented a new meme. MUNCHERSOMNOMNOM!!!
91) Grishnax has probably already listed some reasons that were already on the list, since he didn't bother to read the entire thread. <---- THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
92) Users can refer to ourselves in third person and not look like idiots.
93) This.
94) There are members on this site from all around the globe. <-- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
95) Nightfall is real.
96) This number is the opposite of 69.
97) Because grishnax's post is done. <---- THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
98) The SMWC Radio. <3
99) Although people claim they do not care about postcount, you know that they really do.
100) Users do like milestones.
101) There's those SMW hacking tips.
102) Layouts. <-- THIS IS A DUPLICATE
103) That's the percent kieran that has completed a DKC game. :o

Okay, This is just getting annoying. Someone please finish the other 97, keeping in mind the guidelines I'm using:

-Reasons shouldn't begin with 'because'
-Reasons should have proper grammar and punctuation unless otherwise needed by the reason.
-There should be no first-person usage.
-There should be no duplicates.
-The number-format is the number, then a closing parentheses.

Oh, and we're going to need to fill in the duplicates and ones that are entirely a first-person refrence. I'll start.

43) Clicking the Google ads gives Kieran money.
53) Kieran had a 20th Birthday Wiki Surf.
66) A lot of people think that AmosDefamos is a mod because of his name color.
67) DotsAreCool's SMB3 Rankset is being implemented.
71) Someone is always there to answer everyone's questions.
200) It has 200 reasons why it is awesome
Originally posted by mockingod
200) It has 200 reasons why it is awesome

It hasn't reached it yet. We have to fill in the blanks.
201) I made a 201
Originally posted by 2technogeeks

201) There is a 201
Just visiting...
Originally posted by ds777fighter
201) I made a 201

Originally posted by Noobish Noobsicle
-There should be no first-person usage.

9000: because it is a terrible meme.
Originally posted by Error 52
9000: because it is a terrible meme.

Originally posted by thread title
The Two Hundred Reasons why SMWCentral is awesome

Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
102: Mod Shenanigans
103. Some of the spam we get is actually funny.
Originally posted by Adam
104. Some of the spam we get is actually funny.

94: Cause everyone loves munchers!
91. Because 'anus' is actually an acceptable joke.

95: Because of the awesome real Ultimate POWER!!!!
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
105: Because floating munchers are always mentioned.
106. Because there's a new excuse to floating muncher's.
(MunchCopter FTW!)
10whatever: Because I say so.