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Super Mario and the Epic Time


I am working on a new hack, Super Mario & The Epic Time, but I cannot seem to find the time to work on it, so I am now hiring betatesters, level designers, and OW designers. Thanks.
Hello there, I'm glad to see you've got a hack in mind, but keep in mind of this thread's guidelines. It will help in the long run.

I'd also love to see some screenshots... Unless you haven't done anything and expect everyone to make a hack for you. :/
Also, it's not a good idea to have other people design your levels and overworld if you're not making a team hack.
No one is n00b here friend,... because all started from 0 ... make your hack the best you can,... sorry not to speak english use a translator
I think something is up with your avatar, its scretching the layout.
Anyway some screenshots would be nice.
Yes you avatar is WAY too big, its 360x375 pixels. I think the limit is 125x125.

But, I'll be a beta tester, as I have no access to LM.
I'll submit images, just how exactly do I do it? whenever I try it says to give the image URL. does that mean I have to upload the images online?
Yes, yes you do, but there is a file bin on the menu box on the right side of SMWC, upload your images there.
Alright then, Here is an image of Yoshi's Island 3:

Blatant level edit, sky garbage, bad lava palette.
I like the new mushroom graphics, though.
Yeah, what do you think I can do to make it better?
Custom palettes, Ctrl+Del, deleting the garbage in the background.
Plus a hack can't be really judged accurately from a single screenshot.
First of all delete the entire level and start from scratch. No one likes a blatant level edit.

In your header the BG probably has a bad position, therfore garbage pops up in its place.

Keeps lava out of levels it doesn't fit in with, like the level here.

P.S. Remove your avatar before a mod does. That is not a good way to enter the Central.
As mentioned in te PM I sent you, I'll beta test. However, I'd also like to help with the OW and possibly some levels.
Bridget's got the kids!
Bring me Bridget, or I'll blow us all to hell!
Alright, I'll submit a video.
Edit: Forget it; why watch a video when you have the IPS?
I have to say, for a beginner to add custom music, and blocks, you are kind of okay, you can make a good level for the vanilla contest, because you know how to edit palettes I guess.

Okay, onto the Beta-tester review. I am very nit-picky on things and I am strict on stuff.

Things that I doubt will get accepted to SMWC:

-Blatant level edits
-Floating Munchers
-Lava "Cutoff"
-glitchy things

Blatant Edits:
Some levels weren't edited at all.
Some rooms were edited. Some weren't
In YI3, the beginning is the same, the message box is not needed.
Yoshi's house shouldn't be edited, unless you are using a custom credit sequence.
Yellow switch palace: Only 2 rows were taken out of the coins that appear.

Floating Munchers:
In YI3, there are floating munchers right above the lava. Just get rid of it, it doesn't make a difference whether its there or not.

Lava "Cutoff":
In YI3, There are some LAVA CUTOFF. Like its just Lava, then its land. Not like wall land, I mean GO THROUGH land. Like it goes from square of lava, to go through land. Death to blank tile. Change that. I am sorry I cant take screenshots, in SNES9X, its WAY TOO BIG.

Cutoff and wrong corner tiles:
Some of your corner tiles were wrong. The one with the brown at the corner is for land infront of land. But you put it land-corner in-front of air, so it looks weird. There are cutoff at some places, like at the lava and the ice blocks.

At the end of YI3, there are a bunch of ice blocks and lava, if you go on top and to the right, then you get traped.

Glitchy things:
In the second room of the castle. Weird stuff there dude.

For the custom blocks, PLEASE Use GFX for them, without GFX they are 4 small sections of pipe, together.

Some tips:
-dont edit Yoshi's house
-Do not put floating/stacked munchers
-Try to get rid of all cutoff, even if its not noticable
- Do not do blatant level edits, press ctrl-del when beginning a level
- Change the overworld!
- Change overworld names pl0x!

Do all of that, and I guess it might get accepted!

©2010 Mockingod BT Reviews

<embed width="480" height="360" src="" flashvars="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" />

Floating Munchers
104 Edit (OK unless you use the origional ending)
Bad palettes (ow blood shot out of my eyes and on to my fancy carpet)
Glitched Graphics (blue tiles in Map 16=no)
Glitchy Music (I doubt the King K. Rool theme isn't suppost to restart after every sound effect)
Unfair Deaths (in the Bowser Battle in YI1, if you jump over him, the level ends and mario walks into lava)

Great Music
Exelent Level Design

Let me take a crack on that OW and I'll get back to you.
Bridget's got the kids!
Bring me Bridget, or I'll blow us all to hell!
Oh, I forgot, I found this picture a while ago when I was looking around SMWC, and I kept the link

Okay everyone, here's the download if I didn't PM it to you.
By the way, you have your link set up incorrectly.