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Super Mario Brother's Movie.
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Is it an horible thing to like that movie?
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

It shouldn't be. Why?

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Well, the movie is just BAAAAD!
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

I see.

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Yes, I heard it was.


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Well, I still had to lol at the part where (spoilers) Mario uses a small mushroom to shielf himself from Bowser's attack, by making the mushroom suddenly grow
I also like the bob-omb part. I didn't know that it could scare that many people. :D

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I thought it was ok. Yeah, it was bad. But it was cool, it was fun to see all the different concepts incorporated into the movie, but it wasnt that great.

I would like to see someone make a good movie based on SMB though.

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
The only thing that comes even close to being a good Mario movie is Richalverez.

Zelda is also a damn good concept for a video game movie, I wonder why they didn't made one yet, how can you fuck up Zelda?
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Originally posted by Chikane
they didn't made one yet, how can you fuck up Zelda?

There was that IGN trailer.

There was also a hour long japanese animated movie.
Originally posted by Chikane
how can you fuck up Zelda?

Like this.
Originally posted by Chikane
How can you fuck up Zelda?

Like this:
That movie was just plain bad. It was a horrible representation of the Mario Franchise. In fact, from what I've seen, most movies and TV shows based on games aren't that great.

Mario - The movie this thread is about.
Zelda - That fanfilm.
Kirby - The old TV show that wasn't really good.
Mega Man - See above.
Sonic - The old TV shows that weren't really good.
Pokemon - The anime. Enough said.

I wish someone would make a good film based on a video game. Admittedly, some of the best video games aren't exactly the best film material (i.e. DKC = Watching them beat up kremling and kremling), and that's then main reason most of these shows are bad. Now, if the tried a game like Mother 3, which actually had a fairly deep plot, the movie could turn out fairly well. This is why I'm disappointed the MGS movie is pretty much canceled, which could have turned out really well.

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Well, there WERE movies about FF6 and FF7, I think. But I have never seen them. I think there is also a movie named "Final fantasy".

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Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
most tv show about video game ALLWAYS iterduce new charecters that where never in the sonic x. they intreduced Cris.

i do though seem to like the mario,sonic and pokemon shows though.


trust me..its not worth your time going on youtube and searching for it.

they totally screwd up PRINCESS DAISY!!

ande made mario and luigi goe into a strange world etc.

even the actor who played as mario seyd it was his worst movie exereance in his life (really its true!!)

if you want to see mario on tv then we can all go watch the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS SUPER SHOW!!! could nintendo screw up a mario movie...well it could have been worse...

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Not if you say voom-va-voom, talk to vacuums constantly, and enjoy sticking your head in the microwave.

For god sakes, if you make a Mario movie, Make it animated! SMB: The Movie was horrible. Shigeru Miyamoto says he regrets it, and when the big man says something is bad, then it is.

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.” - Salman Rushdie
nintendo would be better off making a mario movie anamated like someone ealse here said but they shhould never make a live action mario movie unless they know what they are doing!
Meh, who cares if this movie was just bad? I liked this a lot and i always will! XD

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I actually thought this movie was pretty good, compared to the other lame TV/Movie stuff based on video games(Minus Kirby, that is Kick-ass)
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