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General Wii thread

Yeah... talk about anything about the Wii, such as Miis, channels, Virtual Console, Accessories, and maybe the games themselves!

Anyways, Yesterday, Nintendo released a new channel, The Check Mii Out channel, it's free. It's also fun, the channel itself is about submitting the Miis you made about famous characters from movies or TV, cartoons, or VG characters themselves.

I've seen a lot of Micheal Jackson's (Pure lulz), Mario's, Links, Jesus and Naruto's, Kenny's (South Park) and Charlie Brown. I also saw: Pucca, Bubbles (PPG), Alien Hominid, Pikachu (wtf), Brock (NO FAIR I MAKES ONE FIRST) and Harry Potter, Master Chief, Darth Vader, Naruto, Wario, Luigi...

Also, there are contest to see who's the best designing Miis.
The current theme is "Mario Without His Cap" I already made one and entered. =3
It's fun to see the different kind of Miis you can make, I never thought you can make Kenny with a smart use of eyebrows and the mouth...
The best thing of all is that you can "download" them into your Wii and show them off to your friends. X3 Too bad you can't edit them. :P

So yeah, discuss about Anything Wii-related...
I made a donkey kong mii... XD

it looks like him too!
Just back here to browse a bit.
I made a Mii of Miyamoto.
Actually, I stole the configuration he had shown on the e3 for his mii.

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I just got the 'Look at Mii' channel, or something like that... It's pretty cool.
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
I just got the 'Look at Mii' channel, or something like that... It's pretty cool.

There is alot of mii's for MJ.

I swear, one day we will see a hitler mii XD
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Originally posted by Troopa Pride
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
I just got the 'Look at Mii' channel, or something like that... It's pretty cool.

There is alot of mii's for MJ.

I swear, one day we will see a hitler mii XD

I made a Hitler mii before the channel was made. <_<

I put Hitler in almost any game that features a create a character mode like Soul Caliber 3 where I created a dancing Hitler. This was for shits and giggles.
I made a Hitler Mii too! But then I made Stalin Mii also.. D:
Hehe, dancing Hitler...

Anyway, I need new games for the Wii. All I have is Wii Sports, Wii Play (BORING) and Madden 08 (SO BORING, and it has online play, but the box doesn't have the WiFi logo, stupid EA Sports).

Do you think Mario Galaxy is sold out at Wal-Mart?

Wait, there's a new channel? Is it free?

Anyway, I've made a mii that's... really random. It's got a swooped hair style, and it's got these "anime" type eys. And a mustache. And he's angry with angry eyebrows and a wide grin. And he's purple shirted.

EDIT: nvm about the free question, I just read the first post...
Me and my friends love making a bunch of random retarded looking Mii's XD

AS for games, I'm anticipating Brawl more than anything.
Yeah... I can't wait for brawl... but after reading ign's list of games, some i really cant wait for too..
Just back here to browse a bit.
Right now, I'm only putting money away for Brawl and Galaxy. I also want Zelda and WarioWare, but right now, that's about it.
I downloaded that channel, but it's called Mii contest channel (or something) in Australia.
I love how people can get so creative with Miis. I saw some Darth Vader Miis, I think it's because Star Wars: A new hope aired Saturday night.
I'm glad we finally got a wireless router so I can hook up to the internet. :O

What virtual console games do you guys have? I have Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros., and Kirby's Adventure. :P
I don't have any Virtual Console games at the moment. I'm thinking of downloading games that I really like sometime like DKC1 and 2, Paper Mario and more.

For everything else, there is emulation. <_<
For the virtual console, I've got...
Yoshi's Story
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong
and some Sega game.
How To Design a Good Overworld
Today, The VC added three new games. Also, today is the anniversary of the Wii! Hooray!

Anyways, VC games I own include:

Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (Or SMB2 in Japan)
Yoshi's Story
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Super Metroid

I still own Paper Mario for the N64, so I'm not buying that anytime soon. I really want to get Yoshi's Island, but they still haven't released it...

I have three pages of Virtual Console, so I'll just list ones I really like.

Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 - Very hard, sometimes frustrating, but enjoyable. NG also had the first in-game cutscenes ever! #2's easier, so if you don't want broken controllers, go with that.
Gunstar Heroes - a must-play.
Sin and Punishment - If you haven't picked this one up yet, do it now. Rail shooting at its finest.
lien Soldier - It's like Gunstar, but harder, single-player only, weirder... and it has 30 BOSSES!
Super Castlevania 4 - See what CV was like before SotN!
Super Metroid - Do I need to say more? SUPER METROID.

That's all my top picks.


Fluffy video games by me and Raibys!
I'm thinking of getting SMB2 (Japan). I need money though. D:

I'm not getting Paper Mario and Yoshi's Story considering I still have the N64 cartridges. ._.

I wonder if they'll release Mario Party 1, 2, and 3? :3
Originally posted by Boing
I'm thinking of getting SMB2 (Japan)

Doki Doki Panic? :p, the japanese version of SMB2. >< (IE the Lost Levels)