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The Brand New Introduction thread.

Link Thread Closed
The old one was a mess because it was full of drama. Here are some reasons why:

Originally posted by S.N.N.
a) people who use it as a chance to spam your hatred towards everyone (the most recent case will be sparking this change).
b) people who post they are leaving and then return two months later like nothing ever happened
c) etc cases.

There will not be anymore of that in this new thread. This is only for introducing yourself as well as welcoming the new members. Any leaving posts will automatically be deleted on sight. No exceptions.

This includes returning posts as well because of part B. Also, don't try to make any leaving posts anywhere else such as the Bar & Grill because those will be deleted as well.

If there is anything I missed, the other staff members can add on to the rules in this post.
Welcome, The Brand New Introduction Thread, nice to see you here at SMWC. I hope that you follow your rules, and end up becoming another fine sticky in the Talk forum.

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Realised I never introduced my self...

My name is mariofan1000, but I requested Kieran to change my name into "Error 52" (Guess what it's from)

I kind of become the guy that get's joked around a lot, but I hope to change that fact.
Eh, might as well introduce myself too - I missed that opportunity in the last thread(s?).

So yeah, I'm WhiteYoshiEgg, a 16-year-old hacker from Germany and a local moderator since April 2009. I consider myself experienced in most aspects of SMW hacking, but I'm far from being the best hacker ever (if that can be defined in the first place).
I've been having a great time here so far, and I hope it'll stay like this in the future. ;)

I think i should introduce myself:
I am Electron (or Neutron), a 14-years old south american hacker who hates his country (ok, not the country, but the government). I'm a quite experienced hacker. I started in 2008, when i registered to SMWC under the name "NeverUser", and submitted the hack "Bizarre Mario", a crappy hack with shitloads of cutoff, and bland design and blatant edits, then i changed my name like 55 times. I hope i'll stay here and i'll finish my hack.
i just lurk sometimes
Maybe I should introduce myself.

I'm Jeorge535, but my real name is Jorge (pronouncation: George) I'm 13 and I live in Southern England, United Kingdom. I mainly hack Yoshi's Island, but I also know how to hack Super Mario World too.Free counters!
I have a feeling a mod will waltz in here any minute and say only new members are only allowed to introduce themselves, but what the hell...

I'm Jacob, and I'm a very experienced SMW and YI hacker. I have two YI hacks, SMW2+ and SMW2+2 and one SMW hack, SMW2+3: The Essence Star. I'm currently working on a new YI hack, Golden Yoshi Returns. I've been ROM hacking for 9 years now (holy fuck). I started out on Acmlm's Board back in '02, under the name goldenyoshi2000, later Golden Yoshi. On this site, I've been known as Golden Yoshi, Steven, and now Jacob.

Outside of the internet, I have a game testing and production career.
I'm YoshiDDR (Yoshi86UP) A very fond Yoshi who is kind and loves SMK editing, Stepmania, and IIDX (beatmania) I am very happy to see you SMWC users. I also like to chat in the IRC and play some Mario Kart Wii!
2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
I'm Roy (IRL Joey), 15 years, a very boring guy IRL and on SMWC and classified as a pessimist. You'll probably dislike me when you talk to me. {B)
Oh yeah, as for hacking games, I hack(ed) SMW, SMB2 NES, SMB3 NES, SMAS, Pilotwings and I made a couple of tech demos.
Yeah, not much.
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Might as well introduce myself a third time...

On the Internet I either go by GoldenSonic15 or SpikyRat. IRL you'd probably look down on my because of how crazy I can be, but online I act a lot better... For the most part. Also, I am NOT a hacker, but I do play lots of hacks.
Good fucking bye.
Yeah... I guess I never introduced myself here in the first place...

/me bandwagons

Hi! I'm Noobish Noobsicle, and I've been hacking SMW for a year and a quarter now. I'm typically quite helpful to others, although I really can't stand true morons. I'm pretty good at ASM and C# and put those to good use in some of the programs and hacks I've made!
Now with extra girl and extra hacker
First time introducing myself, so...

I am KingGoomba304. A 14-year old hacker. I have been hacking for about 5 months, and I would consider myself as a average hacker, but I can become a lot better with experience. I hope to stay here for a long time. Not much else.
I never properly introduced myself, and it only took 750+ posts to do so, so here goes.
I'm Red Toon Link (IRL Mike), the guy that thought his nooby garbage was a masterpiece. B)
I'm 15 years old, and I'm a big wise ass. Expect a lot of sarcasm.
The past few years on SMWC has given me the experience I need to make a decent hack on my own, but I do enjoy helping out when I feel nobody else is there for you.
Wow, it's nice to see so many new members with 1000+ posts, and one of them is already a mod even! Well, welcome to you all, I hope you enjoy this site.
Originally posted by HuFlungDu
Wow, it's nice to see so many new members with 1000+ posts, and one of them is already a mod even! Well, welcome to you all, I hope you enjoy this site.

Good fucking bye.

i never properly introduced myself so i decided to do that today!
Well, guys, my first post on this site was an instant advert to a fail of a hack.

So, this is going to replace that first post:

Hi, I'm Jeuda, some guy with issues who's building a portfolio for a career in game design by making ROM hacks and tinkering with Game Maker 8. Wanna talk to me? Drop a PM, don't be afraid :D
hi i'm new, here is a rom

So yeah, just going to introduce myself too, I guess.
I'm Kristian [kris-chin], a 14 year old guy who loves pretty much everything to do with the Super Mario.
I also 'have a life'. In other words, I have friends in real life too.
Hockey, tennis and other various sports keep me busy for the most part.
I'm pretty much friendly and frequent the IRC quite a bit so don't be afraid to chat.

Welcome, new galaxies! all new members.
IRC Quotes (March 20th update!)

/MKICK 4: Flantastic Puns
I never introduced myself (I think) so why not take the opportunity now?

Hey everyone, I'm reghrhre, (not revealing my name, only one person on this site knows, you know who you are. ;)) I am 14 years old and have been hacking for a year. I'm a Hack Mod and I have made hacks of my own. ----->

IRL, I'm a good kid who jokes around a lot with my friends and some people. I'm a bit shy though but I'm trying to break that habit. Though I am kinda weird though I'm not bad. (Kinda weird how that works huh?) I'm active here on SMWC and I go to IRC a lot, so if you want to talk to me or anything go ahead. ;)

If you ever want to talk to me do it via PM or IRC.

New thread.

Well yeah, i am JeRRy86 and IRL i am Jeremy
Most people disike me because i have an autism disorder. Also because i have red hair, and a light skin. So, from all of the 1400 people in my school, only like 100 are nice to me...


But have a good life at home.
I have a fast comp, a laptop, and a tablet PC.
But i have an irritating brother... >.<

Thats it i guess...

EDIT: NinjiNinjiNinji saga... (lame pun orsth)

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
Link Thread Closed