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Rom Hacks of Doom????

Those become really easy if you have done a TAS at least once in your life, with sufficient slowdown there isn't that much to them. (same goes for most hack mentioned here actually)

That's why Item Abuse is way harder. :)
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Aw man! I thought you were talking about rom hacks for DOOM.SMC :(
Fellow gamers...
Judging of how long moltovmarioworld did one jump in pit of shells,
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Originally posted by mariocool1999

not a real kaizo hack, its a pit. kaizo is really doable without any slowdown, which is real kaizo, while pit of shells is just hell.

also post 600

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Originally posted by Kaizoman666
Originally posted by KingGoomba304
Hardest SMW hack ever. I watched dainegai TAS it and it was INSANE. If you want a ROM hack of doom, pick Item Abuse.

I've tried item abuse. Its surprisingly easy, as long as you know how to do it.
And you have frame advance. Good ol' frame advance.

ya you think its easy because your REALLY GOOD

Originally posted by Bistai949
ya you think its easy because your REALLY GOOD

really good? you can never say that. if someone is a noob and someone is just not a noob anymore, and i can easily win from him/her, the total noob finds the noob good but i find the noob noobish.
(ok what the hell? i am confusing myself #w{:s})
(pit of sHELLs, lol!)

though, if you go for rom hacks of doom, i go for pit of shells, and for good kaizo, i go for C|C.

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.