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More than 2 Palettes on Overworld?

Lately, I have noticed more than the donut and chocolate palettes on the same submap. This includes hacks such as Brutal Mario or MKM2 for example. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, here's a screenshot that shows what I am trying to figure out.

(by reghrhre)
So, how can I have more terrian colors than just light brown and green without changing the palettes? I want to figure out hiow to add preferably two more (white and yellow) of them. Does it require ExGfx or a complicated Vanilla code?
There is no way without changing palettes. Why don't you want to, anyway?
If you want to use both the normal Ow palletes and a snowy pallete, you can do this little thing I wrote a while back:

Originally posted by Some old reply

Well, you've 7 OW palletes, right?
Pallete 4 is grass and pallete 6 is earth, you can leave these how they are.
Pallete 0-3 are unuseable, because some strange things will happen on your OW during the events.
Pallete 5 and 7 are used for a few small things, like the water, shadows and stuff.
All those small stuff can easily fit in one pallete, so you've to copy those colors to one pallete:

For example:

See, I've left 4 and 6 the same (well I've changed 6 to a volcano pallete, but you can leave it the same)
Then I've copied all the important colors from 7 to 5. (see picture)
And after that, you can change pallete 7 into whatever you want (desert in my picture)

However, there are a few problems you should keep in mind:
- You have to replace ALL the water (which normally uses pallete 7) with pallete 5-water.
- You're blue switch pallace will look a bit funky (depending on your pallete 7)
- Same for the shadows (for under bridges)

Note: You can also do this the other way around by using pallete 5, which is actually more effective, now I look back...
He didn't want to change palettes.
I know, but I thought it might be helpfull to explain it anyway. (Instead of just saying it isn't possible...)
Well, either you're going to have to change the palette or do without, especially since you can't import or export OverWorld palettes.

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Also, modify the YOSHI'S ISLAND palette, not the Main Map palette like in TheDutchLuigi's picture.

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Oh dear! I messed up my palettes and now I can't change then back!