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No More Summer Break?

I voted McCain This is a bunch of bull s***! Yet the 9-4 week thing is better, I don't think so. This is the better way! If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
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But, the government IS CORRUPTED. I do not see how the US (pff, I'm planing to move when I'm 18) would be able to pull it off. Yet I need a break from the Stupid immature dicks at school. I'm in 11th right now & the Seniors act immature. Why am I thinking like I do in American Government. Considering the US Debt. Not Going to happen. Case Closed
I'm tired.

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Actually, I don't think this would be so bad. I live on a day-to-day basis anyway, so as long as I can have occational weeks of nothing like spring break, I'm fine.
9 weeks of school, 4 weeks off.

4 terms in a year, 9 x 4 = 36 weeks and 4 x 4 = 16 weeks of no school per year.

Australian schools:

6 week summer break, school for x weeks, 2 week break, school for x weeks, 2 week break, school for x weeks, 2 week break, school for x weeks, back to Summer break.

2 + 2 + 2 + 6 = 12 weeks of no school per year.

Stop getting bitchy.
You sure Blu? I have 14 weeks off, I think. Do you go to a private school? I think it's different
Odd... I have the same amount of weeks off as Blumiere, but the guy from the same state doesn't...

Also, you Americans and your extra time off school makes me sad.

I just went onto my school calendar, and it said:


2 months 6days, lets calculate more...

1 week, 4 days, winter break... 4 DAYS FOR SPRING BREAK

Now lets count the rest... 15 days...

thats about
2 months, 1 week, 29 days... 13 weeks in all... ¯\(°_o)/¯ , I guess I'm unlucky...

I go to a private school... If any of you know what school Obama went to, you guys should know what school I go to... >:]

wow... I have a lot of "..."s in this post...

We've got 12 weeks off here in total in the Netherlands, and the Dutch education system is told to be one of the best in the world.


(7 weeks summer, 2 weeks winter, 1 week February, 1 week May, a couple of extra days off such as Easter.)
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I don't believe a word of this, I even heard that they were going to remove weekends but thats just silly.
I don't see how they think that would improve education anyways... the public school system is a joke. I slept through most of my classes in high school and the only one I ever had any trouble with was German (which was because honestly, I didn't give a shit... I ended up with a C- as my final grade for German III and it would've been higher if I would've been willing to make an ass of myself on stage in front of the rest of the school. Excuse me Frau Hitler, I still have too much stubborn pride to jump through hoops... Then again, doing that would've been the difference between the diploma I got and the best one available... such is life I suppose... Essentially the same reason I quit my first job...)

The problem with the American education system isn't the fact that theres a big long break in the middle of the year, its that theres this disturbing tendency to sacrifice the ones with potential to try (and usually fail) to save the ones without. The majority of the classes are aimed at the dumb ones, so the ones who already know the basic shit they're forced to sit through are bored out of their minds... sitting there for hours at a time listening to someone drone on about things they already know. The students who try are mixed in with the ones who just don't care because the teachers seem to believe the smart students have some sort of responsibility to pull the idiots up. It really makes me sick.

Incidently, I work at a college (office work, not teaching or anything like that) and actually have discussions about this sort of thing with the professors fairly often...
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Well, I shouldn't really care cos I don't live in America, but I guess whether this would be a good idea or not would depend on how much break you're getting right now.
If the break does get cancelled then lots of things will suffer ;ike holiday companys, hotels, seeing how the summer is when family usaully go away.
@Nameless: That sounds just like my school. There are the smart kids(I'm part of them), then there are the kids that just sit there, do nothing, and expect everyone to just let them through each year, which is what happens thanks to No Child Left Behind act. At least, I think that's thats the reason, I really don't pay much attention to the goverment, and I can't care less right now. Then, the smart kids will have to listen to the same thing over and over again.
i think thats bs.
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Originally posted by RedToonLink

...There will be approximately 36 weeks of school, 16 weeks of break.
That means 112 days off school, 252 days of school.
But how is it with the current plan? Will there be more days of school? Less?

What?!? 68 less days of school?? YES!!!

Actually, it would probably be less for me because my school is already a ways under after only 7 years of exsistance and the school district officials don't give a flying f*** about anything but their wallets and bank accounts (and lying, but that's besides the point), so I would probably have lots more time at home.

Also what DarkMark said. It's not really going to help or harm the majority of students, which are the ones who just sit there and don't even try to learn.

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The nine week four week idea is kind of interesting. However what I don't like about it is the people that have summer jobs, me as an example. It screws up the works schedule quite badly as you're constantly going back and forth. I would rather work the entire two months straight as opposed to go back to work every two months or so. I just want the work done and over with, if you get what I'm saying. Hopefully someone understands this.
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The government would be so retarded if they did this. We wouldn't be able to afford that and manage to have everyone that has a job keep their job. The government is so retarded, they can't even come up with a way to fix the economy. I'm 12 years old, and I thought of this. STOP MAKING SH*T IN CHINA! IF YOU MAKE IT HERE, PEOPLE WILL HAVE F***ING JOBS!
Originally posted by moltensnow

You have to respect them, though. There's a reason they make so many things, and why would they ruin their economy just to help us?
This is idiotic. Summer break has existed for over a hundred years. Why not keep it in effect?
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Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Originally posted by moltensnow

You have to respect them, though. There's a reason they make so many things, and why would they ruin their economy just to help us?

Actually, if they stopped making stuff for us we would have more to lose than them, and since the people working in those factories get paid so little as it is, they might actually thrive in a new economy based around something that could easily generate more pay. Still, one country is going to collapse bacause of this situation.

[/Off Topic]

But yeah, the extra money spent would probably push the government's debt over the edge, causing possible embargo and rebellion, which would establish a new government due to the the support of the nations the US owes (actually, that might be better than keeping our current government)...

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