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The use of transparency in layouts (CSS)


Layouts will be nuked on sight.

Nagisa says...

ohh ok so i guess no more transparency =(

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I hate it when people post videos or screenshots, and I can barely see them >.<


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This ONLY goes for layouts using the opacity CSS property. If you want a transparent background in your layout, USE A TRANSPARENT PNG IMAGE. IE7 is out now, and it should show these correctly.
But IE suuuuuuucks. :(
And transparancy is kinda annoying and hard to read the text in TVs with a low brightness setting. <_<
(Internet Channel)
Why is my layout removed, I never had transparency or
anything that messes up the site.

I didn't use a Lay-Out maker...

I demand for an appeal!
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
You stole Orbis` old layout, which was made by the Layout Maker. <.<
Awww... I was JUST thinking about that too!

Oh well, I'll use an image with transparency...
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Oh my. I better remove the opacity in my layout.
Although, it doesn't make videos and pictures transparent even though I use that property... I searched on Google for a while and I found a fix. Maybe I'll remove it anyway.
EDIT: I removed it :P
It didn't show up in Firefox anyway, stupid IE...
i better get a new layout
Your layout has been removed.
Meh, I knew this would happen eventually. atleast I was able to remove my transparency with some help. :p
my layout doesn't look to good w/o it though. :(
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i think i got rid of it in here... right?
Just back here to browse a bit.