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Magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile

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First Haiti and now this.

And it's said to be one of the strongest quakes ever recorded. Thoughts and prayers to all of the victims.

(And on a personal note, my cousin was on a flight TO Chile when it happened, so they had to turn back to Toronto.)
I heard about this. Depressing.

And the strength of the Earthquake makes it even worse.Free counters!
Oh Hell!

I have seen in thenews that here in Acapulco can reach the earthquake and even the tsunami, I`mnot worried about me, I`m worried about my sister and my Step-Sister.

EDIT: Does any member off SMWC lives in chile, If they are, Let`s hope they are still ok.
A tsunami might hit Hawaii :[, I are sad.

I LIVE IN HAWAII! But luckily, I live on teh 28th floor of condominium.


The Tsunami is expected to hit at 11:20, acording to my sister, who was acctually watching the news.

Originally posted by mockingod
I LIVE IN HAWAII! But luckily, I live on teh 28th floor of condominium.

I wouldn't call that lucky... What if the building collapses?

Anyway, I feel sorry for all those people... I mean, look at how destroyed the cars in that video were!

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Originally posted by Kaizoman666

I wouldn't call that lucky... What if the building collapses?


Also, now, I just heard that there is going to be a power outage. I won't be on the internet, but I will be making vids while I am bored.
Ok, here's the overview, yes, an 8.8 earthquake is very destructive but the largest quake ever recorded hit Chile in May 1960 and was a 9.5 on the Richter scale. Chilean buildings as well as many other buildings/cities along major fault lines are built to withstand quakes with a few exceptions thus minimizing the death toll. The time of the Chilean quake couldn't have come at a worse time, 3am so the deaths may be high but not catastrophic. I live in California so I know a lot about earthquakes, building codes and Tsunami warnings, the Tsunami warnings in Hawaii and California have been canceled. Mockingod, just don't go in the water for a while because of receding waters and rip currents. For the people who believe that this is a sign of the apocalypse (I know a few people) you are officially a moron, earthquakes are natural, large and small, the earth is seismically active all the time, it's just stretching. The reason large earthquakes get attention is because more and more people are moving into more earthquake prone areas such as California, Oregon, Washington state, Japan, India, Turkey, Mexico, Chile, etc. On average, every year there are about 15-20 7.0 or stronger earthquakes on earth. 7.0 was the magnitude of the Haiti quake but the reason so many people perished was because of the country's poverty level. It really sucks and I wish them all the best myself but to the people who panic, relax.
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Well, I forgot to say:

No tsunami hit, it was announced 4 hours ago that the tsunami will not hit.

And there was no power outage! :D
Wow, that must be a major relief. Is there still a tsunami though? :S
1 question: Will the U.S. government send food and stuff to Chile like they did to Haiti?

Anyway, I do feel really bad for those people. We don't ever get earthquakes in Wisconsin...
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This is horrible. I live in Chile, though I live like 600 kilometers far from the epicenter of the earthquake.
The hour it was, at least in my oppinion, was the best time. If the earthquake were on 3:34 PM, let's say, opposite time, chaos could reign and desesperation to get away from the zone could've done a lot of car crashes. Also, power was out at least like 18 hours here. it wasn't THAT bad, but I feel like dying from thrist, because no drinkable water is here yet. The tubes broke and there's more sand than water on them. In the epicenter region, there's will not be power, neither water and natural gas on at least 48 hours more. The earthquake that striked here was like magnitude 7.0 and most of houses there doesn't survive 7.5 earthquakes.
Whole buildings in the more affected zones are destroyed and most of adobe houses poblations are just turned upside down, hit with a baseball bat, and shaked.
Aeroports are closed and important roads are broken and weak, so weak that a truck's weight could destroy them even more. Bridges are falling and hospitals aren't working. Markets are being broken into and some universities are burning. Communications works only if you're lucky, and most persons are just sleeping on street, because is the safest place. Ports are being closes too, because them are devastated and they aren't safe. At least 3 earthquakes striken on Parral, the most affected city, being just a few kilometers from the epicenter.
Colective hysteria is the thing that most cause deaths: Desesperated people thrying to run to a safer place while most roards are broken.

Fortunately, no city is erased from the map. Let's not forget about the Valdivia's earthquake, biggest earthquake yet, where a lot of ports where destroyed and some cities sank on the sea.

Seeing this gets me down. It's like living Haiti's earthquake.
How they post so much o.0?
I remember seeing this on the news. The carnage that the earthquake did to Chile, I have never seen anything like it. It even showed what the earthquake was like on a CCTV camera, and my jaw just dropped. That is definately the biggest earthquake I have ever seen.

I think they would help the people in Chile like they did with Haiti, because they were both devastating earthquakes.
The president of Chile said they didn't need our help, ever since the 9.5 earthquake in 1960, Chile has been preparing for the time reoccurring. I know some people from Chile a few from Santiago, they all said they're fine, they were just without power and water for a while. I cant personally say I know how they feel because the biggest earthquake I ever felt was a 6.9, but Chile, like California was more prepared for this than Haiti was.
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Another tragedy, 711 deaths (Hati had 100,000+), thieves are robbing, people can't leave their homes, news are all about it.
First Hati, now Chile.
i just lurk sometimes
I wonder how long will take to re-construct everything. It was about a 15,879,508,000 Chilean pesos lost, about 30,000,000 U.S. Dollars.
They said that they will use the 2% of the Country's Money, though with it, it won't will be enough to even re-construct all the important roads.

Also, expect to the number of deaths rise to above of 1,000 because the second most affected region, a lot of buildings fell and lots of people are dissapeared, so they can't say they all are dead.

Originally posted by Neutron

Yep, a lot of people here are fearing it. I find it a bit stupid.
How they post so much o.0?
horrible. I live in Chile, in Santiago. So far, we have received help from Brasil, EEUU, and Peru.

Thanks Luigi-San for made this thread.
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I wasn't really that surprised at first, since earthquakes are pretty natural, and a magnitude 9.5 had hit Chile back in 1960.
Then, I heard that this earthquake may have been so strong, it moved the earth's axis of rotation, shortening the length of the day. It's just an estimate, though.
That one was massive!!!!
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