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Mathematics: A Difficult Quest or An Easy Breeze? YOU CHOOSE!

Who here has trouble with mathematics? On the other hand, who here finds it a breeze?

Personally, I find math to be quite a conundrum. Why? Well, I understand the steps and everything to get a solution, but somehow, someway, all my reasonable solutions seem wrong. It might have been a simple miscalculation that brought about the wrong answer. Double checking is also a pain, so if you're always on a "certainty" streak, where's the need to double check your work?

Of course, if you DO double check, and you try and retry every method possible and always come to the same solution (which mind you, ends up being wrong anyway), what's the point in triple, quadruple, quintuple checking?

What are your thoughts on the subject of math?
Yeah, same here. I always understand and memorize every concept on my first try (I'm like that with all of my subjects), but I sometimes make trivial errors because of the autistic way my brain organizes stuff. The powers of two are my favorite numbers.
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I generally find maths to be incredibly easy, and I do most of the stuff in my head. Of course, that isn't good enough for my teachers, and if I don't include pointless working out, I am threatened with going down to a lower class.

Also, I have a dilemma with myself that if I see the question "6×9=", I can't help but put "42" as the answer. Thankfully, I haven't seen it in any exams thus far.
I find maths easy, but extremely boring, repetitive and some of the stuff they teach seems somewhat useless to me.

In fact I think that about most school subjects.
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Some stuff is easy, some is hard for me.
For example, I am really good and hardly make mistakes at analysis, but on the other hand, I really hate stochastics and integrals *sigh*

I write exams in maths, which includes stochastics, integrals, analysis and geometry (vectors (x1, x2, x3), spheres and stuff).
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Extremely easy. But it is also extremely boring. I am fantastic at arrhythmtic (however you spell that word.), so good that when we do problems, I don't show my work and my teacher thinks I copy the answers. Math class is easy but as Forty2 said it is also repetitive.
Maths has never been hard for me, in fact its gotten to the point that it's so easy I can't be bothered and spend most of my lessons staring at the paper daydreaming.


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i usually can do the hardest math problem im given in my head

my class hates beacuse of that xD
It's my easiest subject, because it is all abstract.
I find it a breeze, we have been doing some Y=MX+C and everyone struggles but i found it easy.
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Like a couple people in this thread I too find math pretty easy. For some reason I am able to get the answer quite easily as I pick up on what is learned very quickly. Last year's grade ten academic math mark is proof of that.
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Originally posted by exit1337
Some stuff is easy, some is hard for me.


I enjoy math when I can breeze through it.
But I never really cared for math, I am more of an english history kinda guy.

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Well, if you consider having a 104 in geometry class 'breezing', then yes. I only have to take that class because its one of the required classes we have to take as sophomores.

Trigonometry is really easy too, but I spend most of class time explaining it to my friends. -.-

I'd be in Pre-calculus already if I didn't have to take geometry. D:
Actually math isn't that hard. I see stuff such as trigonometry, and it's a piece of cake. But there's some math that just creeps me out.

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It really depends, but generally, this year I get extremely high grades as opposed to last year (but much like 7th and 8th grades).
For some reason, I guess last year I was in the same dilemma as OP. I knew how to do it all - heck, I even had to explain material to some guy who got 8.5 or so (B+'s) last grade -, but for some reason, I either made small errors here and there, or - oh god this is the worst of all - notation errors.
What does that mean? Well, we had a test about working with sine, cosine and tangent, last year. I knew everything. Every answer was correct. Every calculation was correct. I would've gotten a 10 (A+, 100% score, whatever system you guys use), weren't it for the fact that I had those notation errors.
Here's what I did:

(The < is supposed to be a corner, btw. Don't bother too much looking at it.)

<A = tan-1(AB/BC)

Basically, 'calculator' code. The teacher naturally didn't approve of that. In the end, I got a 7.8 (B- / C+) instead of a 10 since I had used this single notation throughout the whole test.

Oh, and in the beginning of that year I also didn't have a calculator >_> <_<. So I calculated square roots out of the top of my head... yeah. Got a 3.7 for that.
Really dumb errors, yeah.

In the end of 9th grade I had a 6.5 or so as average. =/ Whereas I had 8.4 in both 7th and 8th grades (though, it has to be said, math really means nothing in those grades. To the people who are still in those two grades, and who said math is very easy for them - it might change in the upcoming grades.)

This year is going exceedingly well. I think it's because, in the Netherlands, you can choose between four types of math, A-D.
Math A is more about the statistical stuff, Math B is trigonometry and the more complex functions (often found to be more difficult than A), Math C is like A but much easier, and Math D is like a mixture of A and B made a little bit harder.

I chose Math B, and honestly, I think I would've had a lower grade if I had chosen Math A. I would've done Math D, perhaps, but I see little use to it anyway. Right now, I have a 9.1 for Math B. So at the moment, yes, it is quite what you would call an easy breeze. Hopefully that won't change (but it will).
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Oh god, my parents put me in accelerated because they think I can stand it despite what my teacher from eigth grade thought, and I'm struggling to get a LOW C!
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Me + Math = EASYSAUSE! Yeah, I think math is easy. Whenever we start a new lesson, I think I catch on a little easier than some of my classmates.

Also, basketball is like a geometry problem. Think about how hard you throw and where you throw it, and if you should use the backboard or not. Actually, I suck at basketball, so never mind.
60% of the time, works every time.

I enjoy and understand math, it's realy easy because numbers can only work one way and if you understand that way, then you can do anything.

At school I'm seing advanced stuff such as derivates, integrals and many other things and I don't find it hard at all.
Back then, I thought I was a wizard at math problems. I could do multiple math problems in minutes, and finish before everyone else.
As I got older, I had more difficulty and I'm still riding on a B Average today.
Math comes decently easy to me, but I'm not perfect. I can solve stuff that's standard curriculum at my level, but I doubt that I could do a lot more. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way.

One of my friends who is in 9th grade, however, is in 11th grade math. Yeah, he's that smart.