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Super Zero World: The dream quests /hack thread/
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Hello, I come here to post some screenshots of my hack, Super Zero World: the dream quests.

The plot is very simple: Mario, after years of couple life with Peach, dreams of returning back to adventure. The game tells Mario's dream.

The difficulty is medium, I mean, only those who know how to play a Mario can play (some friends of mine tried it for the first time and they haven't even reached the first goal XD)

So... What ca I say further more...

You'll be used to see what features I've added:
- custom musics
- custom sprites
First screenshots on my hack submission (hack removed), I'll give others when I have the time to record them.

That's all for now, thanks for visiting!

PS: Please give me your opinions ;)

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Looks pretty good! I'll grade the screenshots.

1) Your overworld is very square and bland.
2) The original SMW Jumping Piranha Plant Leaf GFX clashes with the new Piranha Plant head.
3) The barrels look like they're solid.

Also, I haven't downloaded the hack yet, so I don't know, but have you used the Time Up Fix patch? If no, go do so. (yay, four 2 letter words that end with o in a row)
Je surveille ton hack de très près, pour moi les idées sont excellentes, peut être quelques petits défauts techniques énoncés par 2technogeeks mais rien de méchant, tiens toi y et ce jeu sera excellent, si tu as besoin d'aide n'hésite pas à me demander ^^

This hack looks awesome, I like the story.
Perhaps some little mistakes showed by 2technogeeks but for a first submission, it's looks cool !
If you want some help, you can ask to me ^^
(sorry my english is very limited :lol: )

My SMW Romhacks:

Work in progress:

Super Mario Land 2.5: 100% (testing in progress)
Download Demo

I just corrected the details 2technogeek told me ^^'

Lex merciiii (thanks dude :p)

Well, I have another screenshots:

The title screen

The master of the place and his speech \o/

For those who were seriously believing that the portal was my real overworld, this is the REAL overworld XD:

I have to precise that there are 5 training levels, and then the game begins, that's why you have this "square" overworld. Fortunately, it will be useful the following.

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Looks pretty good! In the text section, you might want to change find to hear. And is there any particular reason four letters in the Title Screen are yellow?
The "Q" in the title screen has a black box around it. Though the other "Q" in the GFX looks a bit crappy. Maybe you could edit it with YY-CHR.

Dammit T_T

My hack was rejected, again. So... How could I succed in hosting a hack here? I'm so desperate...

Cries in vain. I will try to fix again my hack, but I will ask your help...

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
You get it accepted by fixing every error in the removal log. Simple as that.

As for the glitchy events, uninstall the title Screen Recording ASM. And you need beta testers, as stated in the removal log.
Yep, I discussed on these issues with andy_k_250, I think I'll make more tests before uploading demos...

So. This weeken' I want to post some videos, for you, public =D

If those who had downloaded the demo before removal have some comments I'd be pleased to see them =D

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
You can give us the patch by uploading it to your files, you know.
Ne t'en fais pas, on t'aidera à ce que tout soit parfait, je trouve quand même que les critères de modération sont trop élevés.

T'inquiète, la prochaine c'est la bonne !


I can help you to correcting your hack, there not a lot of big errors I think...
Note: The Slowdown in the original SMW game (on SNES) does not exist... just SNES emulators are not perfect :P

My SMW Romhacks:

Work in progress:

Super Mario Land 2.5: 100% (testing in progress)
Download Demo

Here are the videos:

Level I-2

Level I-6

They're quite old, I did some corrections on these levels since I took the movies. Enjoy!

Ps: Can you give me the code to upload the video from youtube In the post?

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
The embed that Youtube gives automatically works when pasted here.

Anyways, for judging...

I-2: Not bad, a bit flat in places. Perhaps somre more decor would make it not feel empty? I do like the GFX though...

I-6: A Gorillaz song about a woman getting your dad horny doesn't go well with a hack :p. I did like the gimmick. The only real issue is the piranha plants should be coming out of something like a pipe and they could have green stems (there is a classic piranha fix in the patch section.)

Overall not is an improvement over newer hacks I have seen. My main thing is keep a style going. The mix of SMAS and SMW is a bit distracting in terms of enemies.
Working on something!

Better than the cape!

First level:
1) The barrels should be solid.
2) Mario goes in front of the ledge, and behind the barrel, and the barrel is on top of the ledge, which makes no sense.
3) The Jumping Piranha Plants still have SMW leaves.
4) The goal tape goes a tad too high.

Second level:
1) If the player hits the P-Switch and removes the block next to the pipe, they're stuck.
2) The Piranha Plant has a red stem. Apply the Piranha Plant Fix patch.
3) The Piranha Plant head clashes with the SMW stem.
4) Piranha Plants don't come out of the ground.
5) Don't make the player spin jump on Piranha Plants. It's pretty much Podoboo hopping.
6) The player is forced to take a hit.
7) The player is stuck if they kill the Koopa.
8) You have a glitched Goal Sphere.
Thanks for advice, but I really don't understand why everybody here is attached to details.

What I changed/will change
About the others points of player stuck, forced hurt, etc... I already fixed it since I saw this level was impossible. Excuse me,I didn't recorded more recent video.
About the barrels, I made the colours as possible as meaning that barrels are not solid anymore.
For this P-switch which stuck you... I have again to install a reset pipe... I got it...

What I won't change, are there removal reasons?
-I saw pretty more important issues than the stem colour or the provenance of a pirhana plant.
In the real life, pirhana plants don't come from a pipe, they naturally grow in jungles or greenhouse, am I right?
-About the pirahna plant spinjumping, I think it's a good challenge, and I'm not to change it. The levels gives a moon, I don't want to make an easy moon %)

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
Originally posted by darkslayer0
I saw pretty more important issues than the stem colour or the provenance of a pirhana plant.
In the real life, pirhana plants don't come from a pipe, they naturally grow in jungles or greenhouse, am I right?

1) It can cause a VRAM error.
2) In real life, Piranha Plants don't exist.
In the first level you can't tell the difference between solid and walkthrough edges.
2technogeeks: Cultural time! Piranha plant don't really exist, but their skin is based on carnivorous plants. These plants eat insects.

So... Piranha plant fix bothered me because the didn't use the same tile than original, and I have lots of ExGFX whitch contain THIS stem tile, and not another. I didn't found any crash (I don't know what is the VRAM and why original piranha plants make problems in VRAM)

I had an idea for my next level, but I need some help because I miss one custom sprite and one custom block... If there are solutions:

|-> (A) is a sticky ground made with sticky blocks, the player cannot jump from it. (B) is a carryable sprite (I use the key) that can be jumped from. The challenge is to find this key (GFX will be a carryable cement block) and bring it into the hole, in the aim of jumping to the other side, got it?
But my principal issue with this system: if the player leave the key as he's in the hole or take the key as it's placed into the hole, he's stuck and forced to suicide. I thought in reset pipes or something... But it wasn't very great. I found the idea that a custom block could block the key i its position or something, but a block like that could not be sticky, but I need o sticky block. So I haven't another idea to prevent the player of being untricky and stucking himself... I need your help T_T

|-> This picture still runs with a sticky ground. The idea is a sprite that can be jumped on, it comes from the ground and hides himself very slowly, as the player can use it to jump. I obtained a half-good result by tweaking a piranha plant as it can be jumped on and disappears in a puff of smoke.
But this sprite returns underground too fast, and I need a slower movement, if It isn't the jumping trick is too hard (I didn't get the jump before few seconds!) But I haven't the required knowledge to ASM a sprite like this... Waht can I do? My first idea was the easy deleting of the fireball throw routine of the Rocky wrench sprite, but it didn't work...

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
I know it's based off of a venus flytrap. However, it isn't a venus flytrap. They always come out of pipes. Besides, it's not hard to stick a pipe there.

Tutorial for fixing the stem.
I DO like when nobody helps me... What I've done for this...

Can you read my latest post and see that I need help and that I don't care the f***in' pirhana plant fix? I don't care these piranha plants, they were NOT a problem in my hack, so I don't understand WHY everybody here IS relentlessness about this point!

My CURRENT matter is:
Can I get a sprite that comes from ground and enters ground slowly?
Can I get a block that sticks carryable items?
It sounds more like a request, bit I would know before requesting if they are possible...

Hey this is me, Darkslayer.
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