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How well do you know your Mario Music?

8/16, I don't play much video games :/

I don't have any consoles, only the computer. D:

Originally posted by Tama Yoshi
They should pick songs from popular games that are not necesserily rememberable. Like this:
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i got 16/16, but what are those 2 musics ? and the second one won't play, by the way.
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I miss 8th.Meh.
I got all the ones I've played, which were 8/16. No chance in knowing stuff I've never heard before, so yeah.

Tama Yoshi's first song reminds me of Donkey Kong. I can't quite place it, so it might be something else. I'm 100% sure that I've heard it anyway.
I got 11/16. I got a few just by guessing the names of Mario games I knew but have never played.
(This isn't a bump, right?)

I got 16/16... I guessed on #5, I've played all the rest. (It's nice that spaces and punctuation have no effect, by the way.)

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Well, dang. I only got 6/16. I blame it on the fact that I've hardly played any non-SNES Mario games. Quote my post if you want to see which ones I recognized.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.

How could I not remember the battle them from SMRPG?!
14/16. Didn't get the ones from Paper Mario or Super Mario RPG. Can't really blame me, I've never played them!#w{xD}

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Will do LP's on your SMW Hack.
8th and 5th are hard for me..I've never really played Mario games.
Wow, I never realised that music no. 8 and 5th are the ones that people has never somehow figured out..! Except for some people who scored 16/16. (do i make sense?)
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*very evil laugh*

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The only music i know in Dr. Mario is fever so i missed it. I don't even know that Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game.

Song #15 made me orgasm. <3
16/16: Way to easy, needs to be more challenging.
If anybody here, from SUPER MARIO WORLD got number 7 wrong, well then, you clearly don't know what this website is all about or why you're here.
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I didn't get the other musics, especially Mario vs Donkey Kong and Paper Mario, since I didn't heard of them.
That reminds me. I should be getting back to Bowser's Inside Story. You suck if you missed 7.
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I don't missed #7, it was the easiest of all the music. Even I don't think of it, I still know it.

I could have all of them right, but i didn't complement the ''Super Mario land 2'' with the ''6 golden coins'' I have never played SML2

Same for ''super mario RPG'' with ''Legend of the seven stars'' even tough i neither played SMRPG, however i knew it! Dang it!
I got 16 out of 16, and wanted to hurry up the music samples due to knowing what they were in about four seconds.
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As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
I got stuck for a second on number 5, but other than that I have played them all.
Well I haven't played the game where number 2 comes from but I've heard the song before.
I have 16/16.
I had one minute left, due to MvsDK, since I've never played i.
But I have MvsDK2 and that's the level editor musi there (I think, I'm not sure.)
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