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YIKR2 (Kamek's Revenge 2.0) (v1.96 available, still missing Extra 5)


Originally posted by Elreydelleon
Unfortunately, I have been unable to play since shortly after my last post.
Fortunately, I pick it back up tonight!

An irrelevant but fun side note, I decided to modify an OEM SNES controller with the motherboard from that USB controller. Aside from feeling a few ounces lighter, it feels remarkably alike. This really makes the experience that much more authentic!

a 2.0 version of Kamek's Revenge was released back in mid-March 2017:

I'm currently playing this latest version in snes9x v1.54.1.
Well now, then I guess I am updating and pressing on!
I really am enjoying this hack, so thank you for that notice!
you're welcome, Elreydelleon.

I've just finished 4 worlds but I'm watching Zeldara's YIKR playthroughs on Youtube. Since I haven't played the game for a very long time, I'm trying to get perfect scores of 100 in all the levels. On some of the levels I kinda miss the hidden red coins or flowers on the first attempt of beating the levels.