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Favorite Video Game Music
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I'm pretty sure some of you guys are really in video game music, so you can list your awesomesauce favorites in this thread. I guess there'll be a plenty many of same tastes.
I have a quite big list...

- Pretty much all of the Chrono Trigger songs (especially World Revolution, Secret of the Forest, Black Omen, Corridors of Time, King Guardia Castle, Last Battle, To Far Away Times).
- From Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom: Capital City of Flowers in the Sky, Mystic Dream, Phantom Ensemble, Necrofantasia.
- From Touhou 8: Imperishable Night: Eastern Night, Retribution for the Eternal Night, Voyage 1969/1970, Extend Ash, Eternal Dream.
- From the Megaman series: Flash Man, Metal Man, Snake Man, MM7: Wily stage 4, We're the Robots, Boomer Kuwanger, Storm Eagle, Absolute Zero, Neon Tiger.
- From the (in my opinion) best Kaizo SMW hack, Cool or Cruel: Siren: Snowfall, Alien Vs Predator: Stage 4, Fortress 2: Waiting Room, Jazz Jackrabbit: Tubelectric, Siren: Rush Job.
- Other:
  • Prehistorik 2: Boss Battle

  • Seiken Densetsu 3: Sacrifice Part III

  • Final Fantasy VI: Terra

  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Stickerbrush Symphony, Hot Head Bop

  • F-Zero: Big Blue

  • The Second Reality Project Reloaded: Destiny!

  • Super Mario 64: Staff Roll

  • Phoenix Wright : Trials and Tribulations - Investigation

  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Big Bowser

  • Cave Story: Egg Corridor, Moonsong, Last Battle, Geothermal

  • And a lot more, more, more...
    I might update the list whenever.
    - La.MuLANA: Earth Wind, Wonder of the Wonder, Grand History, Giant's Cry, Sacred Tomb, Curse of IRON PIPE, Sky Tower, Inferno, M.U., Primitive Dance, Death Game, Awaking, Run Toward the Sun, Treasure Sealed Off, Giant's Rage, Ancient Machine, Interstice of the Dimension, Last Battle, Good Night Mom, G-I-L-D, Dodge, Wise Men, Curse of IRON PIPE (ver. A), Spirit of Giants, ELECTRIC PROPHET, Song of Curry -Prot Type-

    - Disgaea: Hell's Whisper, Angel Smile, Dear Friends, The Anthem of Braves, Higeki no Marionette, Tomo Yo, Sorrowful Angel, Ray of Light To The Future, Akai Tsuki, Galaxy Wars, Battle Of Eight Beat, Planet X, Eternal Melody

    - Dark Cloud: Main Theme, The Village Festival, The Destruction of Norune Village, Norune Village, The Spirit King, The Djinni Doran, Matatagi Village, Battle!, Reminiscence, Blanpou, Legend of Hunter, Owl Forest, Broken Promise/Orgel Version, A Sinking Ship, Duel, Factory, Masca Rakka, Departure, If You Strain Your Ears, The Palace of the Sun and Moon, The King's Curse, Aero Drop, Ocean and Moon, Last Battle

    - Banjo-Tooie: Jinjo Village, Mayahem Temple (Interior), Glitter Gulch Mine, Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Atlantis, Grunty Industries, Hailfire Peaks (Lava Side), Cloud Cuckooland

    ...Whoa, way too much already (and yes I did need to be that specific).

    Also honorary mention to Mega Man games for just having all-round awesome music in it.
    I like some of the orchestral music from Star Fox Assault. Star Wolf's theme is my favorite from that game!

    Miror B. has a groovy battle theme in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

    The Mega Man series and Advance Wars series have good music as well.

    But I really can't decide which is my absolute favorite of all time. I'd have to say that all Kingdom Hearts music comes very close. The new tracks from 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep are really up there, I'd say.

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    Yoshi's Island- Castle: Easily my favorite castle theme from the entire Mario series. It just had such an eerie, chilling feel to it that set it apart from other castle themes.

    Golden Sun- Venus Lighthouse: A grand and epic theme for the final dungeon. Had a real heroic nature to it.

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age- Mars Lighthouse: Also the final dungeon theme, this time, it had a very haunting feeling with a great sense of danger.

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age- Tropical Island- A simple, but soothing tropical theme.

    Sonic CD- Metallic Madness (Bad Future): A rocked out theme for the final level.

    Phoenix Wright: Justice For All: Search ~ Core 2002: The perfect fit for a mysterious and evil character. The part when it was first heard in the game was highly appropriate, as it played just as a certain character showed their true, darker side. An epic pairing of a plot twist and music.

    I have a few:

    Underground Theme - Super Mario Land: This song is just really catchy to me.

    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Anything from this game. It just has awesome music.

    Terranigma: This game also has awesome music.

    Mute City - F-Zero: This song is just epic.

    There's some more that I cannot think of of the top of my head, but I'll edit this post if I think of them.
    Probably Dr Wily's Castle in Megaman 2. Love it. I probably have more but I don't remember anything.

    Why not go to my Youtube channel?

    Every single piece of music from Ace Attorney Investigations.


    Seiken Densetsu 3: Sacrifice Part 3, Ancient Dolphin.

    DKC Series: Fear Factory ;Mining Melancholy & Bad Bird Rag; Nuts and Bolts.

    Earthbound: Battle Against a Machine, Kraken of the Sea, The Deep Darkness, Pokey means Business.

    Kunio no Kun no Dodgeball Zenin Shuugo: Moon.

    LoZ Ocarina of Time: Ganondorf Battle.

    SM64: Ultimate Koopa.

    M&L Series: Popple Battle & Final Cackletta Battle; Thwomp Caverns, Bowser's Battle & Final Battle; Last Fawful Battle.

    I tend to like last battle songs for whatever reason. :S


    There is just much VG music that i can consider favorites. So i will list my favorites OST:

    -Castlevania Symphony of the Night
    -Megaman X6
    -Tales of Symphonia
    -Paper Mario 1 & 2
    -Chrono Trigger
    -Seiken Densentsu 3
    -Zelda: MM, OoT, WW and TP
    -Super Mario Galaxy
    -Donkey Kong Country 2
    -Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie
    -Jet Force Gemini
    (single music: Sonic the Hedgehog - His World like most of the final battle songs)

    That's it from what I can remember now, but i probably have more.
    I like many songs from various games, but some are:

    DKC Series: Fear Factory,Stickerbush Symphony and Rockface Rumble
    Super Mario World: Cave Drums,Forest of Illusion and Vanilla Dome
    Yoshi's Island: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
    Kirby Super Star: Green Greens, Bubbly Clouds
    Pac in Time: Area 41-50 - The Castle
    Super Mario Kart: Vanilla Lake
    Super Bomberman: Level 2...

    These and others I do not remember

    My personal favorites are:
    -Mario Kart Super Circuit - Sky Garden
    -Mario Kart DS - Yoshi Falls
    -Mario Kart DS - Rainbow Road
    -Mario Kart DS - Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium
    -Megaman 2 - Wily Stage 1 & 2
    -Megaman 2 - Boss Theme
    -Pokemon D/P - Dialga/Palkia Battle

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    More myst
    Even more myst

    Yeah, myst has the best soundtracks IMO. Too bad people don't know it that much.

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    Awesome video game music on my youtube channel
    Mine are:

  • Yoshi's Island - Castle

  • Spyro, Attack of the Rhynocs - Miniboss/Boss

  • Super Mario Sunshine - Boss/Miniboss

  • Sonic Adventure DX - Final Boss
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    For some reason, I can't think of many of them right now, but Song of Healing is definitely my favourite piece of video game music ever. The Hidden Village is also pretty awesome. One of the only parts of Twilight Princess that is awesome and not a boss battle.
    Most music from a Rareware game is pretty awesome, but more specifically:

    Banjo-Kazooie: Mad Monster Mansion
    Diddy Kong Racing: Haunted Woods, Spaceport Alpha, Battle Music (Fire Mountain, etc.)
    Jet Force Gemini: Rith Essa, SS Anubis

    because I have those games. Some other non-Rareware stuff that's pretty awesome:

    Earthbound: Kraken of the Sea, Pokey Means Business
    Tetrisphere: None really stand out that much, but there are some pretty coolish techno things in there

    There's probably a heap of stuff that I can't remember right now.

    May we meet again outside the battlefield.
    Originally posted by Forty2
    Jet Force Gemini: Rith Essa, SS Anubis

    Man, this game was so underrated. It had some excellent tracks.

    Also, I believe I stated in an older thread that my favorite VG track ever is this (Nobles' Causeway from Everquest). Something about it is almost magical in the way it can affect me.

    Other tracks I like (there are tons, but I'll keep it short), in no particular order:

    Wonder Panorama - Mega Man ZX
    Giants' Cry - La-MuLANA
    Silver Samurai - Phoenix Wright
    Fusion, Descent - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    Northern Country Kamui I - Okami
    An Empty Tome - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    Northwall - Actraiser
    Tubelectric - Jazz Jackrabbit

    tried to be as non-mainstream as possible. seriously, they are all awesome tracks. check them out.
    • Touhou - (12.3) The Floating Objects in the Sky X, (10) Mysterious Mountain, (7) Deaf to All but the Song, (9) Poison Body Forsaken Doll, (8) Plain Asia, (11) Corpse Voyage, (12) Emotional Skyscraper, (12.5) Infinite Nightmare
    • La Mulana - Giant's Cry, Inferno Cavern and Dodge
    • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Windpipe: Inside Bowser at Peach's Castle
    • Banjo-Kazooie - The Final Battle
    • Terranigma - Underworld, Lhasa's theme
    • Legend of Zelda - Song of Healing, Molgera Battle from Wind Waker
    Other songs off the top of my head would be Gourmet Race, everything (EVERYTHING) from the Kingdom Hearts series, Kappa Way As Said, Night of Nights and Bad Apple.
    Where the fuck are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Paper Mario? Anyway, here are my favorite VGMs, in the order in which they came to my mind:

    Mt. Blaze Peak- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue
    Temporal Tower- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky
    Sky Tower- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue
    Shiver Mountain- Paper Mario
    Bowser's Theme- Paper Mario
    Bowser's Galaxy- Super Mario Galaxy
    Hidden Land- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky
    Vast Ice Mountain Peak- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
    Main Menu- Halo 3: ODST

    Erstwhile TheCowDestroyer / TheIncredibleCowDestroyer.
    Cheetah Man 2?
    Air Man - Mega Man 2
    Main theme - Super Mario World
    Athletic - Yoshi's Island
    Main theme - NSMB
    I don't know that song but it's cool - (2:54)

    Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
    mine would be "Burn my Dread" from persona 3

    it's awesome.
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