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The Classic Piranha Plant Tutorial
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I don't think so. If it were the Xkas GUI you found on the site, then no.

I don't know why this is happening to you. I feel bad because I don't know that much about Xkas or its variations. Why don't you talk to some of the staff who specialize in ASM-handling? They would be better-equipped to help you.
I'll try it one more time on a new rom and hopefully it will work this time.
But I'm not really concerned about the xkas GUI thing I'm just wondering why the stem isn't showing up in the game when it shows up in lunar magic.
i didn't need all these patches, i just inserted the classic piranha plant and it worked perfectly ??
i don't no what's the problem o.O'
There are a few problems.

1) Firstly, Pirnaha Plants with fish stems are forbidden.
2) Secondly, just inserting the plant without the patches causes it to have a red stem, which causes a visual-RAM error. There was quite an interesting discussion about that one page back.
3) Thirdly, unless you're using a base hack that already has the patch applied for you, then there really isn't any way that the plant could work without the patches.
I agree with flippronbeats, why do all the extra work for the same effect?!#w{:s}
Because unless you're using either a base hack or the ExGFX insertion method (which is only easier if you know how, and you have to implement the ExGFX for every level), then there really is no other way to make the sprite show up correctly.

If I'm missing some amazing one or two-step process to get the plant into your hack, please, enlighten me...and everyone else, too.
This is my first post, so be gentle. =)

I have gone through this tutorial maybe 10/20 times, and I keep ended up with the same issue. If I don't use the patch or anything like that, I can get that nice red stem with yychr, so at least I don't feel totally retarded, but I know that it looks odd and the vram error exists. The problem is, as soon as I apply the patch, no matter which way I go about it, I always end up with a black box as a stem (I never get a green fish or anything like that).

I don't get an error or anything through lunar magic which gives me a feeling that my rom isn't corrupt or broken or anything like that. I could be wrong on that. As soon as I add the patch, I get a checksum error when I load the rom, not sure if that is causing the problem.

However... if I can't get rid of the black box, I would rather go with the red stem since a fish looks even worse.

Can anyone give me any advice for fixing this or am I just special and have a problem that no one else has?
It think its just that, it remaps the GFX to another place.
so on the other place there is a black box.
There are also two alternative ways:
1. Use the Tweaker tool to change the red stem Plant to a green stem Plant, but the Plant's head turns green also.
2. Insert the stem via YYCHR and change the pallets of the stem to the first 2 black ones after the red and then, via custom pallets, switch them to the green ones.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Hmm, well I found out where the black box was. It was way far down next to where the banzai bill pieces are... changed it to the vine and looks good now. Too bad it now effects the banzai bill to have a nice black vine in the middle, but at least it's somewhat of an improvement.
The Tweaker and palette methods work to correct the graphics, but they do nothing for the VRAM error.

Did you follow the tutorial's steps in order? You probably did, but let me just say that you can't take any short-cuts; changing the graphics before editing the ROM's hex will cancel both effects, leaving you with a glitched stem.

That black box is part of the Banzai Bill...but it's also part of other sprites, like Lakitus. To see which sprites will be changed, look at the graphics for the Upside-down plant in Lunar Magic; in every level but caves, the stem uses glitched graphics.

Please don't think I'm being hard on you; I had this same problem, and the way I solved it is what's found in the tutorial.
I just tried this tutorial twice, and neither works! Instead of a fish, my stem turns into a Latiku head. I tried twice, and I was very careful to do everything word for word, but I got the same result. Any ideas?

I believe I've found the problem, but I don't know how to fix it. My hex change has NO EFFECT. I've tried it with both a hacked ROM and a clean one, but the sprite simply doesn't change. I'm 100% sure I'm doing the hex hack correctly in Translhextion, but nothing works. What could possibly be going wrong?
Well, the Lakitu head means that the patch is working.

As for the hex edit...I had trouble with this, too. When counting down in hex rows, look on the left of Transhexion for 101AA, or something like that. The first byte you see (0A, or 08, I think) is byte 101AA, the next is 101AB, then 101AC, and so on. Some people forget to count the first byte as being the same as the address and end up changing the wrong byte. Try that.
I actually wasn't counting rows, I'm using "Jump to". Just confirming: I should be using "x101D7", correct? Thanks for your help!
That's right. Are you using zero and A, and not the letter 'o' and A? You're probably doing it right, so I'm quite confused.

This method worked perfectly for me, but it might not be the right way for some people. There's another tutorial that explains how to get the plant to work via the ExGFX method, which might be better for some people.
Yes, I've been using 0A. Hmm... well, thanks a lot for the help anyway. It's nice to know someone actually tries to help us noobs! #w{=P}
I did follow the steps, but I still got the same issue, and doing it in a different order gave me the same result. It doesn't really matter though. I got around to doing it via ExGFX. Seemed to work nicely so far, so I will stick with that. And no garbled graphics so that was nice.

I do appreciate the help though. =)
I'm concerned for the validity of my tutorial. Some people say my method works, but some people don't. That wasn't exactly my goal; I wanted to help everyone.

...I'm at a loss.
Please don't remove this tutorial, change it. The new fix patch (the combined one) does change bytes, just the wrong ones. If you're using that patch, you don't use Translhextion, but edit the ASM file. Do this:

And skip Translhextion, but edit the graphics the same way. And there you have it, a fixed piranha plant.
I can't thank you enough!
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